I gave my ex boyfriend sex for christmas

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 21, 2006


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So a while ago I was dating this guy. I liked to call him my boyfriend, although I don’t know if he ever really called me his girlfriend. Actually, come to think of it, the only time he ever did was when he introduced me to his attractive friend, which is one of the times I really didn’t want him to. The relationship was really just one long extended booty call that went way past its expiration date.

When we officially "broke up" I was upset, but only for about like… a day or two. then we hooked up the next week, and then we hated eachother for a month after that and then we just like, became friends.

I don’t know why I just explained all that to you.

In any case, I had a friend who was in New York. She called me and told me she was in new york, I told her I wasnt in New York. I told her I would be there for New Years but she said she would be gone by then. She seemed kinda bummed, and didn’t have anyone to hang out with. I was like, well, I can give my friend your number.

So I called my ex boyfriend who really isn’t much of an ex boyfriend at all and told him I had a friend in town and she had no one to hang out with. He was like… OK, and then it was kind of awkward. I was like, you can have sex with her if you want, and then he was like… yeah…. I wanted to ask you that but didn’t know how. I told him that he could have sex with her as long as he took her out somewhere nice before they had sex. He was like, OK… no problem.

So then he called me later and told me they had sex like 10 times over the course of 3 hours and how it was so good and this and that. I have had sex with her too in the past, so I was able to relate with how much fun she was.

He was thankful I hooked them up. I said it was his christmas present.

I think that I fancy myself as an ex-girlfriend from heaven. Everyone should dream to have an ex-girlfriend like me one day.


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