christmas eve

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 24, 2006


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i woke up late, and ate lots of un-kosher food. well… not a lot of types of unkosher food, just a lot of one thing that is really un-kosher… and that’s bacon. I ate like, 10 pieces of bacon. it’s weird. my mom knows that I do pon but she doesn’t know that I eat bacon. I don’t even eat it that often, only on days off… which are very few and far between.

i have a new respect for Justin Timberlake after seeing that "dick in the box" song. Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s the song he did on Saturday Night Live. It’s so funny. I always wanted to have sex with him. I didn’t have much respect for him, but I did want to fuck him. Now I don’t think I really think I want to fuck him anymore, but I’d like to hang out with him…. and maybe me and him could make a dick in the box video of our own one day. that would rule. (unfortunately, they took all the "dick in a box" videos off You Tube so i can’t link you to it to watch it if you haven’t seen it before.)

what else.

that porn video with screech in it really sucks. it’s the most staged sex tape i’ve ever seen, and it’s really not hot. I always liked screech, and I always pushed for him and Lisa to do it one day in the old Saved By The Bell episodes. Now I think he’s a retard, and I’m glad he was a dork in the fake high-school that he went to.

that’s all i have to say for now.







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