posted by kevin11 on March 27, 2007


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damn. i have a lot going on right now. well first of all there is this stuff.

newimage2.jpgThere are TWO big opportunities to communicate with me this week! The first is my appearance on on Wednesday (tomorrow!), March 28th! You can sign onto the site and chat with me DIRECTLY at 11 pm Eastern Time (8 pm Pacific Time)…I want to talk to my fans while I’m there, so sign on or I’ll be lonely 🙁 THEN, this weekend is the Miami Exxotica Convention! Woohoo! I will be there IN PERSON all weekend at the CLUB JENNA BOOTH! It’s in Miami…so all of my Florida fans should make an appearance; it’s going to be a lot of fun! I’ll be the short, tattooed brunette behind the crowd waiting to see Jenna Jameson, but I WILL be there, so come…here’s the show schedule! This is "Ample Joanna Angel Stalking" week…don’t miss your opportunity!

if you can make it please go. as you probably know, i left hustler a while ago which means I need to make a good impression on another big company so I can make fun movies, like a Joanna’s Angels 3 and stuff. My own company (BurningAngel duuuuuh) is wonderful, but we can’t make monster porn movies like Porny Monster and stuff. We just can’t afford it unfortunately. Was that too much information? Is it inappropriate for me to tell you that stuff? Oh well. I did. It’s a shame I’m not with Hustler anymore but, it just wasn’t working out after a while. Larry did some amazing things back in the day but… I dunno. He’s got other things going on right now… like casinos, and gym bags that say HUSTLER on them. He doesn’t have the time or the energy to care about me making parodies of movies that like 10 people watched, or like… tommy pistol running around singing about how much he loves LA… or … Me and Kylee and Sabrina talking to a red blinking light… or uh… educational "humping" tips. Do you get me? I don’t need to go into more details about this. In any case, Club Jenna is owned by Playboy… Playboy is a pretty big company. If Playboy sees that a zillion people are showing up to hang out with me at Miami Exxxotica.. well… maybe they’ll be like… hey… come over here! Make Joanna’s Angels 3 for us!" Ahhhhh who knows.

After I get back from Miami I’m going to be back in LA for about 22 hours. In that time I need to move. Like, I’m just moving about 20 minutes away… but I’m moving to a more fun house with a swimming pool in it, that has lots of windows and is in a private area so it’s good for shooting porno in. The house I live in now isn’t great for shooting porn in, and I have shot in like the 3 areas possible to shoot in about 50 times. This new place has more options. My friend shot in there for a long time and he’s giving the place up… his name is Chico, he was the main dude at Diabolic Video… he shot some crazy lines there like Gangbang Auditions and Lewd Conduct and stuff. I was in some of his movies… in any case, he probably shot like 80 full dvds in that house so it’s time for a change for him. He also just quit Diabolic so there isn’t much of a point to live there. Blah blah blah… i know you don’t care much about this shit I’m just letting you know. Ummm… yeah.. so basically, I’m gonna move in there… paint all the walls all crazy and graffiti like… and make it like BurningAngel shooting central. I know you are probably thinking, ohhhh house with a pool in LA… this must look like Justin Timberlake’s house. But no… I promise you. This is a crappy house that looks like a place I lived in when I was in college… only like… there’s a pool. I like the fact that it’s crappy because I can live there, shoot all sorts of porn in there and throw debaucherous parties and what not… then move out. I’m not like, growing up and living in some mansion. I am not ready for that stage of my life nor do I have enough money. I need about 10 million more of you jerking off to me to even think about moving into a Justin Timberlake house – with like 18 roommates.

Yeah. So it’s pretty funny that I’ll be filming my silly pornos in the same house that so many like, crazy double anal scenes and gang bang scenes were filmed… I guess it’s not that crazy. The other day I had anal sex on camera in a house that Maddonna used to live in. Now that’s a lot crazier than me shooting "cum on my tattoo 5" in the same place that "no swallowing allowd #19" was shot in. Blah blah blah, yeah.

So anyways, after being in LA for 22 hours, I’m going to New York again for like a week. In that time I have a lot of boring things to do that you don’t want to hear about. But mixed in with the boring shit, is fun shit- like the Cum on My Tattoo 3 release party! Woohooo! I’m still working on the details, when I have this figured out I’ll let you know.

yeah so. in the next 10 days i need to move, do a live web-cam thingy, sign autographs, make myself look good enough to get a new movie deal, go to new york, throw a party, do boring stuff… OH MY GOD I ALMOST FOR GOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I NEED TO DO

and that is, celebrate Passover with my mom. 

Ya, I need to do that too. 

 Anyways, that’s it.

I’ll talk to you later…



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People need to stop getting so offended when they get taken out of other people’s top 8’s or top 24’s or whatever on myspace. I mean really, everyone can’t be on everyone’s top friends. I liked they way it was before, when the Myspace gods picked your top friends for you. The world was a much more peaceful place back then.




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I started to feel a little perverted. Yesterday we did a BurningAngel photo shoot, and like… man… both of the girls were so hot. Like not just cute, but like smokin hot to the point where it made me uncomfortable. One of them was named "Melodie Gore"and the other was named Taysha. Ya, that’s a cool name, and like… it’s her real name!

I met Taysha at the AVN awards. Like, I was signing autographs and shit… she was walking around, and I was pretty busy… but I saw her through the crowd of people around me and I told my friend to go and fetch her. I was like DAAAAAMN this girl is hot. She reminded me of the porn star Janine. Like a super hot blond chick but with tattooes… only Taysha didn’t just have a sleeve of tattooes, she had them all over her body, but she had this like perfect pornstar body and long blond hair. She wore these low rise jeans and her ass was hanging out of them, and she arrived to the shoot with a suitcase full of clothes and a half dranken bottle of Petrone. Hahaha… it was hot. She was hot in that porno trailer trash sort of way, and I have always been a sucker for girls with that look. Oh yes, back to the story of how I met her… I made my friend go get her and bring her over to me. I told her about BurningAngel and told her she should model, I didn’t think she actually would but a few weeks later she sent in an application. She was nervous and totally doesn’t realize how hot she is. I don’t know why. If I were her I would flaunt my body at all times, and I probably wouldn’t give the time of day to a dork like me.

Melodie looked like a cartoon character, but a hot one. She had a really cute body, and blu-ish black hair that was cut into one of those short choppy bob cuts. She had really good tattooes as well, and like… the craziest outfits I’d ever seen. She had these pink furry boots and like, all sorts of weird Japanese gadgets. She had some stuff that looked like she just came from a rave, some stuff that looked like she came from the Jetsons, and some stuff that just made her look like a hot spunky little punk rock slut but it was all really hot. My favorite were the pink furry boots. When Taysha was taking photos we went to the supermarket and she ate like, a sub, a big brownie, and some weird mexican candy I had never heard of. I don’t know how a cute little girl eats so much and stays so cute and little. She really loved the brownie. It was from the bakery section of the supermarket and had all sorts of different layers of brownie and frosting and other shit… it was called a "pagoda brownie." It sorta matched with her Jetsons outfit. I imagined that if I went to her house, her fridge would be packed with food that looked like it was from the future.

In any case, both these girls were just so hot, I had to tell you all about it. The good news is that Melodie lives right near me so I can go to her house and raid her futuristic fridge and maybe see what I look like in those crazy boots. Woohoo!

That’s all for now.




Joanna Angel

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can everyone stop looking at my mind, and please take note of the fact that i am a filthy whore

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 18, 2007


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hey. so there is this awards thing called "the fame awards" and i am very gracious i got nominated  for "favorite starlet" and my movie Joanna’s Angels 2 was nominated for favorite overall feature… but … I ‘m a bit disappointed  that I didn’t even make it to the first round of nominations for "favorite anal starlet" or even, "best ass" or "best boobs" or something. I mean, I am just as proud of my ass as I am of my directorial accomplishments. I have actually noticed a very strange reprecussion of my porn career. I see reviews and articles about myself and my movies all the time, and for the most part… they’re all positive. Almost too positive! Sometimes I think people have a little too much respect for me. It’s like, people spend too much time thinking about how I "changed" pornography, or about how amazing it is that I have a college degree, or how smart and Jewish and uh… empowered I am (I am just quoting what other people say here I’m not being conceited) and seem to forget about how much I love getting fucked in the ass and being a filthy little whore on camera. I know people have a lot of respect for me and how I have found away to be in control of myself, and my career in this fairly male dominated industry… but you know… I think I would like to be exploited and objectified a little bit. I think my anal scenes are really feeling un-noticed and they need some degrading attention.


does this make any sense?


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what i did this weekend…

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 12, 2007


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cleaned my kitchen (it was VERY dirty, and now it is VERY clean)

went to the gym

bought new suitcase at wall mart

had orgasm in parking lot of best buy

went unto best buy, and didn’t get anything.

went shopping, spent way way too much money on clothes.

(please buy a subscription to so i can pay off this credit card debt)

watched rough cut of my up and coming movie, “not another porn movie”

I don’t know when this movie will come out, or what production studio it will come out on.

i still have not sent my comments to the editor. i sat down at my computer to do it now, but instead I’m doing this.

just so you know, i did a scene with burningangel girl January in that movie, and it’s fucking hot.


i ate a sandwich outside.

i think that’s about it.


joanna angel

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