Here’s my fox news clip incase you missed it

posted by kevin11 on April 20, 2007


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Here is the video of me on the Fox News Show, Red Eye. It is an 8-minute clip. My segment starts 4 minutes into the video. don’t I look smashing in my business casual ish suit?

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me= media whore

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as you probably saw i was on Fox News the other day. Pretty weird right? I actually had a good time. Tommy Pistol, and BurningAngel girl January came with me, so did JoJo. You probably don’t know Jojo, because she doesn’t take her clothes off on camera or anything. She works in the BurningAngel office as an "executive assistant" and we’re good friends. She sort of does everything I don’t have time to do, which is quite nice. The world would be a better place if everyone had a JoJo.

In any case, we arrived at the Fox News office and were escorted into a green room. There were a bunch of stale doughnuts and beverages in there and so were some other people who were gonna be on the show. I can’t remember their names. One was a therapist and one was a professor, they were there to talk about the Virginia Tech school shootings. Before the show I was sent a few articles to read. I was told I was going to go on the show and discuss the articles. One of them was about Natalie Portman possibly being a lesbian, the other was about Lindsay Lohan possibly being a lesbian, and the other was about a recent scientific discovery that sperm could be created from bone marrow. I was under the impression that everyone would be talking about the same topics, and  was really confused. The professor came all the way from Philly to New York- he said he was called in at the last minute. I was like "someone called you at the last minute and told you to take a train from Philadelphia to New York so you could talk abo Lindsay Lohan’s lesbianism?" And he laughed. He said "I wish I was talking about that- I’m here to talk about the school shootings…" and then I asked the therapist if she was going to comment on Lindsay Lohan, and she said no… she was commenting on the school shootings as well. Then I felt kinda crappy. I was like… oh ok… I get it… there is a smart section of the show and a trashy section of the show and I’m stuck in the trashy section. But on second thought, I was like… alright… I guess I am more qualified to talk about Lindsay Lohan’s lesbianism than the school shootings and I didn’t really want to talk about my views on the school shootings on a republican news network. Things may have gotten kind of weird.

So then Jamie Kennedy came into the green room, but he was only there for a second. He came in with like, someone who looked like a 12 year old kid. I don’t know if it was his son, his little brother, or if Jamie Kennedy is a new Michael Jackson or if he has a 12 year old body guard. Whatever it was, he didn’t stick around long enough for me to find out, because apparently he was important enough to have is OWN green room and was escorted there shortly after he arrived. I did however, see him studying articles about Lindsay Lohan and Bone Marrow sperm and then I was like… oh ok… I guess I am not "smart" enough to be on the panel with the professor and the therapist, so I get stuck with Jamie Kennedy. Oh what am I saying. Jamie Kennedy is not a bad guy. Maybe I am just jealous because he was important enough to have his own green room and I wasn’t.

Blaaahhhh so anyways I went on the show- if you watched it you saw it. I was asked a few questions about my career and such and that was it. I didn’t get the chance to talk about Lindsay Lohan, Bone Marrow Sperm- OR Natalie Portman. I thought the basic questions about my porn career were just to warm up- but it turned out that was it. I asked why my segment was so short, they told me that they had to change things at the last minute because they needed to devote the episode to talking about the school shootings. That psycho-path and his killing spree ruined all my fame and glory! Grr! I should kill him! Oh wait he’s already dead. And if he wasn’t dead he would be dead soon anyways because he would have been sentenced to death like 20 times over.

I hope, for my sisters sake (she’s still in college) that they don’t start turning colleges into airports. Then eventually some kid will find their way around the metal detectors and mix 2 fluids to form an explosive and kill everyone like that- and then people won’t be allowed to drink water during class. That would be pretty terrible.

OK- enough of my depressing tangent.

In any case, that was my day at Fox News. I had a good time, and even the die hard republican reporters were very sweet to me. They didn’t re edit anything I said to make me look like a monster and I think they painted me in a pretty good light. The evil fox news editors must go home at like 7 or 8 pm before red eye is filmed. They shot the show around 9ish est and it airs at 2am est- I figured that gave them enough time to re-cut it and shit but I was wrong. The show was aired exactly how it was taped.


Go Fox!

Just kidding.




ps. if you wanna watch the clip go to youtube and search joanna angel, red eye, fox news

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fox news

posted by kevin11 on April 13, 2007


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so for some strange reason, fox news has requested that I go on their show, "red eye". It’s one of those shows where they give you topics and a bunch of people talk about them. I have a feeling that because it’s fox, they might try and make me look dumb… but i did watch some clips of the show on You Tube and it didn’t look so uh… "foxy"… if that makes any sense. I’m sort of excited, sort of nervous… you know… I hope it goes ok. It would suck to make a fool of myself live on national TV. Blah. Please watch it… I mean,I guess I’ll never know if you watch it or not but I will feel less uh… alone… if you are all there watching. weird weird weird. last week i was drunk at a kareoke bar singing Barbie Girl (ok i wasn’t even that drunk, I was just in the mood to sing Barbie girl) and this week I will be on Fox News talking about politics. Am I the only girl in the world who potentially could get fucked in the ass on camera, talk about politics on fox news, and sing aqua at a kareoke bar in the same week?

To be honest, I have been really behind on reading the news and I need to brush up on it. I used to read the news every day but uh… I don’t know. I guess I don’t have a good excuse for stopping. I’ll have to brush up on my last 6 months of current events in like, the next 4 days. I mean, I am totally up on celebrity gossip but umm…. yeah. I don’t know if the round table discussion will really be about Brittany Spear’s shaved head.

Alrighty well. I’m out for now.



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new house and aqua

posted by kevin11 on April 12, 2007


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hey everyone.

i just moved to my new place. I love it! there is a swimming pool. i think i told you that already. i don’t know anything about pools. I think I am kinda scared of it, it’s pretty dirty. I look out my window as i type on the computer and stare at the pool and it’s pretty strange.

in any case, last week when i was in new york, i went to a kareoke bar and i sang "barbie girl" with my friend doug. Doug directed the xxxorcist and some of our other movies… he is pretty crazy. You know, I wasn’t even really drunk. I just wanted to sing Barbie Girl. I think I sang the shit out of it. I am damn proud of myself!






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sweet sensitive mushy porno talk

posted by kevin11 on April 6, 2007


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i haven’t updated my calendar in a long time. i need to do it. grr… tomorrow in NYC I’m having the release party for COMT 3- it’s also just like… an excuse to have a bunch of the BurningAngel girls get together. Its Saturday night (April 7th) starting around like, 11pm. It’s at Luke and Leroy’s, which is on 7th ave between Luke and Leroy streets. All the info is on my blog on my myspace page ( Yipeee. The back to LA on Sunday. I will have to move when I get back to my new place with a swimming pool where all the double anal’s were filmed in the past. Hehehehe….

As you all know I was in Miami over the weekend. It was pretty crazy to sign at the same booth as Jenna Jameson. I know every girl who does porn wants to be like Jenna when they grow up, but damn. I dunno… she has lots and lots of lots of fans who are very dedicated. I don’t know if it’s because she was really pretty in her prime, or because she made pretty faces when she was fucking (every time I watch one of my movies I am disgusted with the faces I make… I think I look like I’m having a heart attack… she just looks so pleasantly picture perfect but still sexual and horny and stuff- i don’t know) or because she has done like 8 zillion movies- or because she is really nice to her fans… I don’t know! But she has a lot of fans who are very dedicated. I do too =)…. I just don’t get to see all of you very often! You like to hide behind your computers all the time… like me.

Ah yes, so something I wanted to say… is that at night… the Wicked Pictures Contract girl, Jessica Drake… came up to me and said "Joanna Angel- you have made a really big difference in this business… you have made an amazing career for yourself and I really respect what you have done." It was something like that… I don’t completely remember verbatim what she said because I was kind of drunk, but it was something along those lines… and I just thought that was really sweet. Like so many girls in this industry (or girls in general) are very concerned with themselves, and they forget about the people around them. I too have been guilty of this… I think we all have. I felt all like, special and warm inside when she told me this… it reminded me how important it is to complement someone else when you think what they’re doing is cool. It was too loud in there so I didn’t get to tell her that I thought she was really good in Manhunters. Like, in her sex scenes and her dialog. Even though that movie beat Joanna’s Angels 2 in like a million categories at the AVN awards this year, I can still admit when I see something well done in porno.


I should stop right now.


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