holy business

posted by kevin11 on September 26, 2007


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yeah. it’s been pretty frekin hechtic.


just wanted to check in. i am getting together last minute shit for my movie ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Show Me Your Boobs!

posted by kevin11 on September 24, 2007


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So, in honor of BurningAngel Entertainment’s newest movie, Big Boobs are Cool, our favorite website Fleshbot is having a cool contest. Basically, you send in photos of YOUR boobs to [email protected] (we are accepting photos of man boobs, and boobs inside a bra-provided they are really cool) and then after a very long and intense judging process, the staff of BurningAngel will award a prize to the entrant with the coolest boobs. The winner will receive a signed copy of the movie, and a whole bunch of other cool shit (BurningAngel tee-shirts, and more porn ect)! SOOO…GOOD LUCK!

We look forward to seeing your boobs; you have been looking at mine for long enough…

Joanna Angel

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mysterious chapstick and I am ok

posted by kevin11 on September 21, 2007


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i am fine now. well you know, as fine as i can be.

I am back in New York, which is great. I am shooting a movie next week which is also great, just kinda stressful.

I went out last night as soon as I got off the plane, and the bartender was more drunk than I was, and told a lot of not so nice stories about girls he’s had sex with. It was more than I needed to know. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Aren’t I supposed to be drunk, and like, unloading all my issues on him?

On a side note, i buy chapstick on a pretty regular basis. Just about every time I go to Rite Aid I’m like, oh… I should probably get some chapstick, because you just can’t have enough chapstick. I have several kids… you know, the stuff that comes in a tub, stiff that comes in a stick, flavored stuff, unflavored stuff… chapstick is one of those things you just can’t get enough of. Sometimes, I even steal it… but don’t tell anyone. I don’t even know why I do it… it’s something I’ve been doing ever since I was in like 5th grade… and while I used to shoplift a lot (we all did, I think… and then we get caught and we stop) I certainly don’t anymore… but I make exceptions for chapstick. It really doesn’t even feel like stealing. Sometimes I even will go to Rite Aid, buy a bunch of shit, and steal a chapstick on my way out… it’s like, I could have just paid for it with my other shit but for some reason I am compelled to just take it.

I’m getting off track…

So about a a year ago… I think it may have even been over a year ago I was out with a friend and my lips were feeling rather dry and looked through my purse and couldn’t find chapstick. I asked my friend if she had any and she pulled out this gross, like apple flavored chapstick which may sound pretty good but it isn’t. She noted that it was kinda gross, and that someone else had give it to her a while back. Thats pretty gross within itself, you know, that this chapstick had traveled from so many people’s mouths to so many other people’s mouths but when you do porn you can’t get skeeved out by that sort of thing anymore. After I used the chapstick I tried to give it back to my friend but she told me just to keep it.

Yeah, so for some reason, any time I need chapstick- this gross apple flavored one from a year ago seems to be the only one I find. Today it was in my purse- I sure as hell did not pack it with me to come to New York… and it is also mysterious because if it is in my purse that must mean it somehow snuck its way onto the airplane. The other day it appeared in my car, another… in my desk drawer… and it always seems to be right in plain view anytime I need chapstick, and none of the other 80 chapsticks I have bought in the past year ever seem to be anywhere.

So yeah. That took me a long time for me to pretty much tell you nothing. But has this ever happened to you? Should I throw it out? Will that open the door to new tubes and tubs of chapstick or will I suffer from chapped lips forever if I do that. Blahhhhhh I don’t know.

In any case, have a good weekend.


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how did the season end already?

posted by kevin11 on September 7, 2007


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dude, how did the enterauge season end already. it’s not fair.

I guess you guys don’t know that I am addicted to the show enterauge. It is about time I tell you. Anyone who says it is a bad show is wrong, and anyone who likes it … well… you are liking the right things. I have not missed an episode since it started. Now the season is over and I’m not quite sure what to look forward to every week. OK that was really over dramatic. Can anyone recommend another show that I can get obsessed with until next Spring?

Hm. What else. I have been working on the script for my next movie, it is almost done. Bella Vendetta is basically gonna beat up Tommy Pistol in it, and it’s gonna be awesome. She will be wearing leather pants, and no shirt. That’s all I can tell you! OK? Don’t ask me any more questions. I don’t want to spoil the whole movie.

The air conditioner in my car seems to work at night, when it’s not so hot out… but during the day, when it’s like 112 degrees… it blows hot air. I don’t get it.

Yesterday, I was on Maxim radio in the morning, but only for like 10 seconds. It was alright. Then after the maxim radio show, I was on Jason Ellis’ show, which is on "Faction" which is a Sirius radio station (like Maxim radio). Jason Ellis is like, a perverted skater. Everyone else who works at the station is also somewhat of a perverted skater, but not quite as perverted as Jason. He asked me lots of questions, mostly about anal sex. He referred to my vagina as a "cookie" and I thought that was a little disturbing, but also endearing. He has a cute accent, I’m not sure if it’s Australian or British or if he’s just faking it completely to get chicks, but whatever it is… it works. He also claims he really wants to do porn but I don’t believe him. Lots of guys say they really wanna do porn but they just want to talk about doing porn. It gives them a legitimate excuse to say "I have a big penis and I’m really good in bed" in a very matter of fact kind of tone. 

ok i’m tired!

gonna take a nap.



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there are people having sex in back of me.

posted by kevin11 on September 4, 2007


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see, the BurningAngel girl Madison came over for the weekend from Detroit to make some porn. My friend Icarus, who also did a little porn with her has been staying over too. Madison is staying at my house because she lives in Detroit and was shooting some BurningAngel porn, Icarus is here because he likes being at my house and I kinda like having him at my house. Sometimes I like being alone, and sometimes I like having lots of people here for no reason. It makes my life feel more like summer camp. To make a long story short, Madison and Icarus are doing it, right in back of me. If I turned around I could watch but I don’t know if I want to because I already watched them twice. OK maybe I’ll turn around for a second.

K that was cool.

Anyways, yeah. It’s been really super hot here. Like it was 118 degrees here over the weekend. That’s retared right? I think some people died. I don’t know maybe they didn’t. I think people are prepared for this sort of thing in Los Angeles. It just so happenes that two places I shot porn in over the weekend had no air conditioning and it made for some really sweaty porn.

In addition to Madison shooting porn, I too made a porn. Lately I have been looking in the mirror and being like, damn I look pretty good. I’ve been going to the gym a lot and staying active and what not, I also like my pink hair. So who knows. There is a possibility that I could go on a pizza/ bagel binge and not look like this in a few months so I thought I should shoot some stuff with myself in it.

There is something I need to tell you. Last December… I put on some weight. I got kinda chunky. I know you probably won’t tell me I did to my face but, I really did and I hate it. See being out here in California I don’t walk much, I got in the habbit of eating fast food and like… I also stopped doing the kind of drugs that keep you skinny. And it really sucked! I didn’t know how to un chunkify myself. I cut out fast food and some other not so healthy but very tasty things and lost weight. I look better now. But in any case, during this chunky period in my life I shot a movie… the movie "big boobs are cool". The good thing about being chunky is that my boobs did go to like, a size D… the bad thing is that I was kinda chunky. In any case… yeah. The movie is coming out this September and I’m sort of embarassed for you all to see it. The sex is hot and stuff but I don’t think I really look my best. My hair was like, this icky brown color… my tummy was like, you know… being tummy like and it was the winter time and I was really pale and not in a good way. I dunno. So if you buy the movie don’t judge me. I swear! I don’t look like that any more. Maybe you guys won’t even care so much. Maybe it was just all in my head, but I don’t think so. I think it was all in my stomach. Just jerk off to the penis going in my butt hole and don’t look at my stomach. OK? Please I beg of you.

In any case, as you know we made a "fuck me in the bathroom" movie, and I will eventually make a "fuck me in the bathroom, #2" movie so I shot a hot scene of me in a bathroom, and it was REALLY REALLY sweaty. I was covered in sweat, so was the guy. It was so awesome. The bathroom was really big and we fucked all over it. On the sink, in the shower, on the shower, on the toilet, up against the wall… the up against the wall thing looked super hot. i was like pressed against the wall and my butt was just arched out a little bit and it was getting fucked. It felt good, and it looked really good on camera. I wore this little fishnet dress. I felt weird about wearing it because like, I see girls in Jules Jordan movies wearing those things… and lots of other porn movies. Mostly the gonzo porn movies. I dunno. Like, I felt like maybe the outfit was a little too porny or something, so I paired it up with a pair of vans instead of heels. I mean, I think the heels were sexy but like, I felt too much like I was working for Red Light District or something… and I don’t work for other people really anymore. See, sometimes … ok not sometimes… always, I really hate the term "alt" porn and I hate being associated with it. Because sometimes I like wearing cheesy porn clothes and I feel like I need to always wear something weird because thats what people think I am supposed to be. I am really just a horny girl with tattooes who likes making funny porn movies. I don’t know. This whole "alt" thing got blown out of proportion. But I really did like the fishnet dress with van sneakers. Plus, I was able to actually keep my shoes on during the scene. I always winding taking my heels off about 10 seconds into the scene when I do wear them. Theyre not so comfortable to fuck in. On a side note, I also really like that Rhinna song where she goes "enna enna eh eh eh" or whatever and that song is most certainly not "alt". I also think she is really hot and would like to have celebrity sex scandal with her. I also like the new rilo kelly album (is that their only album?) and I also really like the misfits. I guess I am just a mish mosh of things. I don’t really care to be honest, and neither should you.

woot woot.

it’s time to go because Icarus is gonna cum on Madisons face and like, I wanna see it.

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