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posted by kevin11 on May 23, 2008


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So it’s Friday, and it’s raning outside- yeah it’s really raining in LA. It was hailing and shit yesterday in some places. Isn’t that crazy? I guess it’s not that crazy. Crazier things have happened.

Last week I was in Canada getting wasted (was that last week? I don’t even remember) and this week I have done nothing but cook dinners and sit by my computer. I haven’t left the house except to buy coffee. I could make coffee here but I’m not so good at it and I like having an excuse to get out of the house and look at people. And btw- I am so sick of people asking me how many tattooes I have and if they hurt or not, and if they mean anything. Like seriously- it’s only gotten worse since LA Ink went on the air. I don’t mind when someone says “nice tattoos” but “how many tattooes do you have” is such a stupid question. The other day this man who looked like he was 70 years old asked me “how many more tattooes do you have that you can’t see” and he kinda winked. EW! Seriously. I have a high tolerance for creepy guys, I am afterall a slightly creepy girl… I don’t mind when people are perverted I kinda like it…. I welcome the contrution workers whistles when I walk down the street and the random “damn girl” I get from black men or men who are trying to be black in fancy cars. But GEE! That was really gross. Yuck. I don’t know how many tattooes I have! I mean, do the diamonds on my hips count as one or two? I don’t know! I don’t care!

OK i got sidetracked anyways here are some photos from the bathroom movie to make your rainy LA day better.


and here is Rebeca Linares. Shes a “famous pornstar” or something. She has benn in a zillion movies- I always thought she was hot. There is a hipster inside her somewhere- I tried to find it. She doesn’t speak much english… any time you ask her a question she just lifts her shirt up and shows you her boobs or she takes her pants down and shows you her ass. It’s totally awesome and cute, but kind of sad- I think ever since she has moved here the only thing people have ever talked to her about has some refrence to her showing her private parts. But damn- she is HOT.

And here is some weido banging on a bathtub-

and this is Audrey Elson. She is also a porn girl, she is from Detroit. She used to look like this, and it was really hot- although I think her agent made her dye her hair blond and get a tan. Waaaaah. She looked so hot like this! So enjoy it- this could be the last time you ever see Audrey look like this!

AND here is the one and only Jessie Lee. She sang in the shower and used Mick Blue’s dick as a microphone, it was awesome. Her scene is super hot, just like all her scenes are.


AND that’s all I have to say. This was kind of like an advertisement, and kind of a personal message… but you know, at least you got to see some free dirty pictures.


check out the trailer and buy the movie here



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