Why you should join the burningangel street team.

posted by kevin11 on June 13, 2008


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I spent the weekend with “Brian Street Team”- who has been diligently handing out BurningAngel stickers to just about everyone in the universe for quite some time now. I call him “Brian Street Team” because a) his name is Brian and b) he is on the BurningAngel street team. I am just sooooo clever with names.

Now this photo has nothing to do with the BA street team- but it is some nice incentive for those of you who strive to do DVD distribution for BurningAngel one day. This is Vince Voyer… that guy I told you about with the car and the… you know… yeah. Sorry, I know he isn’t some cute tattooed boy… um… I’m sure the thought of me and him just makes you want to barf. But what can I say… he makes some good quality pornography and uh… will hopefully do a good job selling mine. Lets cross our fingers. I must say though, he is an excellent dry humper.

this is me thinking about how much I love the dedicated street team members.

and this is cadence, showing her appreciation for the street team

and this is Cali Nova- showing even more appreciation than Cadence for the street team.

and here is me- literally “blowing” both Cali and Cadence out of the water with copious amounts of street team love.

Oh- sorry for the quick digression but – I know you all miss Tommy Pistol so- here he is. The reason he hasn’t been in any BurningAngel videos lately, is because he has been hiding in this closet for the past year. Him and the cement have become very close.

Um- and this picture ALSO has nothing to do with the BurningAngel Street team but, I must say, as another digression- I am soooooo happy that I was at the right place at the right time. Jenna really needed someone to hold her boobs- and there I was! standing around… just looking for boobs to hold. That was awesome.

OKOK- Now I am back to my point about how cool it really is to be on the street team. See- this is street team penis- and THAT is BurningAngel vagina.

This smile has nothing to do with the Cali Nova. He is really just thinking about how much he loves handing out BurningAngel stickers at shows.

….And now Cali is getting really turned on just thinking about Brian walking around the San Diego boardwalk, topless, with a surf-board in one hand and a roll of BurningAngel stickers in another hand.

And um… Brian Street team was not lucky enough to indulge in a Joanna Angel and Jenna Haze sandwich the weekend of LA Erotica – however- he was lucky enough to have been around to take this photo….wait- come to think of it… this photo could have been a lot better. We were both like- sticking our butts out and arching our backs nicely and like- he cropped the photo ABOVE our asses. WTF- why would you take a photo of Joanna Angel and Jenna Haze and not have our asses in it at all? Jeeze. Brian must have been too busy thinking about the next convention to hand out stickers at. Brian definitely rules the teams of the streets, but like… he is not meant to be a photographer.

Oh well.


If you want to join the street team- you can sign up here


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