Domming it up!

posted by kevin11 on June 16, 2008


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So- I told you I was gonna dom Mick Blue in a scene… If you are behind on your JA blog reading then go back and read the entry titled "getting ready to kick some ass" because I don’t feel like repeating myself.

In any case- yeah… after being the head honcho over here for like 6 years I actually did my first "dom" scene. To be honest it was really the first time in my life I had totally dominant sex. Did I like it? I don’t know… it was a lot of work! Like, its kind of ironic- the "dom" is supposed to be this almighty powerful thing- but you really have to do all the work in the sack. I mean, isn’t the whole fun of being dominant that you have all sorts of slaves in leather masks doing everything for you? Mick blue just kinda sat there with his penis hard and I bounced up and down on it and used it like a toy- and made it very clear to him that he was just a toy that existed to give me pleasure in life. So yeah- thats "degrading" to Mick but- from a different perspective- Mick just got to site there and relax and I had to like… do this crazy work out all in the name of trying to achieve an orgasm that had everything to do with me and nothing to do with him. Hmm. Not to mention, those clothes are so uncomfortable- maybe somewhere down the line American Apparel will make some dom clothes made of like, terry cloth. Then I could see myself being dominant more often.

But I must say- the clothes- as uncomfortable as they were- did look REALLY fucking hot. Thank you again Syren Leather for lending me this stuff…

Umm… yeah. So, I think the video looks really hot. I definitely thought the idea of me using Mick’s penis like a dildo was pretty hot too… I did cum… but it was a lot of fucking work! I felt like I just went to one of those spin classes at the gym or something. That shit took a lot of effort.  But yeah, my conclusion is… that I would opt for stripping out of my sweatpants and getting fucked doggy over sitting on a cock strapped in a corset that feels like it’s gonna break my ribs on any day.

Here are some pics of my ohhh so dominant clothes.




i am retarded and I don’t know why they are sideways. like I have no clue. TARYN! HELP!


anyways- this is what I look like as a sideways dom. 


well just turn your head sideways and this should be pretty cool.



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