in a food coma

posted by kevin11 on June 18, 2008


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First off- I must tell you. The boy who took my virginity was like, this hardcore vegan organic nazi. He is actually still the same way… and he looks like he is 22 and he’s like 35… I think. If you want to stay pretty- eat organic food!

In any case, when we were dating, I was your typical sloppy vegan… you know.. .one that ate falafel and french fries and peanut butter for dinner. In an attempt to do something romantic I offered to make him pasta with fake meat-balls for dinner… and in response he said "pasta is worse for you than cocaine."

The point of my story is that I just eat the most humungus bowl of pasta ever and I feel awesome. I really enjoyed every bite of processed sugars and excessive carbohydrates in my system. I gave up cocaine a few years ago, and I don’t miss it much. I mean… every once in a while I miss the drip in the back of my nose and the pointless conversations that ensued but my life is fine without it.

But damn. Pasta is fucking good.

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