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posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 21, 2008


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Jeeze it has been so long.

I don’t even know where to begin. I suppose I will start by showing you some photos from my feature dancing trip to Allentown. I had a good time- I definitely think I fit in better in Allentown PA than in Columbus OH. Although- the only thing that really sucked was that the club closed at midnight. They were also pretty strict about not being able to take photos on stage- so yeah… here are some photos of me in the dressing room. This is my slutty gangster ish punk rock outfit. It is “punk” because the jean vest has all sorts of pins and spikey things on it, and it also has an Anarchy patch on the back. It is “gangster” because as you can clearly see, my skirt is of the same pattern as a red bandanna…. the same color that that some gang wears. I didn’t want anyone who was part of a rival gang to like… not tip me on stage… so to offset my red skirt I wore a red bandanna around my hand. The red and green looked very Christmas like. My Birthday is in fact on Christmas. I guess that makes me part of a cool and exclusive Christmas gang. Right?

here is a blurry photo of me and my curling iron.

This photo was taken on the last day I was in Allentown where I was really running out of stripper outfits to wear.  So like, this is a piece of my punk/gangster outfit, and half of my naughty nurse costume from Halloween, and um… a studded belt. I think It’s awesome. I call this piece- the slutty punk rock gangster nurse thing. If you want to hire me to be your stylist, I am totally down.

and here is my rendition of the whole school girl motif. my nipple is sticking out. i thought you would like that.

and here i am again, not showing you my nipple.

anyways uh- the club didn’t let me take photos on stage while the club was open…. but they did let me take them after the club was closed. So just go look at the photos above, and pretend I am in one of those outfits on this stage and pole that you see below. If I was more talented I would do it with photo-shop.

Well those are all the photos I have from Allentown. Thank you Erv’s strip club for letting me get naked on your stage, and drunk in your dressing room. It was fun.

You know what I like best about these feature dancing trips? I like finding a place to eat in whatever random town I am in at 3 in the morning. This particular trip I ate my post-dancing meals at Dennys…. where I learned something very important- that Katy Perry has her own Sundae. I forget what it in it. I think it was like, strawberry ice-cream and some other shit. Seriously. That’s INSANE. She played the warped tour this summer! Man I feel old. When I was a little girl, the bands that were on the Warped tour did not have their own Sundae’s at Dennys. Well I don’t know. I still like that song… about kissing girls and liking it. Good for Katy. To be honest I don’t even like ice cream. If one day I am famous enough to have my own Sunday at Denny’s I am going to make it taste like an everything bagel.

Alright. I am really glad I broke my spree of no blogging.

bad joanna bad joanna bad.


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True Fucking Love

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 7, 2008


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Have you seen the trailer to BurningAngel’s newest movie- True Fucking Love?

It’s so adorable. You will like- get a boner and warm fuzzies at the same time. There are six scenes, with six different real couples in it. OK ok… some of them actually broke up at this point but they were real couples when the movie was filmed. I think that counts for something!

Click here to watch the trailer and purchase the movie.

Allister Angel has a few girl girl scenes on BurningAngel.com– one of them is with ME yeah totally. Anyways, the best part about True Fucking Love is that you get to see what Allister looks like with a cock inside of her. It is boyfriend cock, but it is still a cock none-the-less. I really do love seeing vaginas on vaginas and mouths on vaginas and what not- but girls really do look exceptionally hot with penises inside them on camera. I kinda want to take a picture of every girl with a dick inside of them, just once… just so I know what it would look like.

Anyways, we put the photos from the scene on BurningAngel the other day. Here are a few of them!

Well, Join BurningAngel if you want to see the rest of the photoset. Or Buy the movie if you want to see the scene in motion!

yeah. have a lovely evening.


Joanna Angel

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posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 4, 2008


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Well, I am hoping that you all went out and voted for Obama today. I mean, I know- I am sure some of you aren’t voting for Obama but, I hope that most of you who read this blog are in fact voting for Obama. That would be awesome.

BUT in addition to the presidential election – there is also another very important election going on today- and that is the election for the SUPREME COMMANDRESS  on Fleshbot. I was actually already the supreme commandress two years ago, and it was pretty fuckin awesome- so technically I am up for re-election. I mean- hey- if George Bush fuckin’ made it through two terms then there is no reason why I shouldn’t

Anyways- all the girls against me in this poll are good friends of mine- and I can’t deny that they are all awesome. But if you love me- please vote for me- PLEEEEEASE! I would really appreciate it.

Here is a photo of mein my official commandress outfit. wouldn’t you hate for this to go to waste?

anyways- please vote for me on fleshbot here

Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it.


Joanna Angel

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My vote and my ass belong to Obama

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 3, 2008


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So- I did a scene with Sean Michaels for xoxo Joanna Angel. The “set up” (in the porn industry that is a term for “things that happen before the sex”) was pretty funny- basically I fucked him because I was convinced he was Barak Obama. Being that it’s the day before election day and all I figured it was the perfect time to share this video.

The video is funny because Sean looks nothing like Obama what-so-ever. Basically, my um “character” in the video is a dumb white girl who thinks all black people look the same. I am embracing and making fun of a stereotype. Don’t get all butt-hurt about it- PLEASE. It’s a joke.

anyways here is the trailer:


Watch the FREE trailer and full video here!

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to embed the stupid trailer so… you’ll just have to take that extra time in your schedule and actually click on the link and watch it.

Oh and there is a lovely photo-gallery for the video on JoannaAngel.com. I know. It’s kinda silly that I put the video on one site and the photos on the other but it just kinda worked out that way. Here are a few of the pictures from the gallery:

anyways, hopefully my video will get all those annoying ass undecided voters in Ohio to decide.

But in all seriousness- please- go out and vote for the real Obama tomorrow! Lets cross our fingers and hope he wins.


Joanna Angel

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