Fame Awards

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 31, 2009


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Well every year I get nominated for Fame awards, and every year I lose. The funny thing is that people in porno-land always complain about the AVN awards and say that they are rigged and it’s all about politics and blah blah blah- but I usually win AVN awards. Just not this year…. but for the years before this year I did win one. The Fame awards are supposed to be the “fair” awards that are all voted in by the fans. So maybe I am just better at winning rigged awards. Can someone please rig this awards show so I can win it!

So anyways- here is a purdy little graphic with a nice little advertisement of me and what I was nominated for. I would really love more than any of these awards for BurningAngel to win for “best studio” but…. who knows. The website will give you an awful headache to look at. It’s pretty messy.Don’t get discouraged. You might need to take a Xanax before you vote to get you through this. 

Please copy and paste this image and put it everywhere…. or at least somewhere.

here is the image link so you don’t have to worry about uploading it…because I certainly hate uploading images!


I like this picture because my lips look really plump. I don’t really know how that happened…. 


Joanna Angel

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Heeb Storytelling

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 19, 2009


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So on March 10th- which I think was sometime last week…. right? I participated in this event called “Heeb Storytelling“. It was a spoken word kind of event- consisting of a bunch of people that Heeb magazine selected to tell funny Jewish anecdotes. I love Heeb- if you don’t know what it is, it is a comedic Jewish magazine…. it embraces and pokes fun at Jews, which you can appreciate if you are Jewish or not. Almost six years ago, Heeb did a “top 100 Jews” article, and put me in there…. AND they put me on the cover for that issue. It was the first magazine I was ever on the cover of.

I never told you guys this story- but originally that cover was supposed to be me and Triumph- the insult dog. It was supposed to be me on a pole on a stage, and Triumph handing me a dollar bill. When I was first informed I was going to be on the cover- I was so excited. I generally run late to everything, but I showed up like a solid 7 minutes early to this shoot. I got there, I got my makeup done, and then um… sat around for about 4 hours getting to know the members of the Heeb staff. They were about to just call it off and reschedule the shoot- and just as I was packing my bag to leave…. the whole Triumph enter age showed up. The dog was in a suit-case, the guy who puppeteer ed the dog carried the suitcase, along with a manager, a publicist, a stylist, and an agent. Triumph and his crew didn’t know about the nature of the shoot until they got there- and they were PISSED. The crew kinda huddled, and then they all left. I don’t know if he… wait…is a puppet dog a “he”? I don’t even know…um, I repeat… I don’t know if it was offended that it would have it share it’s spotlight with someone else, or if the insult dog doesn’t like porn, but whatever it was, it just wasn’t happening. So instead, it became a magazine cover with only me, snorting horse-radish. Josh Neuman (the editor of Heeb) told me that to this day, Triumph and his crew has not forgiven him…. and won’t let Heeb write about the him- or it or whatever…. at all.

That was a long time ago…. it was pretty silly.

But anyways, I had a really great time being part of this event. It helped me get in touch with my dorky Jewish side more. Someone from the event filmed it and put it on Youtube…. so I thought I would share it with you guys. They inter-cut it with funny dirty pictures of me…. it was very clever. Anyways, here it is.

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Un-Straight Edge and San Francisco

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 15, 2009


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Well Hi. And yes, I waited like 12 days to blog again. Ug. If you are as frustrated with my blogging schedule as I am then please follow me on Twitter to keep up with all the excitement in my life on an hourly bassis.

Right now, a brand new BurningAngel girl is getting ready to shoot a scene. Her name is Megan, I can’t even link to her name anywhere because that is how new she is! We are shooting her for a website that is also not even up yet so I can’t link to it either. Very soon- BurningAngel will be mimicking all those other big porn companies, and we are going to have a whole bunch of websites for the price of one. I am super excited. Having one website is like, sooooo 2001. Having 20 is all the rage right now. Not that we will have 20… I think we will have 6… or 7? I don’t really know. We’ll see how many are actually ready by launch time. I hope it all works out. It’s kinda one of those things where if this whole network does well, we will be doing awesome… but if it fails… well I might be knocking on your door and asking to sleep on your couch. I am very little so any sized couch really will do.

Ah. So anyways, last weekend I went to San Francisco for the Body Art Expo. I got some new tattoos, and sold some DVD’s and hung out with the lovely Nova and Sparky…. AND my friend Mick who I haven’t seen in forever. Mick used to play in the band 18 Visions. Back when BurningAngel first started I was a bit of a Mick groupie. At that point in time just about every girl inthe hardcore scene wanted to have sex with at least one member of 18 Visions. Usually it came down to either Mick or James…. or when Brandon was in the band it was either Mick or James or Brandon…. I was always on team Mick. We had some fun times together. I am glad we stayed friends.When you can sleep with someone, and then stop sleeping with someone and then still be friends. It’s pretty cool.

I was never straight edge. Back in the day I was vegan, I couldn’t do the straight edge thing like ever. I listened to some straight edge music, and had straight edge friends…. but I just couldn’t do it. I really never wanted to. I never thought I was destined for a life of purity in any sense of the word. I was vegan, and I was really vehement about leftist politics… I just protested, and ate beans and tofu and stuff with a cigarette in my mouth and a beer in my hand.

18 Visions was a straight edge band, like most of the other bands in the hardcore scene at the time which made it hard for me to hit on Mick. It was out of the question to ask him to have a drink with me. Now I’m not saying I was ever one of those people that was uncomfortable to be themselves unless I was drunk, it’s just that there isn’t very much to do at a hardcore show other than watch bands and like, buy tee-shirts or something…. neither of which are good ways to really inspire anything romantic to happen… even if the desired “romance” is something you want to last for like an hour or something.

Whatever. Anyways, sometime in the past year Mick lost his “edge” and this weekend we got to sit and have a few drinks together and got to know each other better than we did when we like, took walks behind busses and banged. Lots of people seem to be really angry at him because he drinks now… and it’s pretty ridiculous. The thing I always hated most about a lot of straight edge people is how judgemental they are. It’s not at all what Ian Mckay wanted…. the real one…. as in the one who was in minor threat. Not the other one who makes really awful, and pretentious pornos. Oops. Did I just say that out loud? Sorry.

I’m happy I was never straight edge, because it’s nice to not have weird people with anger management issues threatening to kill me because I changed my beliefs over the span of 15 years.

Well anyways, sorry I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent like that.

On a happier note, Sparky, Nova AND Mick and I had a great time in San Francisco. I had so much fun, I actually forgot to take a lot of photos. I got a tattoo that I think is like the best tattoo I have. I love it. It is on my back so I can’t really see it so well.

Nova and Sparky are just hilarious and awesome. They really make me feel young again. Not like I am THAT old but they make me feel more like I am in my early 20s rather than my late 20’s…. or they just make me happy to be in my late 20’s. Whatever it is, thank you girls for being so much fun. They did this strip tease on stage around 9pm on Saturday night and every tattoo artist stopped tattooing to see their boobs. It is no wonder Nova got the word “epic” tattooed underneath them, because… they truly are.

Here are the few amount of photos that I do have from the weekend.

Here is a hot girl who asked me to sign her crotch… or like near her crotch. I thought it was cool.

See- I told you. She’s hot.

And then we did this which was pretty cool.

and here is me getting what I think is the best tattoo I have now.

And here is the tattoo in all of its awesomeness.

and I got another little tattoo on my arm by a nice fellow named Brandon. He insisted there was no other way the tattoo could get done other than like this….

Here is me and Sparky…. at a restaurant after a long day at the convention.

Here is me and BaBa from Vintage Tattoo. He has done a few tattoos on me and he is a filthy pervert, and he makes me feel like a bigger whore than I already am and I love it. He also happens to be an amazing tattoo artist. He masturbates to me on a regular basis so I sort of feel like we did it, but not really. Anyways, here we are, in a restaurant. He has given me a lot of amazing tattoos for a ridiculously cheap price and I thought this warranted some panties showing in our photo.

and that is all my ramblings.


Joanna Angel.

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Murder City

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 4, 2009


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Here is a blog entry that is not just a “yo- come see me this weekend” type thing.

A few days before Musink I was fortunate enough to see the Murder City Devils on one of the few shows they played on this tour. I remember seeing them on their very last tour and that was awesome. That was before I was “Joanna Angel”… I was in college…  I think it was in 2001…maybe. I don’t remember what year it was but I do remember the show being awesome, and this show was just as awesome. They are just as awesome as they always were. They are a true punk band. I hate it when I go to reunion shows for bands and they spend half the show talking about how great it is to be back together and they appreciate all their fans and how it has been a rough voyage and all that crap. It’s so annoying. The Murder City Devils did not do that. They just got on stage and fucking played, and went home.They didn’t try to invoke tears our of anyone’s eyes. It was also very nice to see a band that packed the place out, who tuned their own instruments. It seems like once every band can draw more than 500 people somewhere someone who is not them comes on the stage before they play and gets everything ready. They got on stage and tuned their guitars and shit right before they played so it was not some kind of dramatic entrance. It really reminded me of the way every show used to be that I went to. *Sigh*

I will admit- I felt a but sell-out ish because everyone there wore cargo pants and hoodies with patches on them and converse sneakers. I don’t really dress like that at all anymore. I do like to wear hoodies…. but I wore big leather boots over my tight jeans. And my tee-shirt was this blue shirt from Forever 21. Is Forever 21 punk? I sure hope so because it really is a spectacular store. Oh whatever. Who cares. Nova is staying here and she is really good at sewing. Maybe I will have her sew some patches on the back of some of my stripper clothes, or something.

Anyways, I tried to take some photos of them while they played and it didn’t quite work. So all I have is this…

They really are some stellar band photos…. I should submit them to Rolling Stone… right?


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Cum to San Francisco this weekend?

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hey there- so sorry I wrote your typical perverted porno “cum” instead of “come” but I dunno… I really felt like it was too easy. I just had to do it. Anyways- me, Nova and Sparky will be here all weekend. We will be causing havoc and yelling profanities and possibly selling DVD’s if the economy gets any better between now and tomorrow and all the tube sites crumble to the ground.

Anyways, I really do love meeting you BurningAngel folk so if you can- please come see me! Just look for the BurningAngel booth. It will be the one booth that is in fact a porn company and not a tattoo shop. There will be pictures of boobs on the booth and stuff. You can’t miss it….

I was too lazy to change the wording from my myspace page so here it is- like cut and pasted- incase whatever was on the flyer was not clear enough.

I’m going to be at The Worlds Largest Tattoo and Body Art Expo in San Francisco, California from MARCH 6th – MARCH 8th!!!
There will also be over 200 on-site piercing and tattoo artists, but if
you get a little tired of them or you’re waiting around for your friend
to get tattooed or something like that and you want to come by and meet me or buy some porno, I’ll be there with open arms! There’ll
be tons of tattoos, tons of hot chicks and tons of contests…it’s like
a big carnival but for tattooed adults…woohoo! So…uhh…COME ON
DOWN, FOLKS (that’s what they say at carnivals, right?)! Show hours are:Friday, March 6th: 2 PM – 11 PM
Saturday, March 7th: 11 AM – 11 PM
Sunday, March 8th: 11 AM – 8 PMIt’s at The Cow Palace (which is actually technically in Daly City – NOT San Francisco) at 2600 Geneva Avenue Daly City, CA 94134.Tickets are cheap, too – I promise (only $45 for a 3-day, VIP pass!), and you can BUY TICKETS at www.bodyartexpo.com
so I hope all my Northern Cali fans come out to this very affordable
and crazy fun event 🙂 Can’t wait to see everyone, as usual!

Joanna Angel

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