My Humorous Adult Video – the Naughty Nurse cured the Swine Flu with her Boobs!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 27, 2009


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I don’t know if you have seen this yet but- you need to check it out if you have not. It will really make you appreciate my degree in screen-writing. My years in college truly helped me come up with such eloquent lines- like “pork products are AWESOME!”

Anyways- yeah. Here is the Youtube friendly version of the video.

Basically what happens is- Kris Slater came home from Mexico feeling kinda funny. Pornstar Misti Dawn – who doubles as a swine flu specialist managed to cure him with her boobs! It’s totally sexy and humorous. It would be nice if visits to the Doctor were always like this- right?

Blooper Video-Pornstar MistiDawn Cures SwineFlu from Joanna Angel on Vimeo.

You can see the whole thing- you know, with actual fucking and stuff on

In addition to having a hilarious intro- the scene is really hot. Kris Slater is so cute. He is almost as cute as the artist formerly known as Tommy Pistol. I don’t think I have to sell you on Misti Dawn. I am sure you are all in love with her already- if you aren’t well, then I don’t know. You must have the swine flu.

Update your membership now! so you can see this video, and all the other cool videos on the BurningAngel network.


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Sweet Pornstar Sunny Leone Sex Story – Miami EXOTICA pt 2

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UG! Now I am just about the dumbest girl in the world. Well maybe not the dumbest but, I had a super hot experience with a beautiful pornstar named Sunny Leone.  She is a Vivid contract girl. I am pretty confused about the whole thing since she is like, a chick who I think is way out of my league… and I realized I have no hot photos of me and her together- or actually any photos at all- so I bet you won’t even believe me! She is very beautiful, and really innocent.  She started off in porn just doing solo stuff magazines, I think she was some kind of Penthouse Pet or something. I always considered girls who were Penthouse Pets to have from a different planet. It’s like someone basically told them “Yo- you are so hot, that people in this world will be able to have orgasms from just LOOKING at you naked. You know, you can just stand there. You don’t have to do anything else!” To be honest, it sounds incredibly boring, but to be deemed as hot enough to induce an orgasm by just standing there and doing nothing, is quite an honor I think.

A few years later she signed a contract with Vivid and only did lesbian porn, which is incredibly rare…. now she does some boy/girl stuff with her new boyfriend on her website. She looks even hotter in person than she does in those “Sunny Leone pics,” that are all over the internet, a rarity in porn- especially for Vivid contract girls. Ooops. Did I just say that out loud? Sorry. Yeah. Anyways- She is a mixture of like 10 different hot ethnicities…. she is just so exotic, and like… I don’t know… beautiful and hot. Sorry, did I say she was hot too many times? Anyways, and all weekend, she was hitting on me?! It was kinda nuts. She sent me adorable text messages throughout the weekend telling me hot hot I looked and was just so ridiculously flattering that I was pretty sure there was just some sort of clause in her Vivid contract saying that she had to be nice to short Jewish girls with tattoos. I didn’t think she actually had some kind of genuine interest in me.

There is a panel all the girls at EXXXOTICA had to do once a day on stage. Before the panel all the girls gathered near the stage and basically bitched about how much we did not want to do the panel. I actually, kind of liked doing the panel but what I liked doing more than the panel was pretending to be a porn star and part of doing that requires complaining about things from time to time that really are not worth complaining about. So I did! And it was pretty awesome.

Anyways, Sunny looked nervous before the panel and I asked her what was wrong. She expressed to me that every time she does any panel it seems as though fans want to hear about “crazy stories” and she said she just didn’t have any. She basically said that most of her life she had only fucked her boyfriends, and um… well I don’t know if you watch any girl on girl Vivid porn but its um… you know… not crazy. Nothing about partaking in that type of thing is at all a “crazy story.” She said that her boyfriend once put an ice cube up her butt and that was about the most sexually adventurous thing she had ever done- and she giggled and turned red as she said it.

How did a girl like this wind up in porn? I was so confused…. Jenna Haze stood near me (because we spend the entirety of our Miami convention experience next to each other) and after Sunny said this I was like “Jenna I don’t get it! I thought we were all whores!” Both myself, and Jenna Haze were both sort of turned on and kind of baffled by Sunny Leone’s sweet innocence.

So at about 5am one morning Jenna and I rolled around her bed drunk. I don’t remember what we were doing exactly. I was trying to decide if I should stumble back to my room or not, and then Sunny texted both me and Jenna and said “can I come up!” And of course we both texted back with “YES!!!” read the rest of this entry….

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Me, Jesse Jane, Pornstars at Miami Exotica- the life of a pornstar…. or something

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 21, 2009


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The life of a pornstar…I’m telling you- I really don’t lead much of the lifestyle you imagine it would be. I swear. It’s about 6pm right now… want to know what I did today? I sat on my computer and answered emails. It’s quite similar to what a lot of other people did with their day today. I spend a lot more time doing all the boring porno business shit than I do getting gang-banged on camera…. and a big difference between me and most porn stars, is that I don’t get PAID to fuck…. I PAY other people to fuck me to create sex videos hardcore.  Seriously! I am not trying to get any sympathy here…I love my life and everything about it I am just trying to set the record straight. Sometimes I will post things on my twitter like “today has been a stressful day….” and then I get responses like “oh yeah, getting paid to fuck- really hard!” … I mean, when I am fucking on camera… that means, I paid, out of my pocket, for: 1. a guy or girl (or one of each, or two of each etc) to fuck me, 2. someone to photograph it, 3. someone to film it 4. someone to edit it, 5. a hosting company to host the video so it has a place to live online, and then, I just have to cross my fingers and hope that a good percentage decide to find this said video compelling and exciting enough to pay for so I can make all this money back that I put into it…. in this days economy. Ah! It is a tough job but someone needs to do it =)

Anyways, sometimes when I go to conventions and I am surrounded by “porn stars” I sort of feel like I am in a role-playing game. Kinda like I am playing dress-up. It’s sort of fun to indulge in the stress of oh my god, what do I wear to this convention…. do my nails look OK, is my foundation on correctly, and should I wear the same outfit to the convention as I do in the evening to a party? It is such a nice vacation from the usual stress I have to deal with on a daily basis. Most of all, I love meeting fans- even though, unfortunately, not TOO many of you showed up to Miami to see me but it’s cool. It was mothers day weekend- so you are off the hook. It is good to know that a good majority of the people who find my pornography arousing have good relationships with their mothers. I can respect that!

The best thing about Miami Exxxotica is that it is a lot of fun. It really is like the vacation of porn conventions. The AEE expo is kinda stressful- I always have meetings, and press and all sorts of shit I need to do in addition to the signing… and in general, the entire convention feels so …. fancy. I don’t know why. There is nothing professional that goes on at Miami Exxxotica. I just signed for about 4 hours a day and spent the rest of my time on the beach, at slightly cheesy dance clubs, and at restaurants with decent food but really bad service.

Anyways, here are a few photos from the porn convention:

Here is me and a photo of Jenna Haze

Pornstar Joanna Angel Legs

Now here is me and the real Jenna Haze, in front of a photo of Jenna Haze

Pornstar Joanna Angel and Jenna Haze

Here is a photo of the real me (hardcore pornstar), and a fake me. We are a cute couple- right!

Pornstar Joanna Angel fuck

Here is me kissing a photo of Alexis Texas’ ass- which looks exactly the same as her real ass.

Joanna Angel kissing ass

Here is me and the fake me again- only this time I look kinda disgruntled.

Joanna Angel Punk Porn Princess

Here is me being weird.

Joanna Angel XXX

Here is me and my favorite tan blond haired fake breasted porn star- Jesse Jane- Fuck!

Jessie Jane and Joanna Angel

Here is me, in between the the two most famous sluts in the world- Sasha Grey and Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze Joanna Angel Sasha Grey

Um… just so you know- the photo below is not a photo of a porn-star, it is a photo of a pillow! Two pillows actually- I don’t know why but the cleaning lady’s in the hotel I stayed at always made the pillows look like dumplings when they made the bed. I thought that was pretty interesting and totally blog-worthy.

Joanna Angel's Fortune Cookie Pillows

I have more to tell you about Miami, but I am going to post that in another blog entry- because two blog entries are better than one! YEAH!


Joanna Angel

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My own personal girlfriend experience fucking Sasha Grey

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 16, 2009


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The Girlfriend Experience movie came out this week, and though I hear it’s hot, it has none of Sasha Grey fucking but in the movie, she does fuck people–just not on camera. No no I am not saying that she fucked the whole crew off camera, I don’t know if that happened but I hope it did for the sake of her and the crew- but the movie is about her being a hooker and you see her interact with the clients but you don’t see her bang them.

I must admit–I am really impressed with Sasha Grey. It’s pretty crazy that she is in this new mainstream movie. I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet to be honest. I am a jerk- I also have not gone to see Crank 2 — and my darling best friend Jenna Haze is in that. Hmm. What is wrong with me? If you are out there, and you are my friend, and you have a part in a big movie well…. make sure to not call me because I am a jerk and I probably won’t see it! I will eventually see both these movies. I swear. Who wants to see them with me! I never had an appearance in any big movie but the box cover of Joanna’s Angels 2 was in the background of some shot in Will Smith’s movie- I am Legend. It came out like a year and a half ago…. and I finally got around to watching it about 3 weeks ago. The rumor was true, it was in fact there.

I also heard that Sasha did some sexy nude photos for Rolling Stone Magazine…. It’s pretty crazy! This is all very exciting to me–because this means that I can totally go around and tell people that I banged someone famous. I know I know, a lot of people have fucked her over the past few years so I am not the only one who is able to say this, but whatever. I think I can still have some bragging rights.

Well… Shasha Grey’s new mainstream movie has SOME nude shots, but we all know what you really want to see….the last time I checked you blog readers are perverts. I hope that is still the case! I thought with all this non-sex Sasha Grey teaser shit out there-, I bet everyone–meaning all of you “pervs” that read my blog–out there would like to be reminded of what it’s like to fuck her?

Since I have had me some of that Sasha Grey pussy, I thought I would share…Well actually I DID share in Girls Girls Girls 2, a porn movie that grew out of my fantasy about my heavy metal babysitter when I was a kid. I kinda imagine what would have happened between us if I were old enough to get it on with her. You can read about how my heavy metal pussy party came to be. If you already know, well you can go back and re-read it or you can just pretend I didn’t say anything.

Anyways–enough about me. Sasha Grey has an ass like you cannot believe. I got to play with it and stuff. She put a dildo in my ass–and then she told me she was jealous of my ability to put dildos in my ass with such ease. You know, a lot of people have told me that before. It’s weird. I don’t even realize that I am doing anything all that special. Then people ask me for advice on how to get their asses to do what my ass does, and I just don’t know what to say. Anyways– you can watch me finger her awesomely wet pussy and stuff in our scene that is now on Heavy Metal Pussy Party– or if you are a big pussy, and not a pussy party- you can just watch the free porn trailer, again and again and again. I am not Steven Soderbergh but I had me and her had our own special Girlfriend Experience. Seriously! It was romantic. Afterwords, I really did just want to cuddle with her but unfortunately … read the rest of this entry….

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Red Dragons!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 6, 2009


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I don’t know if you know Jason Ellis– but he’s a crazy skater dude with a radio show on Sirius Radio. I have been on his show a zillion times. He kinda has that Howard Stern vibe, but he is young and full of tattoos  and has a sense of humor that is just more up my alley.

Anyways about a year ago I went on his show and I told him I would make a video where I said “Red Dragons” every time a dick went in my ass. People called in and voted on this- a few other phrases were in the running but this one won. I think it is some skateboarding crew or something… but I am not really sure. Anyways, whatever it is- I screamed it out during anal sex. I finally did it- the video is up on

I didn’t come up with this idea- if you want to know more about how it all came to be then go to It’s pretty entertaining.

If you just joined BurningAngel-  then a membership to is included! But if you are an old-school BurningAngel member then update your membership here for an extra few dollars and you can then see the video… and a bunch of other videos… and stuff.

Anyways- here is the nipple free youtube friendly video advertisement for this big moment in porno history. 


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