Another year, another beauty contest!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 12, 2009


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it is now at that point in time where it has just been way too long since I blogged. You have heard this before. UGGGGG I don’t like it one bit!

and BellaVendetta are here- and so is Misti Dawn. Draven and BellaVendetta made me cookies…. and I feel bad because, well I don’t really eat cookies anymore these days but I am going to make an exception for these. They smell really good. Fresh cookies = awesome.

Rather than tell you a long story about my week- because well, it was extremely long….  I am just going to share with you a picture of myself eating Sushi at the Xbiz show in Vegas. It was last Thursday- I think that was June 5th.

MAN! I didn’t resize it and I don’t feel like it. Sorry. Just slide the little bar back and forth a bunch and you can get the full effect of this picture… read the rest of this entry….

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