Die Mannequin Music video shoot with Scarlett Pain and Kayla-Jane

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 24, 2009


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Me At the Die Mannequin Video Shoot

Well a few weeks ago I got to do something pretty cool – and be in a video where I got to not have sex. Not that there is anything wrong with having sex in videos but it’s cool to do something different every once in a while. The music video was for a band called Die Mannequin. They are a three piece fronted by a super hot/ slightly insane singer named Care. She was insane in a good way- which you would expect from someone named Care. She really goes nuts on the stage – like she screams and falls down and puts her hair all over her face and sometimes she starts crying. It is pretty intense. She also meditates randomly in the middle of the day. I definitely would recommend going to see them play when they go on tour.

Anyways- BurningAngel girls Scarlett Pain and Kayla Jane were both in the Die Mannequin video as well.

I think we all looked super hot in our white trash/ slutty cop outfits – don’t you?

Joanna Angel Die Mannequin Music Video Shoot Scarlett Pain

The Die Mannequin Music Video Stunt Girl

Now I just have to say- the girl who is in the car looking at the wheel- who is not standing outside the cop car looking sultry- might be one of the hottest girls I have ever met in my life. I know- it’s kind of a shame that you can’t see her at all in the photo but…. really- this girl did not fuck around. Her name was Sabine- and she was the stunt driver for the video. She is a stunt driver for a living. You see this old 50’s cop car? Well nothing about it really worked so well- and she drove the shit out of this thing. She did what I learned was called “precision driving” in the “real” movie world. She told me she had done a bunch of Porsche commercials – you know the ones where the car goes like 220 MPH and then stops at a white line? Or the Ferrari ads where it drives like … I don’t know… how ever fucking fast those cars go around a bunch of cones… shit like that. Anyways- she had to chase another old school car with Care in it – and she had to like, drive around it all fast and shit – she swung around back and forth and drove straight into a big ditch at the right angle so all the dust could blow around everywhere. She also had to drive around and in between all these bikers- and I think she made them feel slightly emasculated. The car overheated a lot and every time it did she was able to open the hood and talk about the car and point out exactly what was wrong. It was really hot.

Stunt Work: Same pay as porn, but you get hurt & don’t get to have sex.

Joanna Angel Die Mannequin Video Shoot

She has gotten hurt at many shoots she has done- she said a lot of people get the wrong kind of cars to do this sort of things. I could see how that would happen- most directors just care about what the cars look like, they don’t really understand the engines and breaks of the car. She loves the job though and she said that the risks do not bother her. I asked the stunt chick how much she gets paid per shoot – she told me it was about the same amount as a girl gets for doing a scene in porn. Next time a girl complains to me about money (not that it happens often but you know- it happens) I am going to tell them to try her job for a few months and then come back to me.

Anyways- she was bad ass.

Well here is me on one of the Harleys with one of the bikers in the shoot.

Here I am,  On a Harley Davidson!

Joanna Angel Ass on a Harley

uh, here I am getting slightly more intimate with the bike and the biker.

Joanna Angel on A Harley Davidson

Here I am – dressed up like a fake cop, in front of a real cop car. It is oh- so ironic.

Joanna Angel Sexy Cop

here I am again. Don’t worry I swear I am not a real cop even though I know these photos are incredibly convincing.

Joanna Angel Sexy Cop

Here i am uh- trying to kill myself. JK!!! I am just attemoting to look sexy with a gun- but I really look more like a big goof-ball. DOH!

Joanna Angel Sexy Cop with a Gun


Joanna Angel

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