Being bad, and being punished- a free porn trailer!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 28, 2010


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As you know- my website… is a website with just me on it. Sometimes other girls are in the videos… but it’s a website all about me. Me me me me me me. Every week I update with a photo set- and a video. A few months ago I started thinking… I was like.. man… are people getting bored of me on here? How many times can one person watch the same girl in every video- even if that girl is me!

So I have been trying to get creative and do some different things. A few months ago I put up a video where I masturbated with stockings for the first time… I also put up a kinky video where I was playing with my feet. This past Friday I put up a fun role-playing video…. where I basically messed up the kitchen on purpose in order to get a punishment. I really liked this video! I had a lot of fun doing it. Being the boss of the company and all… I don’t really get to get smacked around too often. People are always like… respecting me and shit. Even company owners need to get a punishment sometimes!

It’s obvious in the video that this was a role playing game. Don’t uh… try this at home unless you and your partner are both on the same page about this sorta stuff.

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Going back to Sacramento!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 27, 2010


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Ah! Alright well sorry blog. I deserted you again. But I am back.

Well I will be going to Sacramento next weekend- the capitol of California! I don’t really know why Sacramento was chosen as the capitol to be honest. It seems like the capitol of CA should be like, Los Angeles or San Francisco- right? Or maybe that is closed minded of me. Considering I haven’t seen any part of Sacramento other than a strip club and a hotel- I shouldn’t be one to judge. Anyways- here is a sexy photo of myself to entice you to come.

Joanna Angel Ass

and here is all the info.

GOLD CLUB (11363 Folsom Boulevard, Rancho Cordova) I’ll be there from WED, March 3rd through SAT, March 6th doing all sorts of evening performances: lapdances, selling DVDs and pictures…and doing my goofy dances on stage. I’ll also be at the GOLD CLUB VIDEO BOUTIQUE COUPLES SUPERSTORE signing autographs on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, 6 – 8 PM…and showtimes for my dancing performances are as follows:

Wednesday, March 3rd: 10 PM, 12:30 AM
Thursday, March 4th: 10 PM, 12:30 AM
Friday, March 5th: 9:30 PM, 11:30 PM, 1:30 AM
Saturday, March 6th: 9:30 PM, 11:30 PM, 1:30 AM

Honestly- I have been to a handful of strip clubs at this point and this particular club has the hottest girls I have ever seen at a strip club. Just about every single girl working there was hot- and a lot of girls there were heavily tattooed. So, just so you know…. during the time that you wait for me to go on stage you will be entertained by attractive ladies.

Hope to see you there!


Joanna Angel

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my super awesome cheesy valentines day set

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 8, 2010


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Valentines Day is an incredibly cheesy holiday- so I figured I would celebrate it with a super awesome cheesy photo-set. Here is an example- it’s from my new photo set up on!!

Joanna Angel Valentines Day

Yes- there are boobs and even a pink dildo that goes inside my pussy in the set- so don’t worry. I am not going all soft on you.

Before we took these photos- I had Brian Street Team go to the $1.00 store and buy anything pink, red and heart shaped in the store and I told the photographer (Kelly Lind) to make these photos feel like a Hallmark card… but with boobs. I figured if I was gonna do this I may as well go all the way.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my amazingly cheezy yet pornographic Valentines Day photo-set. I highly encourage you to print out one of the photos- cut it up into a heart- and turn it into a valentine to give to your loved one.

You can see the whole thing here on!!


Joanna Angel

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The Joanna Angel and Misti Dawn Valentines Day Hoe-Down!

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Alright well- I am going to the mid-west to celebrate Valentines day! I hear that everything is just SO much more romantic out there. It’s my first time hosting a party in the middle of the country so I am quite excited.

Well- it’s not exactly Valentines day but it’s two days before Valentines day for purely logistical reasons. Valentines day is on a Sunday this year and who the hell really parties on a Sunday?


Hosted by me, and the hometown BIRTHDAY GIRL Misti Dawn, we’ll be celebrating the joy of love (and sex) and Hallmark and Misti’s birthday at Hammerheads (317 Main Street Evansville, IN 47708-1443) with, uhhh…a square dance and a BBQ? Maybe not, but we WILL be celebrating with some moonshine and midwestern farmers’ daughters, so if you’re a true midwest cowboy, come out and ride the bull…and me and MistiDawn! There will also be a special live performance by Bella Vendetta, and special appearance by Wendy Williams. Be eligible to win a big BurningAngel valentines day gift basket! This party is a 21 + hootenanny, so bring your ID. Don’t spend Valentine’s Day weekend alone…spend it with us!


Joanna Angel

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My dancing gig tonight is cancelled!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 6, 2010


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Well I’m in Pittsburgh- things didn’t work out exactly as planned. There is a huge snowstorm here. The club was extremely empty last night because of all the snow…. Thursday wasn’t all that busy because… well it was a Thursday? I would assume my super cool fans are not Thursday night strip club goers… they are Friday or Saturday night strip club goers. A few people did come out Thursday night and that was quite nice. Well anyway it is Saturday and the club is closed due to extreme weather conditions. Apparently the club has only closed because of weather once – in some blizzard in 1993. Man. I have some luck!

So anyways- if by some off chance you had planned on coming to see me tonight- don’t! Stay home and get drunk and make a fire and stuff.

I usually post pictures of myself on stage in my feature dancing costumes after I dance, this time all I have are pictures of me in the snow!

see- it is very bad here. some trees fell down.


and streets are closed off.


at least it is kind of pretty though…


So there seems to be a running pattern on twitter with events and stuff and i can’t really explain this in 140 characters. See every time I post “I will be in XXX this weekend” I always get a slew of responses telling me I should be somewhere else. Like “Aw man- XXX is too far! You should come to Florida” or “Why XXX! Come to New Jersey again! It’s your home town!” or when I posted about the snow- I got several responses from people who lived in warm climates telling me it was not snowing where they were.

Now- I want you to understand that I don’t just look at a map, close my eyes, and pick a city that I want to go to and then go there. A strip club books me and then I go there. Strip clubs usually decide who to book by seeing who there is a demand for- or by just figuring out who the most “famous” porn stars are or whatever. Now, most clubs will not pick me randomly because I am not exactly what comes to mind when an 80 year old guy is browsing through photos of porn girls. However- clubs will decide to have me if customers repeatedly ask for me. SO what I am trying to say is- that instead of just telling me to go somewhere on twitter…. go to your local strip club and ask to speak to a manager and tell him/her that you really want to see me there. Then, tell 100 of your friends to do that too. A few months of persistent asking and then I am sure the club will have me.I do love dancing and I do love meeting fans so- I am really happy to go to any club that books me. However, I will not just show up.

Make sense!!

Just thought I would explain that.

Well now I must get back to an exciting evening of not dancing.


Joanna Angel

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