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posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 23, 2010


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So I won the Best Porn Star Blog Award from TLA RAW.

I think that you guys voting me The Best Porn Star Blog rocks, that’s an awesome thing, because:

  1. I love my fans & you guys all voted for me.
  2. I love writing my blog.
  3. I love that you guys come here to check up on my life and all the porn star shit I blog about.
  4. Because even though I’m a porn star and I like to get naked and show my tits and ass and have sex , I also write about my life and what is going on with me and you guys totally come here to read about me, and sometimes to see my tits and ass and to see pictures of me having sex, so I’ll keep posting that.

Here is a clip that TLA posted of being the winner of the Best Porn Star Blog Award – Well, Best Starlet Blog – that means porn star =)

I hope you guys think I’m the best Porn Star, too, cause that would rock, also! Thanks for reading my blog & thanks for voting for meeeeee!

best porn star blog joanna angelHere is the link to where they posted it so you can see for yourself-

And here are  some pictures of my tits and my ass as a thank you

best porn star blog joanna angel ass

best porn star blog joanna angel tits


Joanna Angel

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Naked Dodgeball in Phoenix!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 16, 2010


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One of my favorite conventions is the Phoenix Forum. Unfortunately- most of you reading this can not attend because it is not really a fan show or a consumer show- this is a show where all the people in the porn industry go who run websites and everyone gets together and has meetings and tries to see how everyone can make more money off each other. I thought this year was really great. The bad economy and all the free porn everywhere really sucks… but the only good thing that has come of this is that a lot of the shitty porn companies with terrible content have fallen out of the industry by going out of business- and the people who are left are so determined to make it, it is kind of inspiring. It is definitely bringing people together. I felt a very good feeling at this convention. The overall strategy was not about competition but it was all about the industry working together and seeing how to get out of this rut.

Now don’t get me wrong- I LOVE performing. There aren’t many more fun things in life that are more fun than having sex in really cool outfits with attractive males and females. But I have really learned a lot about business in the past few years and when I come home from having a bunch of productive meetings I get a feeling that is almost as good as having an orgasm.

Now there weren’t THAT many girls at this convention, but there were a few there. Mostly girls with websites who were trying to promote them. Every year at this convention there is a big  strip dodge ball game with all the girls that all the webmasters and company owners get very excited to watch. Last year I opted out of the game, but this year I was like… ehh.. why the hell not? Sure I will play!

I had to come home from this convention and post some kind of photos in my blog- and well, I was pretty sure that you did not want to see photos from my meetings… so I am posting a few photos from the naked dodge ball game. How do you play strip dodge ball you may ask? Well it’s quite simple… when you get hit with the ball, you take a piece of clothing off. Then what do you do when all your clothes are off? You just start making out with people. It should really be petitioned to be an Olympic sport- right?

A piece of me felt like very much like I used to feel in gym class in high school. Like the un-fit and un equipped odd ball out. I was definitely about 100 shades paler than every other girl in the game. But whatever. I made the best of it and had a good time. Here I am in my “team BurningAngel” strip dodgeball outfit.


There were many different colored balls being thrown around all over the place… but I made sure to always chase after the pink ball. It is really important to match your dodgeball to your hair when you are playing a ridiculous match that is essentially more of a porn shoot shoot than a sport.


Here is me with Alexis Texas and Phoenix Marie! They are doing hot porn star poses and I am very obviously just trying to get a sip of Phoenix Marie’s beer.


Here is me and Alexis Texas uh… yeah.. playing dodgeball! I mean, what else does it look like we are doing?


Here is me using all my strength trying to lift all 500 CC’s of silicone in Phoenix Marie’s boob.


I have a bunch more photos from the game that will be up on on Monday. Yeah- see what an amazing business woman I became that weekend? Wasn’t that an oh- so – smart marketing move to tease you with just a few dodge ball photos? Right?


Joanna Angel

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Passover Pictures!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 7, 2010


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Well I wrote this blog out- and then it got deleted. And then after it got deleted I went several days with having very little free time. It happens. It seems to always happen! So this might seem kinda silly to be posting pictures from my Passover Seder since Passover is totally officially over but whatever. I can’t just leave them sitting on my desktop forever!

Anyways. I did go to my family’s house for Passover, and it was quite nice. It is important for me to do something completely non-business oriented once every few months. It is rather relaxing to be in an environment where I don’t have to hand out business cards and schedule meetings, or wear eyeshadow, or uhh… think about how to make whatever it is that I am doing profitable for the company. All I need to do at the Seder is read the story of Passover in Hebrew, and peel a bunch of hard boiled eggs. My mom insists on having like, 24 hard boiled eggs all peeled and ready to go at the Seder table the entire time. She makes everyone eat them periodically through the night- and we have to eat them in one bite (I know- it is almost a health hazard!) because we have to pretend that we are slaves in Egypt running away from the evil Pharaoh. When you are running away from Pharaoh – you don’t have time to leisurely eat your egg!

We do the entire Seder in Hebrew. It is really hardcore. It is definitely not the abbreviated 20 minute Seder lots of people have these days. My mom believes in a very long, very detailed Seder that lasts about 5 hours. I used to dread it, but now I think it’s fun.

I keep passover every year. It’s just one of those things I do. I’m not 100% hardcore about it the way my mom is but- I don’t eat any bread, or bread products. The whole point of the holiday is to appreciate what you have and remember a time when you didn’t have the things you have… and I think that is a decent reason to give up bread for a week- regardless of how religious you are.

I actually forgot about Passover ending last night- so I just ate my first piece of bread a few hours ago. Not gonna lie, it tasted pretty fucking awesome.

Well here are a few pictures I took at the Seder!

Here I am chugging what is most definitely the most disgusting bottle of wine in the world. Please do not tell any of my sophisticated wine snob friends that this exists.

2010-03-30 20.53.33


(I told you I do not wear eyeshadow at the Seder- or any other kind of makeup)


You see all those god damn eggs! I peeled them!

Well that’s it for now.

I feel a little inappropriate to be posting this blog on the same place I have posted numerous photos and videos of myself getting fucked by every kind of guy and girl in every different position imaginable- but that’s just my life. Mom- if you ever for some odd reason stumble upon this blog entry- I am totally sorry for showing your Seder table on my dirty blog. Out of respect, please – please…. do not jerk off to the Seder table. You might have to hold yourself back because it is so damn sexy- but just do the best you can.


Joanna Angel


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