Joanna Angel at Exxxotica Expo- on G4TV!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 15, 2010


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Joanna Angel (that’s me) at Exxxotica Expo

I do enjoy working with G4TV. They’re a great channel with so many awesome shows. They mostly talk about video games and gadgets but, every once in a while they take a break from talking about the latest technology and talk about PORN CONVENTIONS! WOOOHOO! It’s pretty cool- there aren’t THAT many stations on TV that cover porn conventions.

In any case, they had me be the host of their little Miami Exxxotica piece and it was fun! It’s a good thing they did this because I still never blogged about the expo so- this kinda summed it all up for you.

The guy who directed the piece – Bryan Hoffman, came to the party that I hosted with Jenna Haze the night before we shot this. I got him extremely wasted. Well, I mean technically he got himself wasted- but I definitely shoved a lot of shots in his face. I sure hope the officials at G4TV don’t ban me from future projects because of this!

Well anyways- here is the oh so prestigious director and producer for G4TV having a fun time at night in Miami!

joanna angel and jenna haze at Miami Exxxotica

you can find some more photos from the trip here in my photo gallery.


Joanna Angel

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My Phone Committed Suicide… and I’m going to Vegas!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 3, 2010


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This morning was a hellish morning!

I was in the middle of packing for vegas this weekend ([email protected] I am going to The Vegas with AVN for some bikini pool party extravaganza fest thing) and my phone fell. My phone falls a lot but this was it. My phone had taken too many falls and it was like “Yo, I’m done!” and it stopped working.

I called T-Mobile in a frenzy and they basically told me to “Go fuck myself….

So then I decided to switch to Sprint. This is not such an exciting story…. but its all I have to say for now.

Here’s a pic with my new phone camera!! Yeaaah.

Joanna Angel New Phone

Here is One of me and Kagney Linn Karter

Joanna Angel and Kagney Karter

Here is one of me Driving

Porn Star Joanna Angel

And… Here is one of Tori Black and Jenna Haze at the oh so super exciting airport…

Porn Star Tori Black and Porn Star Jenna Haze

More to come


Joanna Angel

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Tomorrow – FREE Porn Star Webcam Show with Jason Ellis June 2, 2010

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 1, 2010


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Hey all. I am doing a free webcam show on June 2, 2010 @ 5:00 PM EST – 2:00 PM PST

So as you know, I go on Jason Ellis’ radio show all the time.

It is like my radio station home away from home. RED DRAGONS! Or something.

Anyways, tomorrow – WEDNESDAY June 2nd- I will be calling into his radio show and we will talk on the phone, while I am on my webcam. So usually when I am on Jason Ellis’ show, you can just hear my beautiful voice. Tomorrow, you will be able to watch me. Unfortunately, Jason is not going to come to my house and do the show with me…. so you will only see me, and hear his voice. I tried to convince him to masturbate on the show with me but he refused. What a prude!!

Free Porn Star Webcam Show

In any case, this is a special occasion so I had my programmer do some special programming on the website – and he is switching some shit off so my webcam will be completely FREE for like, 2 hours. I know how popular free porn is these days so, I thought you would all appreciate this. It will be the only time this will ever happen. So if you don’t come tomorrow- you’ll never get to experience the oh so exciting free webcam experience. It should be a lot of fun!

So it’s a date- I hope.

If you want to see my free webcan show just go to my regular webcam spot on and I’ll see you there.


Joanna Angel

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