Smartest Porn Star! Or close to it.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 30, 2010


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Boobs, Butts, Blowj0bs & Brains.

What Can I Say.. I’m a Smart Porn Star!

Hey guess what- the internet says I am one of the smartest people in porn, and remember everything you read on the internet must be true, so… its official!!!

According to a recent survey by Ranker, I am one of the top 13 smartest people in porn, Number 9 to be exact, which makes me one of the top 8 Smartest Female Porn Stars (and the the smartest Alt Porn Star).

Apparently, according to Ranker, I am slightly dumber than Ron Jeremy and a hair smarter than Sasha Gray. This must be true because everything on the internet- is proven to be 100% accurate. Sources for this article are a mixture between Youtube, Wikipedia, and TMZ- three websites you should always trust!

Here is what they said about me. The facts here are actually correct and the complements are quite flattering.

“Joanna Angel is not only a star, but is a director and writer of the adult films she stars in, which is hot.
Even hotter still, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in Film Studies from Rutgers University….
She’s extremely well spoken and very eloquent, as well as informed about her trade.
Her writing has been featured in magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times. She even wrote a sex advice column for popular music magazine Spin.
Here’s a video of her views on the evolution of pornography and what effect the internet has had on it:
Here’s her learned perspective on the demise of legitimate sexual contacts on Craigslist:

Here is the whole list

1.  Asia Carrera
2.  Annie Sprinkle
3.  Shy Love
4.  Lorelei Lee
5.  Nina Hartley
6.  Jenna Jameson
7.  Ron Jeremy
8.  Laurie Wallace
9.  Joanna Angel (Meeeee)
10. Sasha Grey
11. A.J. Bailey
12. Lisa Sparxxx
13. T.J. Hart

Personally- I think Nina Hartley should really have been number one. Sorry Asia Carrera- I know we went to the same university and all but you are no where nearly as smart as Nina.

So check me out, I’m a smart girl that loves to fuck & do porn movies, isn’t that what everyone dreams of? So here I am looking all porn starry & smart. Because all smart people do wear glasses… correct?

Smartest Porn Star Joanna Angel

Want more? Check me out at, too =)


Joanna Angel,

aka Smart Ass Porn Star

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Me at Talking Smut with Lexi Love at Chicago Exxxtacy – Video

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 29, 2010


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My friend Lexi Love has her own Youtube channel where she posts a bunch of random clips of her daily life – and does some interviews at conventions. Here is a video she made of me and her at Chicago Exxxtacy. In the video you really get to see how my degree in English has become useful in my career as a porn director.

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Chicago Exxxtacy Porn Convention!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 28, 2010


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Well Chicago, you and your porn convention have impressed this porn star!

Just when I thought that porn conventions were coming to a depressing end- Chicago restored my faith. It was awesome! Thank you to everyone who came out to see me.Porn Star Blog Joanna Angel in Chicago read the rest of this entry….

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Joanna’s Angels 3!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 15, 2010


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Man! I am having a really busy day. I have to pack for Chicago – AND prepare for my next big movie that I begin shooting next week which is … dun dun dun…


I’m super excited. I made Joanna’s Angels 1 & Joanna’s Angels 2, 2 years ago…. and didn’t want to make a 3 because Tommy Pistol had left the industry and I didn’t want to make the movie without him. Now that he is back… I figured it was about time i made the sequel! Plus- Joanna’s Angels 1 & 2 were put out through Hustler/VCA – and it makes sense for BurningAngel to own a movie called Joanna’s Angels… right?!

Anyways- yesterday we shot two scenes. One was of Kleio and Chad Alva– who got along so well! We shot them for our infamous movie- NO PANTIES ALLOWED .

Here are Kleio and Chad Alva

Joanna's Angels 3 Alt Porn Star KleioThey will be in the second installment of this great line. And then, we shot Draven Star in this goth movie I have been working on. I’m not sure what the title will be… but she looked really hot. I had meant to get a photo of Draven in her crazy goth eye makeup and sexy black lace outfit but I forgot- so instead I have a photo of her right after she got jizzed on. I mean… jizz is kinda goth…. right? Who knows. I embraced/poked fun at the goth culture in the scene by having Draven and her co star Wolf Hudson recite some depressing poetry to one another before they fucked. Sorry goths if you find that offensive but I thought it was pretty hilarious.

Here is Draven Star

Joanna's Angels 3 alt porn star Draven

They were both great scenes. I came home very content- I love it when I shoot good porno. After the scene we all went to a little Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo. I have been eating a lot of Asian food lately. We all got different assortments of fish and rice inside of big white bowls. It was pretty awesome.

And that was my day.

Now… I must pack!


Joanna Angel

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Kleio’s first time…. eating sushi

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 13, 2010


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Well, this weekend at LA Exxxotica was um… interesting.

Quite honestly, it was a little empty. Conventions in general this year have been a little bit slow, and the people who are at the conventions seem to be more excited by what I refer to as the “porn circus” then porn itself. I call the porn circus things like, girls sucking on penis shaped lollipops, or getting really excited to take a picture of a stripper’s butt on your friends head, or some kind of fake orgasm contest, or involving yourself in some kind of “what kind of porn star are you!” game. It is a shame because I spend so much time and energy on thinking of ideas for what types of scenes to shoot, or writing scripts for movies, and just pairing people and booking all the different aspects of our shoots- but I might have to start putting some amount of effort elsewhere and think of some weird kitchy ideas we can market if I want to stay in business. In other words- I will have to join the circus! I have some ideas. I’m not exactly proud of them but, they shouldn’t be too difficult and hopefully can bring in some extra revenue. Ahhhh man. I sound like such a dorky business woman!

In any case, I thank everyone greatly who did come out. I appreciate your support and i will continue to provide sexy entertainment for you!

Here is a shot of all of the sexy ladies who signed at my awesome pink booth- except for Sparky– who was not arounda t the time when we took this photo!

From left to right its Dana Dearmond, ME, Kleio, and Draven. I am a lot shorter than everyone!!

Dana Dearmond, Joanna Angel, Kleio, and Draven

But aside from that depressing stuff- I got to hand out with Kleio a lot this weekend.

I made a movie about her called “Crushing on Kleio” because well… it is so hard to not have a crush on her. She is so adorable. She spends most of her time in Texas, and doesn’t really travel other than when she comes to LA to shoot. She joined me, Jenna Haze and Draven for sushi on Saturday night – and when the menu came, Kleio looked at it completely perplexed. I asked her what she was ordering and she told me she had no clue what anything meant as she had never eaten sushi before. I forgot- that cowboys don’t exactly grow up eating pieces or raw salmon!

Porn Star Kleio Eats Sushi for the First Time

We all taught Kleio how to use chopsticks, and I ordered plates of rolls, and different kinds of Sashimi.

She tried them all and wasn’t sure which one she liked best. I found it incredibly entertaining…. at the end of the evening she was covered in rice, and drops of soy sauce wound up on her shirt. People in LA eat sushi several times a week. I have overheard conversations at the gym that involved two big muscular guys debating over which sushi place on the same block is superior to one another…. and that shit gets HEATED! Being around someone who was so oblivious to the world of uncooked fish was refreshing, and cute, and fun at the same time. In exchange she offered to take me to some kind of BBQ place in Texas where people wear bibs and eat things with their hands. I want to go there and shower in homemade BBQ sauce!!

I will have more photos and stuff from the convention later this week. You know how I roll with my late blog entries!


Joanna Angel

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