The airport – hour 10!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 18, 2011


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So this week we shot another movie; it’s similar to my movie last year – BARTENDERS – in the sense that it is about chicks who have an occupation and are slutty. This one is called “Librarians”.  It was lots of fun. We actually have one more day of shooting left that will take place next week – but the majority of the movie is done being shot. Woohoo!

It is my dad’s 60th birthday and he is having a birthday party in Aruba tomorrow. He’s been in Aruba with the rest of my family since last weekend, but I couldn’t go since I was shooting my movie!  My trip had to get shortened from a five-day trip to a tw0-day trip, which was a little silly, but whatever!

We got done shooting last night around midnight, I got home around 2 in the morning and left my house at 6 am to go to the airport. Needless to say, I did not get much sleep. I arrived at the airport around 7 AM, checked in and did all that jazz and then around 8  AM I was told my flight was canceled. This same thing happened to me in December with a flight to New York…and there was something incredibly depressing about going to the airport only to return the same day to my house with my luggage. I did not want the airport to win my battle with it this morning! I was determined to get on a flight. No offense Dad (not like he is reading this or anything) but like, this was not even about your 60th birthday anymore. This was about me showing my dominance to American Airlines.

So I was told I had two options:  1. was to cancel the flight.  2. was to take a flight that left at 10 PM and arrived in Aruba at 1 PM afternoon.  I decided that I would go with option number 2.

Shortly after I made this decision, I sat around my gate that wasn’t really my gate anymore, and listened to all the people on line one by one yell at the person behind the desk. It was rather fascinating to hear about everyone’s connecting flights. A whole bunch of cool flights connect in Miami – like to Venezuela, Brazil, Puerto Rico… everyone had plans to go to a warm, Hispanic place that all had to be rescheduled because of an unexplainable system error in the airplane. As a side note, most of these complaining folk were very tan and had incredibly sexy accents.

After staring at them for awhile, I decided to walk to my new gate – even though my flight was not leaving for another 10 hours.  I was pretty bored…here is a pic I took of myself, bored at the airport:

I found a seat there, and passed out for a bit. I woke up about an hour later, then decided to go to a bar and drink several overpriced bloody marys and answered some emails. I tried to use my USB tethering on my phone so I could use it as a modem and not have to pay for WIFI on my computer – but it didn’t work at all. I felt angry and cheated because the USB tethering was one of the main reasons I got the phone in the first place.

Then I ate some Mexican food, and the spiciest salsa they had was incredibly NOT spicy at all.  It made me angry. And now I am sitting at my gate again – with only one hour left to go.  I almost made it…here’s me going crazy after 9 hours of waiting:

I will have about 20 hours in Aruba. I have always wanted to go to the Caribbean so I sure hope there are exciting things that go on there between 2pm and noon the following morning!

Just thought I would share this all with you. That was my day! Ah. The glamorous life of a porn star.

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