Jessie Vs Misti DVD Release Party!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 31, 2011


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Last night was a little release party for a new movie we just released called “Jessie Lee vs. Misti Dawn” . You can get it HERE!

It’s a compilation of all of my favorite scenes from two of my favorite BurningAngel girls, Misti Dawn and Jessie Lee. They are scenes that have been on the web, but not on DVD yet. So it’s still new to a bunch of you! There are some funny little slides between the scenes with silly images of me “judging” them. I don’t know if this is bad business to give away the ending but…I will do it anyways. It’s a tie!!!!

I just want to say I am SO HAPPY Jessie Lee was able to attend this party. I really a, so grateful every day that she is alive. Jessie is still recovering, but she did mention something about wanting to shoot again sometime in the near future. I sure hope she can!

I think Luke Perry might’ve been at the party – is this him!?!

Here are a few more photos (pics provided by Kelly Lind and  Chazz Gold!) from the party of Jessie and Misti…they were actually there.  And we all had something to say about 90210…

You can check out the rest of the party pics in this super awesome photo gallery!

And that’s all for today!


Joanna Angel

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Turtles, towels, TITS!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 29, 2011


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I don’t have that much to say… so I thought I’d share this photo with you of me in an awesome towel with turtles on it. Hurray!!! (Don’t mind the pile of vaginal products in the back…) 🙂

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Me at the SF tattoo convention!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 28, 2011


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Happy Monday!

This weekend started off kinda badly. I went to the gym Friday morning, and brought this shower bag thing that I take EVERYWHERE with me when I travel. It has all the moisturizers I use every day (I need to use a lot, hence my lovely complexion), my toothbrush, some eye pencils, deodorant… etc. The every-day essentials! In any case… I left it in the gym locker room. AHHHHHH! It was such a pain in the ass. I drove back there about two hours later and it was gone. Not in the Lost and Found or anything! What the fuck! Who steals someone’s toothbrush and their eye pencils? GROSS!

So I felt all lost and frazzled. I had to go get all new crap at Walgreens to go to San Francisco with. I felt really disoriented. Maybe it will turn up somehow.

But after all that nonsense, me and Brian Street Team got on the road and drove down (or up, actually) to San Francisco. It was a fun drive. California is a very pretty state.

Here are a few pics from the convention!

Here’s me and Kelly Chaos and Brian Street Team photo-bombing the picture!

Oh this is kinda funny; so I totally forgot the BurningAngel banner that we always hang up in the back of our booth – I left it at home! So here is the BurningAngel banner that Brian Street Team made on the fly! I think it’s a real masterpiece.

Here is me and Kelly Chaos in a photo that was over exposed, but I thought it looked kinda cool.

Here is me and the yogurt I ate in the morning.

Here is Brian Street Team getting a tattoo in his underwear. The tattoo he got was on his arm but, he decided that doing this sans pants would be a good idea.

Here is me and Ruthie “Ruthless” from “LA Ink”. I haven’t actually watched an episode that she has been on but…from what I gather, she and Kat have drama or something. I have no idea. But here she is!

Here is a tattoo I got: it’s a heart that says “Mom” in it – in Hebrew… because my mom is a Hebrew and all. I think it’s the perfect Passover present…don’t you?

I have these tattooed bows on the back of my legs that needed a little bit touching up. It was a good excuse to take my pants off and have BaBa put his head on my butt.

And that was that!


Joanna Angel

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posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 25, 2011


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Yesterday was kind of a boring day. A whole bunch of answering emails and catching up on some work I didn’t get to do while we were shooting.

I did, however, buy a new kind of Tea Tree Oil shampoo that is AWESOME. My hair feels great! I felt as though you should know this. I kinda smell like a candy cane. I like it!

I could take a bunch of photos of my hair…however…that might lead to you never reading my blog again.  So instead of that, I am sharing with you a little FREE CLIP from my female POV scene I did with Maven. A lot of you asked me to do a POV from the female point of view… so I thought many of you would appreciate this!

I know many of you have asked me to film a female POV with a guy – but um… I’m not gonna do that. That’s kind of weird. Then you would see nothing but a dude, and my pussy. That is far too much “dude” in the frame. As much as I like dudes….that’s just not what I want to see…sorry to all you girls/ gay men out there who want to watch really dude-centric porno. That’s just not my thing.

But anyways – enjoy your FREE PORN – here you go!

(If you would like to see the rest of the video – you can see it HERE!)

Oh yeah – and please come see me in SAN FRANCISCO THIS WEEKEND! I will be at the BODY ART EXPO in SAN FRANCISCO tonight (Friday) and all day tomorrow and Sunday.

All the info is here:

Show will be going on from Friday, March 25th thru Sunday, March 27th at The Cow Palace (2600 Geneva Avenue) in Daly City, CA for only $19/day! Showtimes are:

Friday: 2 PM – 11 PM
Saturday: 11 AM- 11 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 8 PM

And I’ll be at the BurningAngel booth the entire time!

For TICKETS, click HERE!

For a complete list of all exhibitors, click HERE (we’re under “Joanna Angel’s BurningAngels”)!

For more info on vendors, entertainment, accomodations, etc., click HERE!

And that’s it!

Joanna Angel

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I had sex with Danny Mountain!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 23, 2011


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Yesterday I totally got to have sex with Danny Mountain. I meant to take a picture, but I was too busy having sex to take a picture of the sex. I’m sorry! I don’t get to have as much sex as other porn stars, so I get a little too excited to do it and I forget about the rest of the world.

I should really fix that. Less work, more sex.

I also did a solo masturbation scene with a new dildo that I got at the warehouse show this weekend. Here I am with my new dildo.

Today is the last day of shooting the movie. The past two days were like, 12 hour days…today should be a short one. I am sure the rest of the crew wouldn’t agree, but I love the days we’re on set for a long time. They kinda feel like summer camp or something. Even though I have been doing this quite some time, I still find it fascinating that a group of people show up somewhere at 8 am with a bunch of different lights and outfits and stuff…and 10 hours later we have a bunch of awesome footage. Movie-making is rad.

And those are my deep thoughts for the day.


Joanna Angel

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