Las Vegas vacation with the Bouncing Souls, Jenna Haze, Deadmau5, LMFAO , and a chef from Top Chef

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 31, 2011


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This weekend I did something very strange. I actually took a vacation.  I went somewhere without any intention of doing anything work-related. These vacation things are pretty cool. I spent it in Las Vegas…the most awesomely cheesy and indulgent place on earth.

I don’t have that many photos because well…it was a vacation .

Coincidentally, The Bouncing Souls were playing in Vegas the same time I was there. I went to see them…it was incredible. I can’t believe how long they have been a band for and how awesome they still are. Their music is timeless! I was fortunate enough to stand on stage with them and it was a great experience.

Then I completely sold out punk and uh…went to a rave . I think it was a rave? I went to a club called Club XS (Excess) where a really popular dj I had never heard of called Deadmau5 was spinning (it’s pronounced “deadmouse ” but he spells his name with a number and not a letter because it’s futuristic and shit). I felt like an idiot for never hearing of him because this place was packed and sold out like 100 times over . I was only able to get in because I was there with Jenna Haze and another porn star named London Keys. They knew someone who was employed by the mouse who snuck us in.

Deadmau5 dresses like a big mouse and djs in that costume. Lots of people there were also dressed like mice and had glow-in-the-dark mouse ears and shit . When I was in high school, I got dragged to a rave and everyone there wore big pants and little shirts and big rings and odds and ends from Kids-R-Us around their necks. Today at raves, people dress like mice. It’s good to know that the fashion sense of this scene made just as much sense to me then as it does now . I did have a good time nonetheless.

(I did not manage to get a photo of the mouse because he was surrounded by about 5 thousand people, light sticks, other tall people dressed like mice, and a slew of body guards. However, I stole a picture from the internet somewhere so you could see what I am talking about if you are equally as out of touch as I was about this phenomenon. )

Then the next night I ate a 100 course meal at STK steak house. Not literally 100 courses, but it was a whole bunch of courses . This came to be because Jenna and I were asked to do a tasting and have it be filmed for an Internet tv show/blog called Food Invasion. The chef who prepared everything was named Steve Hopcraft and he was on “Top Chef” at some point. He didn’t win, but he got pretty far ! I don’t really care; all the food was awesome. I’m not a huge steak fan…I ate it anyways but I was a bigger fan of the truffled mushroom pot pie and the baked Mac and cheese . Yum!

And then as if that wasn’t enough indulgence, later on that evening I went to another party called “Party Rock ” which was DJed by the dude with the fro from lmfao . I think he’s pretty awesome and was a much bigger fan of his DJ skills than that of the mouse . The party was decorated with big pink microphones and shit everywhere . It was kinda like a bat mitzvah.

So yeah…it was eventful . Lots of food, dancing drinking and a little bit of punk. And Jenna Haze.

I should take these vacation things more than once every 8 years . Maybe every 6 should be a goal!


Now back to work .


Joanna Angel

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I got a new tattoo!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 27, 2011


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A guy by the name of Grant Cobb did it . He works at Bob Roberts’ shop in Hollywood . It’s a pretty famous shop in the world of tattooing.

It’s of the statue of liberty. I have so many tattoos of women on my body…it’s pretty crazy . This tattoo partially symbolizes how much I love New York , and partially how much I love chicks , and partially just being a strong iconic woman.

All in all, it’s a nice addition to my body.

My arm hurts!

Have a nice weekend everyone…and don’t forget to look for my vagina among these pics and all of my blog pics, from now until forever!


Joanna Angel

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My webcam show!!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 26, 2011


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Last night I did a webcam show! I am starting to get better at these things. They are kind difficult for me because it’s like, a one-man show. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I get really neurotic about all the angles of where the webcam is and stuff. I start masturbating, I get into it, then I look at the cam and I’m like “AHHHHHH ! CAN EVERYONE SEE WHAT THEY WANT? SHOULD I MOVE THE CAM? SHOULD I MOVE MYSELF? WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO????”

It’s hard being a one-man show!

Here’s a few screen caps from the show:

I don’t have a screen shot of this but, I did manage to get two BurningAngel vibrators in my ass at the same time. One large one and one small one. I don’t know if I could do the two large ones, that might be a bit much. I honestly really enjoyed it. At first I wanted the two dildos inside me just to see if I could do it, but after they were in, it felt quite good. I guess I like it when my ass is you know…stuffed. It feels pretty cool.

After the webcam show, I went out and ate a burger at Fat Burger. I didn’t want to eat dinner before my cam show for obvious reasons…and Fat Burger was one of the only places open by the time my show was over. I have been on this low-carb diet thing, so I have been eating burgers as of lately with lettuce wrapped around it, but I was so proud of myself for getting two toys in my ass that I celebrated by eating a burger WITH A BUN. I earned it. Right? Sometimes I just have to get wacky and eat a hamburger bun.


Joanna Angel

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I’m a mess.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 25, 2011


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I am a bit of a mess. Just being honest. I returned from Miami yesterday… after being out of town for 10 days. Three of the light bulbs in my place are out and I have no light bulbs. I guess I left a few on before I left. That wasn’t smart!

My car has some issues and was supposed to be done by the time I got home, but it is not…and in LA life is impossible without a car… so I can’t really go anywhere. And I have no trash bags, very little toilet paper, and nothing but a fridge full of rotting food. I am really backed up on work and don’t even want to think about unpacking. My place resembles that of a college kid’s at the moment.

I’m just kind of a mess. That’s all. I have barely any clean laundry, so today I walked around in these Dr. Seuss boxers . I don’t even know why I have them? I think some guy I randomly fucked at some point in my life left them at some place I used to live. I definitely never bought them. Nothing against Dr.Seuss, but I just never went shopping and thought “HOLY SHIT I HAVE TO BUY THESE!”.

I took a few photos in these awesome mysterious jizz-stained boxers. Do I wear them well?

Aside from the actual photo of my vagina, don’t forget to find my vagina somewhere in the photos!


Joanna Angel

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My new favorite chick: Rebel Wilson!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 24, 2011


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Today I will take a break from posting pictures of my ass, or tits, or pussy…and talk about someone else who has never gotten naked on camera.

Yesterday, on my plane ride home from Miami, I watched some episodes of Conan. I also watched a few episodes of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”…however, I have nothing to say about that. I don’t even know why I told you I was watching it. Don’t judge me. Ok?

I just wanna say that I was particularly inspired by the actress Rebel Wilson. She made an appearance on Conan and I must say, she was hilarious. I have not made it to see Bridesmaids yet but now I really want to. She has a really interesting back story – she was in law school, almost became a lawyer, then almost died of some terrible disease and while suffering from some kind of hallucination, she imagined winning an Oscar, and decided to give up law and become an actress instead. Considering her, um, large physique and not having any acting experience, I’m sure at the time everyone insulted her decision. However, it totally worked out in her favor!

She told some really funny anecdotes on Conan, stuff about Olivia Newton-John giving her weird vitamins, and Nicolas Cage having fake hair. She also admitted to knowing how to use nunchukus, and showed off her skills. I’m sure you have already seen this episode I am speaking of and none of this is exciting news to you. I just wanted to say that I thought she was really funny, and really smart…and she made my extremely hung over flight home from Miami really enjoyable. Rebel Wilson: if you are reading this, I would love to take you out for a drink one day!

Here is an article with a clip from the episode:

And…on another note…don’t forget to look for my VAGINA in every blog – hidden in one of the images…can you find it?!?


Joanna Angel

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