Happy Friday! I am in Reading, Pennsylvania.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 15, 2011


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I will say that everyone I have met here is incredibly nice. Like, everyone. Everyone at the strip club – both customers and staff – everyone at the hotel, everyone at the diner I went to last night and ate greasy breakfast food at after I danced…is just ridiculously nice. I travel to a lot of places and this treatment is not common. People here are so incredibly polite that I am starting to feel kind of like a bitchy person. I am not nearly as well-mannered as these Pennsylvania peeps!

Well yesterday, our infamous music reviewer – Chris Nieratko – came to see me dance. He handed me dollar bills with salad tongs as he sat by the stage. What a weirdo. After I took my panties off, he also picked those up with salad tongs and gave them to me. I asked what the hell he was doing, he said he was extremely concerned about anyone picking up my panties and contaminating themselves. I think I am going to send his wife an email and tell her what he has been using their salad tongs for!

He also asked me for a lapdance – to which I agreed,  and the entire time talked to me about his kids’ sinus problem, and the copious amounts of snot coming out of his nose and the comical things his kid does with this snot. It was…interesting.

Well here we are!

Oh yeah, and speaking of stripping, here is a little video of me and Jenna Haze dancing at the admiral last weekend. I hope we get to to it again soon. That was fun!

Jenna Haze & Joanna Angel – Admiral Theatre from RJO Photo on Vimeo.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I hope I get to see you in Reading.


Joanna Angel

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