Fast Food for breakfast and Krissie Dee’s First Scene!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 25, 2011


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Ugh – I have to stop eating fast food for breakfast. It’s disgusting! Now I feel like crap. I just can’t help it sometimes. When I’m up early in the morning, and I’m passing fast food places while I drive, all I can think is GREASY BREAKFAST SANDWICH!!! It seems like such a good idea at the time. There is like a big hole of grease in my stomach with a little Jack In The Box face on it. Yuck.

But in any case, yesterday we shot Krissie Dee in a BOY/GIRL sex scene for Just a few weeks ago, she did a girl/girl scene.. and she decided to do a little more! She is so beautiful. I’m so flattered that she wanted to do her first and only boy-girl sex scene for me! The craziest thing about this sex scene is that Krissie is married, and her husband was the only guy she ever had sex with – and her husband’s name happens to be James. Yesterday, Krissie had sex with James Deen for POV Punx.comthe second penis she ever had inside of her, also by the name of someone named James. Or at least his pseudo name is James. But whatever. I thought all this was pretty fascinating.  Here she is being…well…beautiful!

We also shot a scene with Tori Lux and Brian Street Team for Here is Tori right before her scene, with Krissie’s husband, James, photo-bombing the picture.

And here is Tori and Krissie – they BOTH have tattoos of phoenix’s on their backs. Crazy!!!

And here is Tori getting banged in the ass. Now penises in asses are cool and all but, seriously…let’s ignore the penetration for a second and look at her amazing shoes. I love them. I need to have them. They are kinda like boots and kinda like heels and they tie in the back. I am in love with those shoes.

And that’s all I have to say for today!

Have a happy Monday.

And stay away from the drive-thrus . It’s not a good idea!


Joanna Angel

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