Lexi Belle Painted my Boobs

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 31, 2012


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Lexi Belle has been shooting some kind of TV series called “7 minutes in heaven” where she does interviews with different porn stars. I am not sure when it will be airing, or even where it will be airing- but I do know that I really enjoyed being a guest there. She asked me about the last time I peed my pants, and had an interest on whether I had sex on my period or not. She can ask anyone just about anything with her high pitched voice, and her prep-school uniform like wardrobe.  . If I asked anyone about their urine in an interview, I would sound like a real creep.

In addition to asking me questions, she also put some finger paint on my boobs- then pressed an over-sized piece of paper against them, and hung it up on the wall. It was like an R rated version of arts and crafts, and I liked it.

Anyways- here I am with some finger-paint on my boobs!

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Presidential Debate Bang

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 30, 2012


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So, yesterday I shot a porno scene that was a spoof on the Presidential debates that took place at Hofstra University. In my version, the moderator “Candy” was an actual stripper, opposed to being a hideous woman with a stripper name.

I’m going to post the full scene next week on joannaangel.com just in time for the election. It’s funny, dirty and hopefully will inspire you to vote!

Here’s a few photos from set! Guess who is who!

Obama Biden Joanna Angel

Obama Biden Romney Ryan

Obama Biden Romney Ryan

Obama cock suck


Joanna Angel

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7 Second Delay on WFMU Radio Show Video

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 29, 2012


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So, I was asked to be part of a skit on the radio show7 Second Delay‘. Occasionally, I get asked to be involved with projects that do not involve my butt hole. I love doing stuff like this, it was a great time!

Below is the video, in case you’re interested.

And here is a photo of myself with the shows hosts Andy Breckman and Ken Freedman.

Joanna Angel


Joanna Angel

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San Francisco, Hollywood and Las Vegas this weekend!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 26, 2012


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Hey everyone

It’s been a really busy week! Ahhh!

If you are anywhere between California and Las Vegas I hope I can see you this weekend! Here is how to stalk me:

First of all TONIGHT in San Francisco I will be at the Castro Theater at 429 Castro Street for the Quickies Good Vibrations Erotic Short Film Competition. I cut a short version of Fuckenstein and entered it into this film festival, and it has made the finals! So all the finalists will be showing their short erotic films tonight at the theater and a panel of celebrity judges will pick their favorite. Come out and route for me! May the best short film win!!

If you don’t like short Erotic films and you don’t live near San Francisco, well, then come to Hollywood and get wasted and party with Jessie Lee at Angels and Kings at the Demon and Seamen Halloween Party!

And then on Saturday in Las Vegas- come find me at Mario Barths Tattoo Convention! Saturday October 27th, I will be appearing at Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo show on Earth at the Mirage Convention Center in Las Vegas! I will be signing at the Sapphire booth – #300A from 6pm to 8pm.

THEN I will be getting naked on stage and dancing at the AFTER PARTY at Sapphire Las Vegas! from 10pm till midnight, located at 3025 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV.

Call and a reserve a FREE LIMO from the Mirage and get FREE ADMISSION to the club! 702 303 3430

Are you taking notes? Get it? It’s a tattoo convention… and then an after party.Get a tattoo! Get a photo with me! Get married! It’s Vegas- anything can happen!


See you this weekend

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Handcuffs and Hairdye

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 25, 2012


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Sorry to write another blog entry about Chris Nieratko– I hope you don’t think I am obsessed with him. He read my blog yesterday and is now convinced I want to get in his pants. I happen to really enjoy having a male friend whose penis I have never seen. At this point in my life that’s rare.

In any case, Chris was intrigued by the fact that my sex toy line carries rubber hand/ankle cuffs. He asked me about them, and I told him it was good for people who want to try some light BDSM in the bedroom, because the cuffs can restrain you enough to have some kind of kinky sex, but they aren’t impossible to get out of . He liked the concept and in his exact words he wanted a pair to “rape his wife with.”

We tried to meet up last night but it just didn’t really work. I told him I would mail him a pair, but apparently his raping could not be put off for the amount of time it takes to mail something across the country. So this morning- a few hours before his flight,  I told him that I was going to get my hair done and I would bring the cuffs with me and that he could meet me at the hair salon and get them. I honestly did not think he would really show up considering how much men typically dislike women’s hair salons, combined with all the last minute bullshit that comes up before getting on a flight- I just didn’t think driving across Los Angeles to pick up a sex toy would fit into his plans for the day. However, my rubber cuffs apparently took some kind of priority in Chris Nieratko’s life. Just as I was sitting under the dryer waiting for my pink hair to turn slightly pinker, Chris showed up at the salon. He was in a rush, as my salon was about 20 minutes in the complete opposite direction from his hotel to the airport. He asked me for the cuffs- I told them they were in my car. I handed him the keys and began to explain where my car was parked in the large parking lot at the salon, along with a description of the bag in my car (to differentiate between the other 6 bags of various things in my car) in which the cuffs were in, and then stopped myself and realized this was going to be a lot easier if I just did this myself. So I told my hairdresser to give me a minute while I ran out to my car.

And then, the most twisted looking drug deal-esque thing of all time ensued as I grabbed a pair of rubber hand cuffs from my Escalade with hair dye settling in my hair, and he handed me some money. It looked something like this:

Just another day in the life!


Joanna Angel

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