Lexi Belle Painted my Boobs

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 31, 2012


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Lexi Belle has been shooting some kind of TV series called “7 minutes in heaven” where she does interviews with different porn stars. I am not sure when it will be airing, or even where it will be airing- but I do know that I really enjoyed being a guest there. She asked me about the last time I peed my pants, and had an interest on whether I had sex on my period or not. She can ask anyone just about anything with her high pitched voice, and her prep-school uniform like wardrobe.  . If I asked anyone about their urine in an interview, I would sound like a real creep.

In addition to asking me questions, she also put some finger paint on my boobs- then pressed an over-sized piece of paper against them, and hung it up on the wall. It was like an R rated version of arts and crafts, and I liked it.

Anyways- here I am with some finger-paint on my boobs!

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