Red Dragons!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 30, 2012


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I made another visit to the Ellis show the other day. When I am there, I feel like we are all part of one odd dysfunctional radio family. I like it!

Here I am in the studio, with Jason Ellis in the background.

Here is a Red Dragons wooden thing I found there, and I asked if I could have it. I decided it would be a nice early birthday present for myself! No one in the studio seemed to mind so, it’s mine now. I’m going to hang it up in my guest bathroom, so everyone who comes over can always think about Jason Ellis when they pee.

The “bit” on the show entailed me getting a blindfolded lap-dance from everyone there, and I had to decide who it was who dry-humped me. Originally I thought I would kick ass at this game, but I actually guessed almost everyone wrong. Apparently you can not judge a man by their lap-dance.

The most um… interesting dance I received was from Kevin Kraft– he actually invested in a stripper thong and he rubbed his bare ass on my chest. I actually never knew Kevin that well. He is kind of awkward around me, so hopefully this broke some ice!

Annnnnd Here is me and Jason. We look very 90’s with my plaid flannel top and his Kurt Cobain shirt. We did not plan this! It just kinda happened.


Joanna Angel

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Sushi Girl Premiere!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 28, 2012


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Last night, a friend of mine who does movie reviews for a bunch of important magazines invited me to go to the premiere of Sushi Girl. I watched the trailer and saw a really hot naked girl (Cortney Palm) and a whole bunch of stabbing and fighting, so I gladly agreed to the invite!

Sushi Girl

The premiere was at the infamous Chinese Theater. I had never been to a premiere there before and I wasn’t sure what to wear. I decided to go casual because I wasn’t IN the movie and I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard or something. After all – I was just going to see a movie, right?

Sushi Girl Premiere

But man…. The fashion show that existed at that movie was pretty insane! People who were merely guests of guests wore designer ball gowns and heels, and most men were in suits and tuxes. I felt kind of awkward and under-dressed and strange, and I kind of felt like everyone was pointing and laughing at the fact that my jacket and jeans were both from Forever 21. Stupid Hollywood!!!

Sushi Girl Premiere

Aside from all that, the movie was pretty good. It was extremely violent! I flinched a bunch of times and could barely watch the screen. At times the dialogue dragged on a bit, but it’s still worth watching. Oh yeah, and Mark Hamill stars in it! Yeah: LUKE FUCKING SKYWALKER!! The crowd screamed and cheered as soon as he was on screen and it was pretty cool. I tried to get a photo with him after the premiere, but he was swamped with a hoard of nerds of all different ages throwing all sorts of Star Wars paraphernalia at him to sign. He’s definitely a celebrity that even other celebrities get nervous around! Quite frankly, I thought he was the best part of the movie… His role is quirky and he played it well. Him and the hot naked girl made my awkward evening all worth while!

Oh, and you should totally watch the trailer!


Joanna Angel

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An Evening with Neil Strauss, Todd Fink and his sexy wife.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 27, 2012


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Last week I got to appear on a really interesting podcast hosted by one of my favorite authors- Neil Strauss. He is the author of The Dirt– which is the biography of Motley Crue. Neil’s show is like a roundtable discussion with a few different people – and we all drank some booze and ate some food and talked about some intense shit. I don’t really know how else to describe it!

The other people on the show were all different musicians. It was Todd Fink from The Faint, Orenda Fink from Azure Ray and a billion other bands (also Todd’s wife), and Tom Holkenborg from Junkie XL. I was honored to be part of the group! Reading The Dirt really changed my life, and The Faint was one of my favorite bands in my early 20’s.

Orenda had no idea who I was, and Todd was fully aware of who I was. It was a bit of an awkward moment when that was admitted on the show. I know that there are a lot of dudes out there who jerk off to me and don’t tell their ladies about it (which is unfortunate but I am not here to judge the way people have their relationships) but I’m usually not in front of them when the lady finds out, and I am usually not a huge fan of the culprit’s band. I felt bad for Orenda- but really flattered that Todd liked my porn! I was a little torn here.

So, I tried to smooth all this awkwardness over by flirting with Orienda as much as possible. She is extremely beautiful, and talented- and we actually have a few similar physical traits so it’s obvious that her husband has awesome taste in women. I told her I would have sex with her when her man goes away on tour, and then we can all be even. I think she thought I was joking but I wasn’t!!

In any case, it was a really interesting night to say the least.

You can listen to Neil’s show here . I believe my episode is somewhere in the archived episodes somewhere! If you are a subscriber to Sirius Radio I think you can figure it out.


joanna angel

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Cyber Monday!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 26, 2012


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Cyber Monday

I decided it would be best to have a super-awesome sale on my DVDs, because I love you all so very much! 10 of my DVDs are available to you at 50% off! How cool is that?!

Now here’s a small preview of what you can get your hands on:

Joanna and Skin

“Ohhh, does this package come with the Cyber Monday deal?!”
From Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore

Joanna and Asphyxia

When Asphyxia and I think about Cyber Monday, we touch each other.
From Joanna Angel Breaks ‘Em In

Joanna, Asphyxia, Brittany, and Gabriella

There will be hot dogs on Cyber Monday! And hamburgers. And bangin’.

From Joanna Angel’s Cumtastic Cook-Out

Joanna and Sasha

“Hey. Wanna Cyber Monday with with the star of one season of Entourage? I know I do!”

From Butt Sex Bonanza

Joanna and Some Nice Dudes

Move over, Snow White. You can even get ME and the Seven (or Eight) Dudes this Cyber Monday!

From Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore

So um, YEAH! Go to the BurningAngel STORE and buy lots of stuff! You deserve it.


Joanna Angel

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Here’s More Pics From Set!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 21, 2012


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Yesterday I got to fuck the BurningAngel OG, Dana DeArmond, in a very fun lesbian scene for

Me and Dana

It was some of the best sex I ever had on camera and it involved a lot of giggling and feet inside my pussy! It was fucking awesome.

Me and Dana

And then there was a whole bunch of other hot lesbian sex that went on – I shot a scene with a really cute BurningAngel newbie named Sierra Cure (@sierracure). You’re all gonna love her! I don’t have photos of the hotness from my scene with her so I guess you’ll have to just wait to you see it.


Sierra also did a really awesome looking scene with Asphyxia Noir at night time on a rooftop.

Sierra and Asphyxia

The girls were both really cold and kinda wanted to kill me, but I really thought the nighttime LA skyline and their vaginas all looked so beautiful that I made them put their cold feelings aside for the sake of…. uh, art. Once they started fucking, they warmed right up anyways!

Asphyxia and Sierra

Then after a few days of shooting some great porn, we all went to the Skanksgiving event at the Viper Room. Here’s me, Sierra Cure, Karmen Karma, Veruca James and Jessie Lee – a medley of pink, black, and blonde hair all out for a night of debauchery. If you look closely, you can see some of our panties… (Not like you haven’t seen all of our vaginas, but it’s still exciting!)

Me and the Girls

And that was a wrap!!!


Joanna Angel

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