Exxxotica: Ft. Lauderdale!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 31, 2013


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Hello everyone! I’m in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for Exxxotica this weekend! I’ll be signing at the CLUB SPOTLIGHT booth, and TONIGHT, I am hosting a seminar regarding one of my favorite topics: butt sex! It’s called “UP FRONT ABOUT THE BACKDOOR: ALL ABOUT ANAL SEX” and it’s from 6:45pm-7:15pm in Seminar Area A!!

Here’s the info for my signing times at the Club Spotlight booth:
Friday from 6pm – 10pm (with a break for the anal sex seminar)
Saturday from 2pm – 8pm
Sunday from Noon – 5pm

Come have some fun with me! See you there!

Joanna Angel

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Happy Memorial Day!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 24, 2013


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Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I am going to spend my Sunday and Monday deep throating hot-dogs and having them jizz on my face with mustard.

If you find this kind of all American stuff sexy then you should go and purchase a copy of Joanna Angel’s Cumtastic Cookout– or at least, just watch the trailer . It’s a great way to celebrate your patriotism!!!


Joanna Angel

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Hello New Jersey – Here Is My Ass!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 23, 2013


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What a crazy week! It was like a big whirlwind of traveling. A few days in Jersey dancing at a strip club, a few days in NYC showing porn at SHAG and eating lots of pizza, and then a stop in Seattle for the premiere of Scrapper.

Now I am back in Los Angeles and I don’t want to get out of bed.

While in NY I did a photo-shoot in the most expensive “apartment” I have ever seen. I put that in quotes because it was 4 stories, and anything with stairs – let alone 4 sets of stairs should not really be called an apartment anymore. It was somewhere in Tribeca – near the Holland Tunnel. It was a rented location for the day, I am not sure who the owner of the place was but I am pretty sure it was Scarface.

I could see New Jersey from the private roof-top . I was naked in New York, looking at New Jersey (saying hello to my little friends!).

It was a nice way to spend my last day on the east coast.

Joanna Angel

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East Coast Fun and SHAG Party!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 16, 2013


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It’s good to be back on the East Coast! The weather is beautiful here! I am able to wear light jackets and little sweaters and tank tops. It’s awesome! There is only about 10 nice days outside here in New York City and I have experienced at least three of them, and it’s awesome.

I have been eating bagels, and taking the subway, and both these things make me very happy.

Last night I had an event at SHAG – a little boutique adult store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I love this store- and it’s owner but a very beautiful and very intelligent woman named Sam. I remember when the store just opened and it’s doing quite well now and I am very happy for her. I am not saying this as some kind of advertisement – I swear. The store feels incredibly girly, and the decor is very tactful, and they carry the best sex toys and lingerie in the area. It’s important for hipsters to have a place to buy pretty butt plugs!!!

In any case, at the event I screened one of my favorite BurningAngel releases – Baristas. I spent so much time working on the script and the production of this movie and I never quite get to see people’s responses while watching it. I cut a version of the movie where all the sex scenes were just about 2 minutes long, and the plot was kept in its entirety. I can’t tell you how incredible it made me feel to see a room full of people watch the movie , and laugh at the humorous parts and clap at the ending- and be silent and awkward through the boning! It’s fun to see my own pornos on a somwhat big screen.

And Kleio was there!

Oh yeah- and PBR was generous enough to have donated a bunch of FREE BEER to the event. I think it made watching the sex scenes far less awkward.

Well I am about to head down to New Jersey to dance at Bourbon Street in Sayreville for two nights- and then Centerfolds in Neptune on Saturday.

If me being there doesn’t excite you – well then maybe you should be aware of the fact that BON JOVI was born in Sayreville NJ. So, if he happens to be visitng some old friends this weekend maybe he will stop in.


joanna angel

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Time Flies and Kinky Stuff!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 10, 2013


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Happy Friday everyone!

Man. Life is just going by so fast! I can’t believe it’s almost summer again. I feel like Christmas was last week. I just want to push pause on life sometimes – everything is happening too fast!

I have a few behind the scenes photos from set I would like to share with you! You can look forward to seeing all of this content turn into real photos that were not taken on an Iphone in the somewhat near future.

First of all – I did shoot a few kind of kinky BDSM scenes. It’s nothing too extreme: I did get flogged with some whips and paddles (one which was so generously donated to me by Flogger Knows Best), and I had some candle wax drip on me, and you know.. stuff like that?

I suppose to a girl who has only had sex in the missionary position her whole life, this could be considered extremely kinky – and perhaps be illegal in certain states in the Mid-west. However, compared to some of the really intense BDSM out there in porno land, what I did was quite vanilla. So I suppose eventually you will see the content and you can decide for yourself how kinky or not kinky you find it.

I did get myself a sexy corset and collar from Stockroom – it was incredibly tight . I enjoyed wearing it – but I also thoroughly enjoyed taking it off and breathing again when I was done!

(I am also not sure why it looks like one boob is running away from the other boob)

I played around with latex for the first time in my life (yeah it’s weird for me to have first times at this stage of my life, but I did!) and I really enjoyed that. Both myself and Aiden Ashley dressed up in tight latex outfits and we had a lot of fun.

Aiden is so beautiful, and she was so much fun to have sex with.

We had great chemistry! I can’t wait for this scene to come out. It was really unique and fun.

Well yeah. Now you are caught up on my newest sexual exploits. Hope you all have a good weekend – exploring your own kinky fantasies!


Joanna Angel

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