Fashion advice from Lindsay Hearts

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 31, 2013


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About a year ago I met Lindsay Hearts through her girlfriend Nikki Hearts. Lindsay makes  awesome clothing for BurningAngel girls to wear and take off a few moments later in our porn movies. Aside from her skills as a clothing designer her skills also include being a good friend of mine. Our friendship unique. She has seen me naked and watched me fuck many times. Alternately, I have never seen her naked and I have DEFINITELY have yet to see her have sex.

Lindsay styled my last photo shoot with Lisa Boyle. Lisa thought the dynamic between Lindsay and I was so cute she couldn’t help but photograph us. I thought the photos summed up our relationship quite well.

Naked Cell Phone Photos on A bed

Here’s a brief interview with me and Lindsay via text message:

me: Hey Lindsay, what is your favorite color?

LH: Metallic Purple.

me: How do you feel about big penises?

LH: Oh gawd.



Wait- real or silicone ?

me: Haha. Ok. Can you tell me what staple items girls should have in their wardrobe for the summer time ?

LH: Every girl needs a pair of open toe wedge heels. Something with ankle support. A bikini top that you can wear as a bra underneath all your clothes, and bright colored lipstick to wear to contrast your huge sunglasses.

me: What about guys

LH: I don’t know… Just don’t wear flip flops. Ever. Unless maybe it’s to a water park. There are no excuses. Flip flops on men are inexcusable.

me: That’s a good point.

Well there you have it!


Joanna Angel

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Generations of Rancid

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 29, 2013


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This past weekend I saw The Transplants and Rancid in Pomona, California! The show was so good I’m going to see them tonight in San Diego . I love watching Rancid play, they give me warm fuzzies inside.

As I grow older I appreciate Rancid in a different way. I thought it was cool seeing new and old Rancid fans spanning many ages having so much fun. As I stood backstage, I saw several people I knew who were about 5 years older than me in the DMS crew. Some of them were there with their kids, who seemed to enjoy Rancid as well. I went there with Nikki Hearts and Kleio– Nikki is 21 years old and loves Rancid and listened to them growing up, just like I did and I’m 32. In  the vicinity that I was in I saw four different generations of people who listened to Rancid. My point is, Rancid is timeless and they fucking rule.

(this photo is not from the show- it’s from a scene on where they were all non-sex roles )

Me, Kleio and Nikki Hearts

Rancid doesn’t light anything on fire,  they don’t wear any kind of coordinating outfits, they get on stage and play punk rock – just like they did the first time I saw them in 1995 !

Not sure which generation to blame for the messy bathroom. All the punk rockers did some damage with the toilet paper.



Joanna Angel

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The Sex Awards!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 25, 2013


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Hey guys! As some of you might have heard, there’s a brand new porn awards show called THE SEX AWARDS, produced by AVN Media Network and the X3Sixty Network – and the really great thing about it is that the winners are all based on FAN voting (yes, that’s YOU!). It’s also going to be broadcast on SHOWTIME next January, so you can see all the porno madness in its glory! And guess what – we were nominated for just about everything! BurningAngel and myself LOVES sex, and I think it shows! haha

Here’s our nominations!!

Porn Star of the Year
Joanna Angel

Sexiest Adult Star
Joanna Angel

Hottest Sex Scene
Evil Head – Joanna Angel, Tommy Pistol & Danny Wylde
Festival of Cocks – Joanna Angel Chaunukah Eight-Person Gang Bang
Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore – Joanna Angel, Skin Diamond & Ramon Nomar
School of Black Cock – Indigo Augustine, Sean Michaels & Tee Reel

Hottest Adult Stud
Brian Street Team & Tommy Pistol both received nominations! So proud =)

Adult Movie of the Year
Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore

Adult Parody of the Year
Evil Head


Favorite Adult Website

Porn’s Best Body
Kleio Valentien

Favorite Porn Star Website
Joanna Angel (

Webcam Girl of the Year

Favorite Director

Joanna Angel

Porn’s Perfect Screen Couple (Boy/Girl)
Joanna Angel & Tommy Pistol (awwwww! haha)

Voting has already commenced, and lasts thru August 25th, so hurry and cast your votes! Vote from your computer! Vote from your phone! Vote from your xbox! Vote from ALL THE DEVICES!!!! Thanks everyone for taking time to vote for us!!!

Joanna Angel

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Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with Lisa Boyle

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 24, 2013


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Hey all,
This weekend I had a photo shoot with former Playboy model turned photographer, Lisa Boyle!  You might not be able to tell from the back of her head in the photos below, but she is quite beautiful and talented. Lisa shot me for a non-porn magazine many years ago called Racket, recently we crossed paths so we got together and shot some stuff. I will post the photos on soon!

Here are a few Behind The Scenes shot!

***I would like to point out that I have been running several miles a day and eating boring food, so I hope you’re pleased with my improved physique!  It’s hard to stay in shape at my ripe old age!

Have a good night!


Joanna Angel

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Balls To The Wall

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 23, 2013


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*****Update, I just found the video online of the ball crush

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being MIA! The past few months have been really crazy and in case you haven’t noticed, and completely relaunched! If you haven’t checked them out yet you should. Everything loads faster and works better! It’s still in a “soft launch” phase because shit is being fixed but you should definitely check them out.

In more exciting news, I dropped a bowling ball on sideshow performer, Sanjula Vamana, balls in Chicago at the Exxxotica after party at the Live Wire Lounge. Am I joking? No! It was kind of traumatizing and fun at the same time. Before the bowling ball drop Sanjula Vamana did all sorts of torturous acts to himself on stage, since I take multiple cocks in my body people seem to think I am an some kind of hardcore bitch that enjoys watching people get tortured, but, I am really not! I get squeamish quite easily!  I love horror but I watch extreme gore with my eyes half open. I am sorry if this piece of truth disappoints you.

SO, on stage Sanjula pierced himself, walked on nails and glass, stapled objects to his chest and various other acts that the gave the old Jewish grandma inside of me a damn near panic attack. Unbeknownst to me, I was called on stage to partake in one of his acts. Sanjula was extremely charming and eager to have me inflict pain on him I couldn’t say no, also, I did not want to hurt the man’s feelings, particularly after he just pierced his balls and hung a brick off them. So, I stood on a chair as he placed a plate( like a plate you eat food off of!) on his crotch and he requested  I drop a bowling ball on the plate. I was in pain by simply holding the bowling ball , due to it’s weight. I could not even fathom the pain of having it dropped on my genitals. While I was on the chair all I could think of  was how this is going to be the one act that puts him over the edge, like, this bowling ball is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back (or balls) after hundreds of performances, and I will have to live with the guilt of ruining a mans penis. As someone who needs penises to make a living it seems horribly immoral to take someone else’s away. SO, the crowd counted down and I dropped the ball as instructed! The plate broke and I saw blood through his shorts. I almost fainted, but he assured me it was just the plate that cut his thigh. I suppose that was some kind of relief.



In any case, it was a really fun ending to a really fun weekend. Chicago is a great place to eat, great place to party and a great place to break someone’s balls.

Kleio, Rizzo, Johnny White and myself on our way to the party.

Here is another photo I wanted to throw in!

Sidney Scarlet, Rizzo Ford, Me and Kleio at the BurningAngel booth in Chicago.


Joanna Angel

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