Mile High Holidays!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 27, 2013


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I’m a weird sucker for the Christmas. I’m not sure why – I know it’s stupid, I know all the hoopla that surrounds it is just some propaganda to spend money excessively, but I buy into it. I like buying people little gifts, I definitely like receiving gifts – I even like receiving gift baskets filled with chocolates and canned cheeses I will never eat, and I really like the seasonal flavors at Starbucks. Yeah, I even enjoy Christmas carols – particularly ones sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks…. and of course, Mariah Carey.

I don’t even celebrate Christmas, (since I am a Jew and all ) so maybe that’s why I like it so much. I never had a Christmas tree and the day to me was always just my birthday, but nonetheless there is something very comforting and heartwarming about it.

In any case, my birthday/Christmas this year was lovely. I don’t feel a day older and I felt warm and fuzzy inside because I am so thankful to have everything I have. I faced a lot of really dark times in my 20’s, (that maybe if given the chance I will write about in a book some day) and I am so happy those times are behind me. Being older is awesome – I don’t miss anything about being young at all!

In any case, this year on my birthday aside from eating excessive amounts of mac and cheese (that is my all time favorite “cheat day” food) I was taken on a romantic airplane trip by my one and only small handed love. I know, I fly a ton of planes – but those are planes that are meant to take you from point A to point B. This plane was very small, and we just went up the coast of San Diego. It was really beautiful! Yes, here on the west coast we are total assholes and we spend Christmas in 80 degree weather – so the view was clear and perfect. With the plane being so small and all I felt like I was literally flying in the sky.

I know where your mind is going. There is a mile high club joke somewhere in here and yes, I would have loved to fuck on this little airplane but it really was very small and it would have been extremely impolite to the pilot.

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!

Also, please go and vote for me and BurningAngel and my girls and boys at if you love us! 😀



Thank you!!!!

Joanna Angel

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Live On Vivid Radio Tonight!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 26, 2013


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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a nice time celebrating my birthday! Haha, I did!

Anywho – I will be LIVE on Vivid Radio tonight from 5-6pm PST! Sirius XM channel 102! You can call in with all your interesting/sexy/weird/fun questions! 855.99.VIVID!




Joanna Angel

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Happy Friday Everyone!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 20, 2013


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Today, some exciting stuff hit the internet: my very own ass Fleshlight came out, along with a “signature texture” for both my ass and my pussy!

The “texture” is the inside of my Fleshlight (you know – it’s exactly like the inside of my ass and pussy) and the scientists in the vagina lab(ia) in at the Fleshlight headquarters in Texas designed a texture that was based off my personality. Up until now, I only had a “lotus” texture available for my vagina, which I know is still pretty cool, but you can get other Fleshlights with a lotus texture. However, my new textures are specific to me, and your penis won’t be able to get this sensation any other way. I know, I sound like a big advertisement but this is pretty exciting stuff for me!

So my pussy mold has a texture called “Misfit”, which I find pretty funny. Had 16-year-old-me known that the inside of my vagina would be named after my favorite band, the experience of me dancing to Die Die My Darling in my ripped fishnets would’ve been completely different. My ass is called “Punk”.

There’s a joke here somewhere about calling me a “punk ass” but I can’t quite figure out how to word it, haha.

Anyway – here’s what they look like!


If you order them now you just might be able to cum in one for Christmas. Click here to order!


And don’t forget to join me for my LIVE WEBCAM SHOW on Monday, 12.23, on! Click here for more info.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend – stay away from the mall and try to stay warm!!

Joanna Angel

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Joanna and the Gigolos – Recording New Shit!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 19, 2013


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So, I feel pretty awkward saying I am in a band considering we only have one song out. But whatever! I suppose if you have one porno out you can call yourself a porn star and if you graduate law school you can call yourself a lawyer… so for all intents and purposes, I am in a band.

The one and only song we have is “Gimme some Pants” which was made for Band Sluts. We are now in the editing process of a very goofy Grindhouse style movie we shot a few months ago called “Shark Bait” – and I thought a new song would be appropriate for this movie. The title of the song is called “Fish Food”. It’s a song about being at the beach and getting eaten by a shark. It’s some real heavy emotional shit!

My “Gigolos” are “Small Hands” – my partner in crime and life, who occasionally puts his penis in me on camera, and he also occasionally plays in Fenix TX, and Chris Lewis- who is a steady member of Fenix TX. On this particular song, I had Hayden Scott- former drummer of Awolnation playing drums! Hayden also plays with Fenix TX sometimes…. Chris recommended we use him and it all just kinda worked out. It was a real honor to have him play on this goofy song! On Gimme some Pants we just used drum machines so this song is really gonna sound badass. Hayden is such a talented crazy musician- he lives out in the middle of the desert with no TV and no internet or anything and basically eats, sleeps, and breathes drums. I loved working with him he was a real pro!

I know my voice isn’t perfect but I will say I really do love singing. Recording this song was exhilarating, and eventually I hope we have a whole album…. maybe we can play even play a show one day. It’s a new creative medium for me and I am having a lot of fun with it.

Anyways- here is a sneak peek! It’s kinda like a Runaround Sue type song- silly and cute and 50’s doo-wop style.

Joanna Angel

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Holiday Webcam Show Monday 12.23!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 18, 2013


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Hey everybody! I have a LIVE WEBCAM SHOW on my site, this upcoming Monday!! It’s at a special early time, so I hope to see some new people hanging out and having fun with me!

Joanna Angel LIVE SEX SHOW

9pm EST, 6pm PST!!!

It’s going to be holiday themed, of course. GO ELF YOURSELF! Hahahaha! See you there!



Joanna Angel

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