101 Uses For My Fleshlight!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 28, 2014


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One day I’m going to make a huge list of the many uses for my toys (of which I am sure there are 101), but for now I will just assign them random numbers, haha! Here is use #76 for my official Joanna Angel fleshlights:


Yeah! Put my pussy or ass in a plush sex doll! A poster on the Fleshlight forum told me I should know what one of my “freaky” fans was up to with this pic, but I think it’s super creative and it rules!! “Freaky” is something I relate to, they are my people and I love this! Except that it should have been a pink and black bikini. Blue bikini, who wears that?

Also I want to know where one gets those plush dolls for… science? I wonder if there’s one with a space for a butthole… ooooh, use #29! =)



Joanna Angel



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TBT – Band Sluts!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 27, 2014


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It’s Throwback Thursday! Remember that time Tommy Pistol and I were in a hilariously tragic hipster band?


We never did make it to “Coachello,” but my movie Band Sluts DID win Best Comedy at AVN this year!

That awesome song you hear in the trailer? That’s my band Joanna Angel and the Gigolos’ song Gimme Some Pants, which should have won best song at AVN, just saying! 😉 You can get it on iTunes by clicking here.

And we actually did make a music video for it, and that’s posted here on the BurningAngel Youtube page. If you think that’s catchy, wait till you hear my new song Fish Food.

Arabelle Raphael actually played a hot business-owning belly dancer named Johnny Falafel in Band Sluts, where she makes the infidel hipster (Tommy) give her his seed. The whole scene was hysterical. But that’s not really why I’m mentioning Arabelle today – it’s also happens to be her BIRTHDAY!! YAY ARABELLE!



You are the tits, Arabelle! Happy Birthday!!!!!


Joanna Angel

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Chelsea Grinds!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 26, 2014


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This weekend, in addition to shooting vampire stuff, we also shot a BurningAngel newbie named Chelsea Grinds!


Hi there!

She’s got cute short orange hair and she’s very quirky and funny… And a total bisexual slut! She loves cock and she loves pussy. She worked with Tommy Pistol, and also did a scene with Phoenix Askani.


They wore latex dresses that we got from stockroom.com (so hot, thank you!) in their scene and they looked amazing in them. Unlike a lot of burningangel girls, both Chelsea and Phoenix are pretty tall, so I specifically got them dresses that showed off their tall and slender bodies.


They looked fucking awesome with and without the dresses!


Welcome, Chelsea!!! You will be seeing her bone in the very near future 🙂

ALSO, I had to reschedule my LIVE WEBCAM SHOW last night because of stupid LA traffic! I will be on TONIGHT at BurningAngel.com/en/chat at 6pm-7pm PST (9-10pm EST!). Wanna play? =)

Joanna Angel

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Vampires, Oh My!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 25, 2014


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I always said I was strictly a zombie person. But i decided to think outside my horror movie box and venture into making a Vampire movie. Not just a Vampire movie, but a Cheerleader Vampire movie! Does that excite you? I hope so! Because it excited me.


Guess who my squad was?! Some of your most favoritest BurningAngel girls, of course! Jessie Lee, Veronica Layke (she is still a newbie, and she’s really awesome!), Krissie Dee and Draven Star!



Aren’t they just the sweetest lil’ bloodsuckers you ever did see? Vampires… with SPIRIT!

And I also added a werewolf to the cast as well. It was like Buffy, Teen Wolf, and Bring it On all mixed together, with lots of sex. Go team Angel!


Yes, Tommy Pistol is my werewolf! Small Hands is such a handsome tattooed jock. Yum.


Jessie and Tommy-Wolf get silly!

I am really excited about this movie. Not sure when it will be out but- some scenes will start to go on the internet in the near future.



Just a little sample of Jessie Lee, Draven Star, and Seth Gamble’s threeway together. Wonder if it ends well for him…!


Just an average day on the BurningAngel set.



Things maybe get just a little bloody!

I love my job. It gives me the ability to pretend I am like 15 years younger than I actually am. And I really do love having sex in pigtails. it’s fucking awesome.



Haha. Okay, I am off to my radio show at Vivid, and don’t forget I have a WEBCAM SHOW tonight LIVE on BurningAngel.com, 6pm-7pm PST!!!!

Joanna Angel

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Dogelight Galactica!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 21, 2014


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Omg, wow. Very space. Reach for ur stars. Beyond infinity!


So last week, I made a Valentine’s day themed fleshlight Friday photoshop and it got flagged on instagram. I was really upset about it! So this week, I decided to give you a little something special, and the result was dogelight galactica. I think that’s pretty special. No fake body parts to get anyone into trouble today! Hahah, I’m really into this doge meme thing. Anywho, you can go here to order my pussy and/or butthole fleshlight with my signature texture: tinyurl.com/JAfleshlight

Also I have a LIVE WEBCAM SHOW on BurningAngel.com this upcoming TUESDAY February 25th from 6pm PST-7pm PST (9pm-10pm EST)! Tuesday is also the day of my weekly radio show on Vivid Radio called LEWD, SCREWED, & TATTOOED!


Well I have to go shoot some new scenes for BurningAngel. We’re going to rock and roll in Krissie Dee’s butthole, among other things, and it’s gonna be so awesome!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Joanna Angel

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