Coming Soon – Ronda ArouseMe

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 31, 2015


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Well – it was suggested to me several times to make a UFC-themed porno – and this weekend, I did!

I feel like a bit of a poser here because I honestly didn’t even know about the female division of the UFC until a few months ago when Jason Ellis was talking about an upcoming fight while I was on his radio show. He showed me who Ronda Rousey was – and a few things came to mind – one, that woman is awesome. Two – she kind of looks like Kleio.

So the wheels started turning in my brain – and with the help of the BurningAngel staff photographer being a huge MMA fan (Lorenzo Mar – aka “Swollen Knuckles”) we made this movie happen.

It will be cumming soon to an Internet near you! (on of course)

Kleio played Ronda ArouseMe

20150731_2  20150731_4

And then Sammie Six played “Meisha Taint” (a parody of Meisha Tate – a defeated opponent to Ronda)

20150731_5 20150731_6 20150731_7

And Arabelle – well – she was there to fuck the ref (Mo the Monster) to try to fix the fight. It all makes sense in the movie – you’ll see!

20150731_8 20150731_9

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


And Ronda – kick some ass tomorrow!!!

Joanna Angel

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Throwback Thursday – Fucking Copycats!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 30, 2015


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Unf. Annie Cruz and Taurus Angel are SO hot when they’re angry. My advice to you – unless you don’t want to have a girl fight that leads to a hot fingerbanging, lesbian licking good time – never dress in the same outfit for a night of debauchery.

Check out Fucking Copycats in full at! Enjoy your Throwback Thursday. I’m gonna film some more porn!


Joanna Angel



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Street Punxxx!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 28, 2015


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I thought we needed to go back to our BurningAngel roots for a minute – and I came up with this cute movie about street punks living in a squat and saying FUCK YOU to the man!! Here’s a couple photos from our set, with more to come later!

The squat –


It’s acceptable to eat the rich, even if you’re a vegan punk.

Kelsi Lynn got in on this action, and really – we can’t get enough of her punk rock pussy!

20150728_2 20150728_3

Meet newbie Amelia Dire! More on her in the future (and hopefully me on her. I love being me because I get to bang all the hottest chicks in the world).


And then there’s this punk ass – Small Hands, playing the role of “Dirty Fingers” ahahahahah. He’s all sorts of precious in the bullet belt.

20150728_5 20150728_6

You guys are gonna love this movie. More to come soon! Keep your eyes peeled and your pants unzipped =)


Joanna Angel

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Coming Out Like A Porn Star

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 24, 2015


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Hello everyone!

I am so happy to announce that I took part in an awesome project, and wrote a chapter in Jiz Lee’s Coming Out Like A Porn Star. It’s not about the traditional “coming out” that most people think of – it’s about porn stars and their relationships with their parents, and how we “came out” to them them about our jobs. I had a lot of fun writing my chapter – it’s all about how BurningAngel started, and how ironically the unconditional love I had from my strict religious extremely NOT open minded parents got me through everything. It’s certainly not your typical porn story – or even your typical mother daughter relationship story. I look forward to all of you reading this and I really look forward to reading the chapters of the other amazing contributors.

Here’s a short passage from my chapter!

…I went downstairs to the basement to watch some music. It was a local band I’d always liked. The lead singer was a girl who was in the women’s studies department at Rutgers. Before her set she gave long speech about sexual abuse, and how it was tied to porn, and then in a nutshell she said that porn had no place in the music scene. My heart stopped. Was she directing this at me? Or did she just happen to choose today to air her grievances about pornography? Did she know that this was my basement she was singing in? Did she know how many shifts at Applebees I had to work to afford my $220 portion of the rent, which included basement access? The next band played, and before their set, they dedicated a song to “a certain girl who stands up for what she believes in.” Was that who I was now? A girl who believed in being naked on the internet? What the hell had I gotten myself into?

I ran up the three flights of stairs to my bedroom and shut the door. I panicked on my Ikea twin bed, and the walls seemed like they were closing in on me. (Okay, so maybe the pot brownie had a little to do with that, too.) I wasn’t ready for this. I wasn’t expecting any of this. A part of me wanted to take down BurningAngel, move far far away and never speak of this again. And another part of me felt that this strange thing I’d started had the potential to become something really amazing. It had to be one or the other. I had to make a choice. And then I thought to myself, for the very first time in my life: I need my mother…


Pre-order your copy on Amazon today and get it before everyone else has it =)

Joanna Angel

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Throwback Thursday – House Cocks!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 23, 2015


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I think for today’s Throwback Thursday, you need a little Vada action – and this dreadlocked cutie gets sandwiched between two BurningAngel house cocks – Tommy Pistol and Danny Wylde!

She takes those dicks like a horny teen sex champion! What a hot little slut. I love a good threesome!

Stream the whole scene at here – House Cocks!

Happy Throwback Thursday!



Joanna Angel

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