We Do Dollie Darko!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 23, 2016


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Woo hoo! Happy hump day, everybody! I decided last minute that Small Hands and I should definitely have sex with Dollie Darko on our cam show this week, right before her debut Burning Angel pin up POV scene that comes out this weekend!! If you’re not signed up to my website already and still want to watch the live sex show, you can also watch through Streamate, but you have to pay for the good stuff!



Yes, this is exciting. It’s basically a dream threesome!! Watch us this evening in the Burning Angel chat (under the JOANNA tab) starting at 5pm pacific (or 8pm eastern!), and then be sure to check out Dollie’s POV with Small Hands when it streams this weekend! She gets it in her dirty little piggy asshole as she eloquently states =)


Oooh, what a tease! See you on the internets!

Joanna Angel

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