Adahlia Returns

posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 24, 2012


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Hellooooo everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend!

I shot a bunch of awesome new porn last week! It was great. There was so much hot sex on set, I’m excited for you all to see it.

I love directing porn! As time goes by I feel like I am getting a little
better at it, and I just love seeing all my ideas come together and
end in a big load on someones face.

In any case, one of the scenes we shot last week  featured Adahlia.
Remember her? She has not shot a new video for BurningAngel in a long
time. Her past videos were girl girl scenes (one was with me, the other was with BellaVendetta) . She made an epic return to BurningAngel, and banged a dude ! In the scene, her and her co-star (Mickey Mod) were stuck in ISS (which stands for “in
school suspension” – if you are a bad kid you should know that) and
um… well they had sex. I played a teacher in the scene, so I put my
hair in a bun.

Alt Pornstars Joanna Angel and Adahlia

It’s a really hot scene! I had never seen Adahlia take cock before and
I was really impressed with her blowjob and dick taking skills. She
has been hiding her abilities with a cock for so long! Anyways, here
is a small peek of the scene!

Alt Porn Star Adahlia takes a big black cock

And here is Adahlia and Tommy Pistol hanging out on set. Having the
three of us there was a bit of an old school BurningAngel reunion.

I had to bite Tommy‘s face, just because… I just had to.


Joanna Angel

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