Bikini Babes Are… SHARK BAIT!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 5, 2014


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Hey people! I just released the official SFW trailer for a new bikini-shark-grindhouse style movie directed by me called Bikini Babes Are… SHARK BAIT! You’ll also hear original music by my band Joanna Angel and the Gigolos! It’s called Fish Food and it’s a pretty catchy tune about being at the beach and getting eaten by a shark. I blogged once about the fun recording process here.

I present to you the trailer for Bikini Babes Are… SHARK BAIT!

It’s a really hilarious movie and everyone was so good in it! It stars Andy San Dimas, Arabelle Raphael, Draven Star, and Nikki Hearts as members of the Pink Pussies bikini gang, Tori Lux as a rival hell bent on revenge against those pink pussy bitches, and myself (and I get to have awesome lesbian sex with Tori, it was great!), as well as the ever so lovely Tommy Pistol who just wants to be one of the gang, Wolf Hudson as the most suave-as-fuck dealer in town, John Strong, and pool boys Danny Wylde and Michael Vegas! Honorable mention goes out to Lindsay Hearts for not only making all the great bikinis in this movie, but also her and Small Hands for one of the best getting-eaten-by-shark moments ever.

I hope you all love it! You can get your own copy on DVD from my online store by clicking here –


Joanna Angel

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AVN Award Winning!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 21, 2014


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Hell yeah! Me and my company BurningAngel brought home 4 awards from AVN 2014! They are:

Best Porn Star Website:
Best Makeup: Evil Head, by Melissa Makeup
Best Actor: Tommy Pistol, Evil Head
Best Comedy: Band Sluts
Fun fact: Band Sluts is my favorite movie I ever wrote and I hope everyone sees it and busts a gut and a nut!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in all my projects over the last year, I can’t wait to make more awesome movies for my fans. I love you all!

Here’s some pics from this year’s AVN red carpet!

2014 AVN Awards

A HUGE thank you goes to my wonderful friend Lindsay Hearts for making the most gorgeous fucking dress for me ever!

Here’s my man friend Small Hands and I looking really tough!



The radiant Kleio Valentien, who made her own dress (you looked SO GOOD!), escorted by Mitch Fontaine, who never smiles ever.


Arabelle Raphael and Jessie Lee heating up the place with their presence. Mmm.

Here’s Krissie Dee and Miss Genocide looking delicious, and their red carpet man candy rocking a kick ass bowtie.



Look at us all! Fancy mother fuckers! I love it. BurningAngel rules.


And here’s me announcing the Movie of the Year with Ron Jeremy and Allison Moore on stage at the AVN awards! Cool!

Time to get back to it!

Joanna Angel

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Our Parties Are Cool!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 17, 2014


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Hey guys! We had a kick-ass party at REVOLUTION Lounge in Vegas last night inside The Mirage! It was fucking awesome and if you weren’t there, you missed a really good time! That’s ok though, because you still have a chance to meet me and my BurningAngel girls on the AEExpo floor, and at our HUNGOVER BRUNCH on Sunday the 19th at 1pm!

ANYWAY, here’s some pics from last night!


Me and my pussy posse!


I have my partytime face on and my partytime boobs out!


Dave Navarro rocks, that’s why he’s at our party. Because rockin’ motherfuckers only! Yes, if you were at our party last night, you probably rock!


This guy from Boyz II Men (I’m so sorry, I forgot your name!) is also a rockin’ motherfucker… with soul.  Sometimes you just wanna listen to I’ll Make Love To You and masturbate.


Me and my love, Jessie Lee!


My small-handed man friend approves of my boobs!

Now here’s some pics from red carpets and parties past! SURPRISE FLASHBACK FRIDAY!!!!




I don’t remember what I was looking at or if I was just blinded by all the flashes, haha! I’m pretty sure that was from 2011!



We know how to party! Especially Sparky. Okay, especially everyone in this photo because look at it! Haha. I love my girls.


So many cameras, haha.


Aww here we are from last year! Everyone looked so amazing!


Also it is fleshlight friday! Wooo! Buy my fleshlights here:

Okay, back to AEE! See you out there! Wish us luck at AVN tomorrow night!



Joanna Angel

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Porno Sunday

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 9, 2014


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Here’s a few photos from the porno shoots I directed this past weekend!

I paired up Lily Lane with Brandy Aniston.


Brandy has been a porn star for a long time – she doesn’t exactly look like most of the BurningAngel girls but hey, we don’t discriminate over here. I got to know her pretty well in Tampa at the Nightmoves Award show, and now we both have radio shows on Vivid Radio (on which you can hear me EVERY TUESDAY 3-4pm PST!) so we run into each other over there. She is hilarious and a real sexual deviant, and she had expressed to me her love for fucking girls with strap ons, so I decided to pair her up with Lily Lane and make some magic strap on lesbian action happen. I could see her love for it! She really used it quite well and fucked Lily like that giant pink cock was her own.



And after that I shot a boob-ariffic scene with Arabelle Raphael and Aiden Starr. They wore some slutty colorful 80’s workout stuff – and I really loved it.



They looked so awesome, and the scene was explosive. Aiden and Arabelle are horny girls and I loved watching them fuck. The fucked all over this gym – and it was a really uncomfortable set with concrete floors and random old exercise machines but they really didn’t even notice it. Once they got fucking, they just went crazy.


Sunday was a good day for shooting porn. It is the lord’s day after all. Or some lord. Not the one I was told to believe in growing up but a lord nonetheless. Some lord out there, whomever it was, blessed me with some good porno and I was quite thankful. Thanks lord!

Was that wrong? 😉

Joanna Angel


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Is It Summer Yet?

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 8, 2014


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Since much of the US is in a deep freeze right now (not southern California, but still), I thought today I would share a fun SFW Porn Wednesday!


It’s Pink Pussy bikini gang girl Arabelle Raphael and the pool boys, Danny Wylde and Michael Vegas, enjoying some tasty teats — uhhh, treats!! Haha. And in case you were wondering, this was originally a photo from our new bikini gang grindhouse style movie coming out called SharkBait!

Also, no polar vortex is stopping me from heading to Madison, Wisconsin this week! I’m bringing every coat, scarf, hat, and pair of mittens I own and I will be feature dancing at Silk Exotic Madison!


And yes, I still want cheese. I will settle for a cheese hat, but real cheese is the best! haha

Joanna Angel

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