Some New Babes!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 27, 2014


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Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope to see you all tonight, in just a few hours – when I masturbate on webcam in the BurningAngel chat room.

This past weekend we shot some new girls! They will be lovely additions to the ever growing family of tattooed sluts on

First, is Jordyn Shane!



She is from Virgina, she has a big juicy butt and she took a penis inside of said big booty on camera.


She had an incredibly sexy southern accent, and most importantly A PORTRAIT TATTOO OF DAVID BOWIE FROM LABYRINTH.


Yeah. How awesome is that?

Then we had Billie Jade! She too had a nice butt and nice big natural boobs. She did a lesbian scene with a sexy greaser rockabilly look. Her hair matched mine – so we were like, long lost pink hair sisters or something.



In case you were wondering about the other half of the aforementioned lesbian scene, it was with the absolutely gorgeous Alyssa Branch. She isn’t new to modeling, but she’s new to BA! We are very happy to have her.



Last and very not least, is Hermionie Danger – yes… a porno name straight from the school of Hogwarts. Hermionie is 19 years old – yes, 19 – at this point that is basically old enough to be my daughter in some places of the world.


Hermionie has lived all over the world, she is like 90% lesbian but managed to take dick like a champ this weekend, and she also is responsible for the beefy crunch burrito returning to the Taco Bell menu. Yup! I swear.


That was her favorite burrito, and when it wasn’t available anymore she started a campaign on Facebook to bring it back… and well… it’s back! Kind of… it’s only seasonal – if you eat one this summer, think of Hermionie!!!

Stalk them all on social media and you’ll be seeing them naked very soon =)


Joanna Angel

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