Cosplay Porno Making!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 1, 2014


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Happy Tuesday everyone!

I had a lot of fun shooting more COSPLAY scenes this past weekend. I’ve been learning a little more about the world of cosplay and it’s been a really neat new genre to explore. I’m gonna have to find the right character to cosplay one of these days!

Rizzo Ford had a brilliant idea to dress up as Tank Girl.



Rizzo looked so much like her it was crazy! She also fucked her mutant kangaroo booty call Booga, played by Wolf Hudson.



Then we had Annie Cruz (a close friend of mine who also has a radio show on Vivid Radio, which, by the way, my show has been moved to NOON pacific for the next few weeks!) and London Lanchester pair up, dressed as Sakura Haruno from the Naruto manga/anime and Tifa Lockheart from the Final Fantasy series!


It was a geek culture dream come true. =)

I really enjoyed doing this, so if any of you out there have suggestions on what to do next, let me know!!

Joanna Angel

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More BTS Photos From Our Last Shoot!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 6, 2013


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London Lanchester is the name of our latest newbie!


She’s an adorable Asian girl with an awesome ass and a bunch of tattoos.


She has been a big BurningAngel fan for a long time! She was really excited to meet everyone. Sometimes when people are big fans, I get nervous. I fear that my dorky personality might be a let down to whatever people might think I am like. But that’s probably just me being neurotic.


In any case, she did her first scene with Tommy Pistol. My first scene many years ago was also with Tommy Pistol. It’s quite heartwarming to have him take someone’s camera virginity 10 years after taking mine!


Speaking of 10 years ago, we shot Dana DeArmond – another OG BurningAngel.


She fucked Krissie Dee with a big strap-on – Krissie is from a slightly newer generation of Angels.


The scene was really hot – Dana is amazing at having a cock. She’s really just amazing at having sex. Over the years she has really perfected her craft of boning. I never get bored of watching her fuck, she’s always so genuine and so interesting and so crazy she always does such a great scene. Eventually I will have enough of these strap-on scenes to make a strap-on movie…. I will keep you posted on that! I am almost done. It’s been like a year in the making.

Nicole Malice returned to do some new stuff. (Like Mr. Pete’s dick – that’s new to her!)


Her boobs grew immensely since her last shoot!


Woooooah! They look awesome. They are definitely motor-boat worthy.


Joanna Angel

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