TBT – Roasting Brian Street Team!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 3, 2014


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Hey all! So today, I decided I wanted to do a throwback Thursday about when we roasted the crap out of Brian Street Team. The guy who play’s Brian’s absentee dad in the scene does our lights and his bits are hysterical. You may remember him from my babysitter video as another neurotic father. I love Brian and I think he’s great and encourage “funny insults”, but other people made him cry in the scene.

The crying part is OK though because the jokes were (mostly) purely fiction and Jessie Lee and Juliette Black consoled him by “taking one for the team. Brian Street Team.” And then a hot threesome ensued. The acting was really spot on, I think!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll down memory lane with meeee!

Joanna Angel

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Zarrah got violated, Double Anal edition!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 29, 2013


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Yesterday, Zarrah did a really dirty scene! It was a pretty rough scene with two guys that fucked her ass and her pussy at the same time. She even tried some double anal action for a few minutes! It was intense.

I knew she was in the mood to get real dirty so I had her dolled up like a depraved sex slave. The  lighting was done all dark and creepy. I swear, the lighting and makeup is crucial when a girl has two dicks in her ass. You might not believe me but it’s true!

Here are some photos of Zarrah on set!




And one secret photo that I thought was so cute.



Joanna Angel

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Hunting Wabbits

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 1, 2012


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Happy Monday everyone!

I shot some interesting content over the weekend. I decided to do something different.  I dressed up like a bunny. It had nothing to do with Halloween or anything, I just wanted to dress up like a bunny because I thought it would be cute and kinky. I had this buttplug from Crystal Delights that looked like a bunny tail, so I incorporated it into my bunny outfit, along with some weird makeup inspired by a whole bunch of face paintings at various birthday parties I found on google images.

Just wait till you see the scene I shot with the bunny costume on! I had Wolf Hudson dress up like Elmer Fudd, and he “hunted wabbits“,  when he caught me I gave him a big awesome blowjob. It was pretty hilarious and I am quite curious to see how it all edits together!

I also got to fuck Zarrah! She had been staying at my place all week and it was about time we fucked.

She has a blanket she travels with that I really like because it’s black and pink and leopard print and shit, and she left it here for me because she knew how much I wanted it. She left a real funny note on it and it made me smile.


Joanna Angel

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Zarrah Is On Vacation On My Couch

posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 26, 2012


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Well, Zarrah is in Los Angeles chillin on my couch. She decided to stay for a while after her shoot and has made herself comfortable!

She’s smoking weed and watching TV, which I should mention, was not working, then she fixed it. I told her the sound wasn’t working so she unplugged things then hit a few things, and then said, “wait lemme get high, I know I can figure this out”…and sure enough, she did!

On the rare occasion that I do smoke weed (about 3 times a year) I can barely speak a sentence and eat a lot of chips. Somehow Zarrah becomes a repair man.

In any case, here we are. This is by far the most glamorous photo ever taken of either of us!

So, I’m fasting today, atoning for my sins. When I mentioned this on twitter, people all commented on the abundance of sins I need to atone for. Well whatever. I don’t think making porn is a sin. Well… maybe making bad porn is. So I am atoning for any of the less than perfect pornography I have made and hope to make nothing but awesome porn this year.

Amen to that!



Joanna Angel

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