Porno Sunday

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 9, 2014


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Here’s a few photos from the porno shoots I directed this past weekend!

I paired up Lily Lane with Brandy Aniston.


Brandy has been a porn star for a long time – she doesn’t exactly look like most of the BurningAngel girls but hey, we don’t discriminate over here. I got to know her pretty well in Tampa at the Nightmoves Award show, and now we both have radio shows on Vivid Radio (on which you can hear me EVERY TUESDAY 3-4pm PST!) so we run into each other over there. She is hilarious and a real sexual deviant, and she had expressed to me her love for fucking girls with strap ons, so I decided to pair her up with Lily Lane and make some magic strap on lesbian action happen. I could see her love for it! She really used it quite well and fucked Lily like that giant pink cock was her own.



And after that I shot a boob-ariffic scene with Arabelle Raphael and Aiden Starr. They wore some slutty colorful 80’s workout stuff – and I really loved it.



They looked so awesome, and the scene was explosive. Aiden and Arabelle are horny girls and I loved watching them fuck. The fucked all over this gym – and it was a really uncomfortable set with concrete floors and random old exercise machines but they really didn’t even notice it. Once they got fucking, they just went crazy.


Sunday was a good day for shooting porn. It is the lord’s day after all. Or some lord. Not the one I was told to believe in growing up but a lord nonetheless. Some lord out there, whomever it was, blessed me with some good porno and I was quite thankful. Thanks lord!

Was that wrong? 😉

Joanna Angel


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Memorial Day!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 29, 2012


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I woke up and got unnecessarily depressed yesterday morning. For some reason, I really dislike holidays. It’s too much pressure to do something fun – and I feel like society tries to make you feel like shit if you don’t have your average American life – or the one you see on TV. You know, like a husband, kids, a BBQ, a house, lots of friends , etc. I don’t know. Why do I even care about what is “normal”? I am not really sure. I should probably stop watching TV or something.

After a few hours of feeling sorry for myself for no reason, I decided to suck it up and go to a friend’s party in downtown LA. He lives in a loft, with a small backyard, and he got a few kiddie pools from Target to celebrate with. It was quite the antitheses of your picture-perfect Memorial Day that you see on TV and I felt very comfortable there.

The moral of the story is that kiddie pools are way more awesome than real pools – and require a lot less maintenance.

Here I am in my bikini!

Here is my ass in the bikini. Yeeeeah. Ass!!!

Aiden Star was there, and her huge boobs were popping out of her bikini.

Me and Dana DeArmond and Phoenix acted like goof balls.

Here’s me, Jessie Lee, Veruca James and Damon JamesVeruca and Damon just moved to LA so I’m glad I can hang out with them more often.

Here is me and Dana DeArmond showing our butts and kissing.

Go America!


Joanna Angel

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Happy Thursday everyone!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 29, 2012


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Last night was the screening for Asphyxia Heels the World at Studio Servitu (@studioservitu) . I had a good time! I like hanging out with my porno family. I also really like Studio Servitu. It’s a cool creepy-looking loft that has art shows, and lots of interesting parties there. I actually shot my scene with Manuel Ferrara there – you know, that one that was nominated for Best Anal this past year . It was pretty cool to chill at the party/screening and look at a bunch of people drink beers and hang out on a bed that I got anally pounded on. It made me giggle!

Anyways, the band Blackleg played. Blackleg is my friend Ssippi’s band – he has built a bunch of sets for us – and he played Igor in Fuckenstein. When Blackleg played in Jessie Lee Goes T o CollegeBrian Street Team was in the band, for the sake of the movie – so Jessie could bone the singer. However, now Tommy Pistol is actually in the band. He sings for Blackleg. And, Tommy was also in Asphyxia Heels the World – AND Ssippi helped build the shoe store in the movie. So yeah, Blackleg and BurningAngel are kind of married in an odd way – so it totally made sense for them to play the party!

Here they are:

And here is me and Asphyxia presenting the movie! I am kinda hunched over, and she is standing up properly. I should really work on my posture.

And here is Aiden Starr (@aidenstarr) humping my leg. That was pretty cool.

And here is me and Dana Deamond.

Here is me, Krissie Dee, Jessie, and Asphyxia:

This is the token photo of myself I took before I left my apartment to make sure my makeup was done properly:

This is me and Tommy Pistol and some new friends we made at the party!

Here I am bonding with them…

This is a photo of my butt that I took this morning and posted on Instagram.

And this is what I ate for breakfast.

It was a good night, with good friends, and a good movie I am extremely proud of. Yaaaay porno!


Joanna Angel

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More porno…

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 28, 2011


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Yesterday we shot some more porn. Are you noticing a pattern here? We import cute tattooed hoes from different states, shoot for a few days then take a little break. These past few days have really been a lot of fun – I really enjoyed spending time with Aria Rae, Severin Graves, and Mary Jane. I felt like my apartment became a very fun and twisted sorority for a few days. I am about 10 years older than them (Mary Jane is 18, Aria Rae is 19 – and I think Severin Graves is 21 or 22) but whatever…I just don’t care. They make me feel younger, and I enjoyed having them around.

Here’s a pic of Mary Jane loungin’:

I made Severin‘s porno dream come true and she did a DP with Sean Michaels and Mr. Pete. She really took it like a champ! She got Sean’s huge black cock in her pussy and ass without even any lube. She’s such a horny girl and I love it. I was totally impressed! I actually got so hot during the scene – that during a break, I jumped in for a little bit and sucked off Mr. Pete and Sean. Me and Severin Graves took turns giving everyone blowjobs for a couple minutes. It was pretty awesome. I really wanted to start fucking everyone but it was, after all, her special DP day and I didn’t want to take away from that. Being a director can really be so frustrating sometimes!

This scene was also for, and the scenario involved a wood-shop class. I was a student in the class (on Sunday I was a mom, and Monday I was a student- I am so versatile in my acting skills!) so I put some braids in my hair to appear more student-like. Pretty cute, huh?

Oh yeah – the studio we shot in belonged to a fellow porn slut- and good friend of mine, Aiden Starr.


I randomly went in the bathroom and took this picture of me:

And that’s all I have for today!


Joanna Angel

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