Feminism, Gangbangs, and fine dining with Jenna Haze

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 30, 2011


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Hey! So a few weeks ago, I told you I went to Vegas and got to eat that extravagant meal at STK Steakhouse with Jenna Haze – for that food blog, Food Enquirer..WELL…

The little clip or episode is now out – and here it is:

You’ve seen me fuck…now it’s time for you to watch me eat!

Oh yeah – and by the way, I wrote an article about gangbangs, ass eating, Feminism and Steve Holmes for Richardson Magazine. The whole issue was on “mysoginy” and they thought I would have a unique perspective on it. I love writing, and I’m rather proud of this piece… so take a quick moment and read it . You can find it HERE!

I’m not sure if it’s in the print issue or not. If anyone else out there knows – please let me know via Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/joannaangel!


Joanna Angel

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Las Vegas vacation with the Bouncing Souls, Jenna Haze, Deadmau5, LMFAO , and a chef from Top Chef

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 31, 2011


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This weekend I did something very strange. I actually took a vacation.  I went somewhere without any intention of doing anything work-related. These vacation things are pretty cool. I spent it in Las Vegas…the most awesomely cheesy and indulgent place on earth.

I don’t have that many photos because well…it was a vacation .

Coincidentally, The Bouncing Souls were playing in Vegas the same time I was there. I went to see them…it was incredible. I can’t believe how long they have been a band for and how awesome they still are. Their music is timeless! I was fortunate enough to stand on stage with them and it was a great experience.

Then I completely sold out punk and uh…went to a rave . I think it was a rave? I went to a club called Club XS (Excess) where a really popular dj I had never heard of called Deadmau5 was spinning (it’s pronounced “deadmouse ” but he spells his name with a number and not a letter because it’s futuristic and shit). I felt like an idiot for never hearing of him because this place was packed and sold out like 100 times over . I was only able to get in because I was there with Jenna Haze and another porn star named London Keys. They knew someone who was employed by the mouse who snuck us in.

Deadmau5 dresses like a big mouse and djs in that costume. Lots of people there were also dressed like mice and had glow-in-the-dark mouse ears and shit . When I was in high school, I got dragged to a rave and everyone there wore big pants and little shirts and big rings and odds and ends from Kids-R-Us around their necks. Today at raves, people dress like mice. It’s good to know that the fashion sense of this scene made just as much sense to me then as it does now . I did have a good time nonetheless.

(I did not manage to get a photo of the mouse because he was surrounded by about 5 thousand people, light sticks, other tall people dressed like mice, and a slew of body guards. However, I stole a picture from the internet somewhere so you could see what I am talking about if you are equally as out of touch as I was about this phenomenon. )

Then the next night I ate a 100 course meal at STK steak house. Not literally 100 courses, but it was a whole bunch of courses . This came to be because Jenna and I were asked to do a tasting and have it be filmed for an Internet tv show/blog called Food Invasion. The chef who prepared everything was named Steve Hopcraft and he was on “Top Chef” at some point. He didn’t win, but he got pretty far ! I don’t really care; all the food was awesome. I’m not a huge steak fan…I ate it anyways but I was a bigger fan of the truffled mushroom pot pie and the baked Mac and cheese . Yum!

And then as if that wasn’t enough indulgence, later on that evening I went to another party called “Party Rock ” which was DJed by the dude with the fro from lmfao . I think he’s pretty awesome and was a much bigger fan of his DJ skills than that of the mouse . The party was decorated with big pink microphones and shit everywhere . It was kinda like a bat mitzvah.

So yeah…it was eventful . Lots of food, dancing drinking and a little bit of punk. And Jenna Haze.

I should take these vacation things more than once every 8 years . Maybe every 6 should be a goal!


Now back to work .


Joanna Angel

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I’m in Miami – come and meet me!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 19, 2011


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Errr…I’m in MIAMI for…MIAMI EXXXOTICA!  So come and see me! I’ll be at the convention all weekend and Jenna Haze and I are hosting a PARTY Friday night!!!! Here’s all the info and a lovely professional flier:

Miami Exxxotica runs from Friday, May 20th – Sunday, May 22nd at the MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER.   I’ll be signing at the FANTASY ISLAND BOOTH the entire time, so come and find me there and all your fantasies will be fulfilled =) MY SIGNING TIMES are:

Friday, May 20th: 4 – 9 PM
Saturday, May 21st: 6 – 11 PM
Sunday, May 22nd: 3 – 7 PM

Tickets are only $35/day and can be purchased HERE!

AND THEN AFTER HOURS, Jenna Haze and I are hosting a HUGE PARTY!!!…

So…FRIDAY, MAY 20th at LIV (in the Fountaine Bleau4441 Collins Ave Miami, FL), Jenna Haze and I will be partying Miami-style, so come out and do tequila shots with us!

See you in Miami!

Joanna Angel

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Iced tea with Jenna Haze!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 29, 2011


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Hi there…Ummm…I’m about to eat lunch with Jenna Haze. We had to go to a fairly depressing meeting this morning about some really annoying shit going on in the industry now.  I don’t feel like getting into the details.

But here we are drinking some iced tea!

Have a good weekend.


Joanna Angel

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Free porn, and a very upsetting week.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 11, 2010


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I definitely don’t want to get into the details of what happened, but to make a long story short… I was driving, a car hit me… and Jessie Lee was a passenger in the back seat.  I am fine, I have no injuries- which I am thankful for, but I also feel like physical injuries would hurt less than how I feel now worrying about Jessie’s recovery.

I think you all know how much I adore Jessie – and what an important part of BurningAngel she is. She is currently in the hospital, she has been there since last Friday and it looks like she is recovering quite well. I have always picked on Jessie for being “Straight Edge” – I am definitely taking all that back now! The fact that there were no drugs and no alcohol in her system- and the fact that she is a very active and healthy girl, has really sped up the recovery process. I have been going to visit her… she went from being in the ICU a few days ago to being in a regular room in the hospital and is now sitting up, eating, and being her regular feisty self. She does have a fractured neck (which was already operated on and fused back together), but amazingly enough… doesn’t not even have one fractured nail.

I am currently in New York. I was supposed to return to Los Angeles this past Monday but I changed my flight so I could stay here and try to help Jessie and her family out as much as I can. I did wind up going to Exxxotica for a short while over the weekend- but I didn’t take any photos of myself or the girls… I didn’t have it in me. So no Exxxotica gallery will be posted! Sorry. I also apologize in advance for my blog being kinda boring for a little while. With all this going on I can’t be the goofy Angel you are used to.

I have started a website posting updates on her recovery, as well as information on any benefit events going on in Jessie’s honor, and a link to donate money to her to help her get through this. Even if you just have $5 to donate, every little bit helps! The site is www.helpomgitsjessielee.com .

She also asked that you all follow her on Twitter so her Twitter is @OMGJessieLee.


Joanna Angel

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