I’m in Vegas…Still!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 23, 2011


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I’m in Vegas! And…I slept till noon today. The clock in my room is an hour early. That’s really evil to do in Vegas! Why would they do that!? I woke up at 10 and said, well, I can sleep till 11 today (I was out late and have a long night ahead of me – whatever, I’m the boss and I can sleep till 11 if I want to – shut up!!!) . I looked at my cell phone, and saw that it said 11 am, and in my tired state, I assumed my cell phone was wrong and the clock was right.

Yeah, that was not the case. Stupid clock! Grrr!

Anyways, last night I went to Teagan Presley and Jessie Jane‘s party at a club called Jet. It was pretty fun; I danced to some cheesy club hits and drank champagne. That’s basically what you do at those kinds of clubs.

Here’s the only pic I took last night – it’s of me and the infamous MILF Lisa Anne, and a bottle of Jager. I don’t drink Jager…and I don’t understand how people do.

And now I have to go to this stripper convention thing. The purpose of this trip is to meet club owners from strip clubs all over the country – hopefully, this will result in some more dance bookings – so I can give more and more of you blog readers of you lap dances!!!

Here’s to lots of lap dances in the future.  And here’s to me at the mini bar:


Joanna Angel

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