XBiz Awards!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 11, 2012


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I got off a plane around noon yesterday – went straight home, and got ready for the XBiz Awards. On Twitter, I saw that my friend Kristina Rose was complaining about being dateless – and well, I was dateless as well! So we joined forces and went as each other’s dates. It was a really great last-minute date arrangement. I told her to come over and get ready at my place, and she brought a dress and a jacket that was really similar to the style of what I wore – so it was kind of like, in the stars for us to be dates or something. We were like, the short porn stars with black and pink slutty dresses  and leather jacket gang, or something.

Photo courtesy of Van Styles

While we were in line for the carpet, I saw my friend Brad…he owns a hosting company called Mojo Host (who actually wound up winning an award that I presented later that evening) . In any case – Brad was also dateless AND wearing black and pink – so he joined me and Kristina’s gang on the carpet. I went from having no date, to two dates like instantly. It was really exciting! Here’s a pic of me on the red carpet!

I was nominated for a few awards, but didn’t win anything. It’s alright. I enjoyed getting dressed up and seeing all the people in porno land I haven’t seen in awhile.

Oh – I should mention though – my porno brother- and our OG Cock Jock won “Best Actor” for his role in the Taxi parody put out by a different company. I was really proud of him. Tommy Pistol is an amazing actor, and he deserved to get credit for it! Perhaps his BurningAngel roles were overlooked because I personally love Tommy when he’s being a goofball, and the porno awards voting committees don’t seem to find talent in goofballs the way I do. Oh well. Congrats Tommy!

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I am in a rush!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 9, 2011


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Today is an important day. I am going to get banged in the ass by Manuel Ferrara. In the world of porn and ass-fucking in general, this is pretty important.

Here are some photos from a BurningAngel shoot yesterday.

We shot a new amazing girl named Natasha (@VerucaJames if you wanna say hi! ). She took it in the ass from Mick Blue for her very first scene; I was really impressed.

What is also really impressive about her is that when she is not doing porn… she is a full-time CPA. Yup, no joke. She is most definitely the first BurningAngel girl who is also an accountant. I think that’s fucking hot!

And then another brand new girl named Savvy did a scene with the porno prodigy Kristina Rose.

… And if you were wondering, for lunch, in between the two scenes, we got a big party platter from Subway. Here I am with the party platter!


Have a happy Monday, I know I will…


Joanna Angel

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