Exxxotica Dallas Recap – Part 1!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 11, 2015


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Howdy, people! I returned back to Los Angeles from a very lovely (and extremely hot) weekend in Dallas, Texas, for the first-ever Exxxotica show to grace Texas with its presence! It was great to meet real fans and make new ones, run into friends, and do a little exploring around the fair city of Dallas. Perhaps the best part of any trip for me is sampling the local fare – and Texas BBQ has been severely lacking in my life, so I filled my mouth with delicious meat any chance I had. Anyway, I spent the weekend signing at Stockroom’s Dungeon Experience, and Club Spotlight. It was funny to see con attendees standing along the edge of this big carpet on the ground not realizing that they were welcome to try the dungeon equipment with the help of our industry professionals – but they all warmed up to it once we told them they wouldn’t bite (it was probably part of the rules – we have a lot of rules at conventions to make sure things are kept professional and safe for everyone!). Speaking of dungeons – tag me in pictures and videos of my stage show where I got to demonstrate using my Joanna Angel BDSM toy line with some lucky volunteers. You know what I’m talking about if you were there – I rode guys like ponies and they loved it.

I had a great time, and so did my assistant who came with me – she also enjoyed shoving as much meat into her mouth as possible. Thank you to everyone who came out, and to Exxxotica for having me, as always!

And now: photos!


The civilian VIP passes featured Kleio and Jessie on them. Wish we got one of those!!

Sheridan Love came on over to my punk ass corner of the convention with her pastie-covered tatas on display. I’d ride the fuck out of this cowgirl =)


Club Spotlight was also babe city. If you’re not familiar with Alexis Texas and her butt – get acquainted.


And Lexi Belle came over and I flirted with her.


And I said hello to my AVN 2016 co-host Anikka Albrite! She’s so pretty, I’m dying.


The weekend didn’t come without a little bit of bad news –


Hahahaha. Oh nooooooo. SINNER!

Saturday was fairly busy at the Dallas convention center, which was nice to see! Glad those wonderful people with the signs outside the hall didn’t scare anyone away, haha.

Here’s Stoya and I over in the bad-girl corner with a really sweet fan posing for photos.

20150808_154521 20150808_160533

I wore my pink and black Syren latex outfit from my Stockroom line photos one day for my stage show! I love this outfit….

And then I ate some of the best Texas BBQ ever – from Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum! Good vibe and GREAT food! I’d been talking non stop about Texas brisket and I really couldn’t contain how happy this food made me and my belly. We ordered basically everything they had left on the menu. If we had a mini fridge in the room, we would’ve taken every last crumb leftover home, haha.


Thanks to the staff at Pecan Lodge for being awesome and feeding us delicious food! Eating is my favorite part of every trip.


I’ll post some more photos of sexy babes and sexy meats from the weekend tomorrow!!

Don’t forget to listen to me on Vivid Radio at 1pm PST, and come watch Small Hands and I fuck around live on webcam – free for BA members, and also available on streammate here – bit.ly/joannastream


Let’s get weird!


Joanna Angel

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More Exxxotica Chicago Stuff!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 16, 2014


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You want some fucking pictures? I got some fucking pictures!

Here’s some fucking pictures from Exxxotica Chicago in no particular order!


At the booth with some of my BurningAngel babes Sierra Cure, Sheena Rose and Hayden Hellfire! HUGE thank you to Stephen Alonzo for the t-shirt dresses/bodysuits!



Rizzo Ford and Draven Star and myself! And Evan Stone came by the booth to say hello!



Sheena Rose is lovely!




I got fit for a set of custom fangs by Horror Show Jack Custom Fangs!



They looked really great! Thank you, Horror Show Jack!

Here’s Rizzo and I talking about BUTT STUFF at my anal sex seminar! Always an interesting panel!


I call this section: handfulls.




Nice, right? Hahaha!

I also got a visit from The Flash! He wins for best-dressed fan. =)


It was really awesome that Sheridan Love’s booth was right next to ours – I mean, what a view, AMIRITE?! Love Sheridan and her boobies =)


It’s always a pleasure running — err — rolling into the world’s most adorable human: Lexi Belle. On fucking rollerskates. Yes.



Ain’t we sweet? Love my girls! Chicago was really a blast this year, can’t wait to do it again.

Now that you’re done looking at my blog, don’t forget to listen to me on Vivid Radio every Wednesday! Chelsea Grinds is my special guest today! 4pm PST live or listen anytime on vividradio.com!


Joanna Angel

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Exxxotica Florida Recap!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 6, 2014


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It was a fun quick weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see me.

I had some special cut up tee shirt dresses made for me by Stephen Alonzo.




I also dressed like a referee, with a dress by Lindsay Hearts. I like supporting my local designers =)


I saw some friends – people you know and love and probably jerk off to from time to time.


Like Alexis Texas!

…and Lexi Belle!


I am not sure why she had a bird, but she is so damn cute it doesn’t really matter. I couldn’t just hang around holding a cool bird, people would be all – “look at that crazy girl with the bird, get her outta here!” It’s the tattoos, I think. Haha!

Here I am with Tera Patrick!


It’s Stormy Daniels, yeah!


If you didn’t come, then you missed out! Be sure to come out to Chicago in July. You know, for deep dish pizza and boobs!


Butts, too.

Joanna Angel

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