Home From Vegas!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 20, 2014


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My trip to Vegas was a quick fun whirlwind. I saw some friends, ate some awesome food, drank about 30 different kinds of alcohol, then came back home. Vegas is incredibly cheesy, and overpriced – but there is truly no where else I would rather spend (or waste?) my money. The over-indulgence and the excessive decadence works wonders on all my serotonin levels – for about 50 hours. Then it’s time to go home.



Speaking of over-indulgence, I had an amazing meal at Bouchon Bistro! It’s a Thomas Keller restaurant in The Venetian in Vegas. We were greeted there with a giant tower of non-kosher sea-food.


Skin Diamond came along! It is always so wonderful being able to spend time with her.



Small Hands was there too, along with my friend Fred, and another friend named Steve. Fred and Steve are good people, you just don’t know who they are because they don’t put their penises inside of people on camera for the world to see.

I saw the world famous MILF Queen Lisa Anne at the Gentleman’s Club expo.


I also saw Duke’s slutty superstar Belle Knox.



I also saw Paul Bunyan (okay, that’s not Paul Bunyan, he’s a giant prospector panning for gold, but whatever – they were friends).


We’re gonna work on some feature dance gigs together. Be on the lookout!

And there was this one time in Vegas when I was asked to cover up in a restaurant with a shawl they provided me because my shirt was see-through.


It surely was an adventure.


Come stalk me on the internet tonight in the BurningAngel chatroom (you can also view the show on streammate).



Or come find me in Portland/Eugene/Vancouver over the weekend!

Joanna Angel

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Vegas, I Am Still In You, Part 2

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 29, 2012


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So,  last night I lost the award for adult feature entertainer of the year like a champ! The infamous milf, Lisa Ann, won . It’s cool, I wasn’t expecting to win and she is a great dancer! She totally deserves it!

Also, I am one of the judges for the pole dancing competition. Rubber Doll and Mary Carey are judging alongside me and they rule.

Here is a photo of the Judging Rules, shhhhh, dont tell anyone I showed you.

Joanna Angel

The sexy Rubber Doll, Mary Carey and myself, were just about to make a crucial judgement.

Joanna Angel Rubber Doll Mary Carey

Here is Vayda Kiss working the pole. She was last years winner and is so amazing on that thing, it’s unreal. Vayda isnt a porn star, she’s a professional pole dancer!

Vayda Kiss

I have a ton of photos from the show which I will show you tomorrow. I just wanted to take this moment to let you know that I’m having a very good boob day!

Thanks boobs.

Joanna Angel Boobs


Joanna Angel

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I’m in Vegas…Still!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 23, 2011


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I’m in Vegas! And…I slept till noon today. The clock in my room is an hour early. That’s really evil to do in Vegas! Why would they do that!? I woke up at 10 and said, well, I can sleep till 11 today (I was out late and have a long night ahead of me – whatever, I’m the boss and I can sleep till 11 if I want to – shut up!!!) . I looked at my cell phone, and saw that it said 11 am, and in my tired state, I assumed my cell phone was wrong and the clock was right.

Yeah, that was not the case. Stupid clock! Grrr!

Anyways, last night I went to Teagan Presley and Jessie Jane‘s party at a club called Jet. It was pretty fun; I danced to some cheesy club hits and drank champagne. That’s basically what you do at those kinds of clubs.

Here’s the only pic I took last night – it’s of me and the infamous MILF Lisa Anne, and a bottle of Jager. I don’t drink Jager…and I don’t understand how people do.

And now I have to go to this stripper convention thing. The purpose of this trip is to meet club owners from strip clubs all over the country – hopefully, this will result in some more dance bookings – so I can give more and more of you blog readers of you lap dances!!!

Here’s to lots of lap dances in the future.  And here’s to me at the mini bar:


Joanna Angel

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