Boobs and Boobs!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 8, 2011


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I’m at my friend Raylene‘s house – we are about to bang each other on our webcam. By the time you read this entry – the show might be over… or it might still be going on! You can click HERE and see if we are still boning each other. I’m totally having fun with this webcam thing. Last night, I came home from an E3 after party (E3 is a super huge video game convention) very drunk. I was pretty horny – and um… lonely… yes, even porn stars get lonely too sometimes…and I was like “FUCK IT! I’M GONNA MASTURBATE.

I started masturbating, and then I was like, “What the hell am I doing? This is pretty selfish. People should be watching me! There are other drunk lonely people I could be cheering up right now.”  So I turned on my webcam and masturbated for like a half hour before I went to bed. It was pretty cool. I liked it!

I need to go get ready for my webcam show but – here are my boobs!

… and here are Raylene’s boobs:

Our boobs are gonna get all up in each other soon.

Have a lovely day!!!


Joanna Angel

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