My weekend!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 2, 2012


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Well, April Fools came and went and I did not play any pranks on anyone. I forgot about it. Oh well!

Anyways, it was a fun weekend. I went to this Burlesque competition at Dragonfly in downtown LA. It was called a “Hooker Competition” but it was kind of misnamed. The acts were very much burlesque acts, and not anything close to what a prostitute does. The flier had an explanation for it – something along the lines of a definition of a hooker being someone who sells their body in some kind of way – or something. I think a hooker pageant sounded just a tad more exciting than a burlesque pageant

However, Brian Posehn was the host of the show, and he is incredibly funny. So I enjoyed watching him!

And Traci Lords was one of the judges! I had to get a photo with her.  This is some kind of generations of porno picture; I like it!

My friend Tim Armstrong was there – yes, THE Tim Armstrong from Rancid and Operation Ivy. Here is a rad blurry photo of us!

Dave Navarro was also there but I don’t have a photo with him – however, we have taken many photos together in our time so, you can probably imagine what we looked like in a photo together on that evening.

Then on Saturday, I took Jessie Lee on a date. We ate at a restaurant in Malibu by the water. It was romantic!

And then we collectively gave a friend of ours a blowjob.

And then on Sunday evening, we spoke about the blowjob a lot on my radio show – on Moheak online radio, and Brian Street Team re-enacted the scenario using a microphone.

So all in all, this was a pretty good weekend. I got to meet some famous people, and I got to give a blowjob with my friend.

Who knows, it it could be you next =)


Joanna Angel

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