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posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 28, 2015


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How did I get so lucky that I have hot slutty tattooed women and men around me all the time? Hard work, that’s how! hahahah – check out some photos of what’s been going on at BurningAngel lately!

Meet BA newbie Zaya Vexxabella – she’s also a blue-haired witch and has some great boobs. True story!

20151028_1 20151028_2

Small Hands was very excited! And Lily Lane looking classy-as-fuck participated in some fine DP action with Xander Corvus and Bill Bailey –


Speaking of Small Hands being excited: more rockabilly pin up porn with another BurningAngel newbie – Kandy Kummings!

20151028_4 20151028_5 20151028_6

Do these two look like pin-up perfection or what! Good stuff!

Getting back to it! Happy Wednesday!


Joanna Angel


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Twas A Tuesday Funday!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 10, 2015


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Hiii! Happy Hump Day to you all. Yesterday, I had some of my favorite hot tattooed sluts over for a BBQ, because that’s how I do! There were burgers, laughs, nudity, and a sexy photoshoot that you’ll hear more about in the future.

Here’s just a few photos from the fun we had –

Necro Nicki and Sammie Six look bangin’! Seriously. Check out this bang party!! What dolls =)



Lily Lane was looking fine as hell, as usual!

I think this is some kind of BBQ Inception


A hot dog in a cheeseburger! Kelsi Lynn has already begun to subconsciously engineer your food cravings. Not to mention, her pink hair reminds me of cotton candy!

Veronica Layke was here with her puggle, rocking a serious beehive hairstyle. She’s a flawless 60’s pin up all the time, I’m serious!


If there were 4 Veronica Laykes… that would probably be amazing!

Skin Diamond and Sheena Rose were here too!


Loving Skin’s short haircut! And I think we need to get Sheena to have some kind of pink in her hair. We can start a pink hair gang – everyone would want to be in our gang!

Also, doesn’t my panther tattoo look AWESOME?

Have a titillating Wednesday, people =)



Joanna Angel



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Vampire Cheerleaders/Black Unicorn Party Recap!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 16, 2014


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Happy Monday, everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend, and a fun Friday the 13th, and if you didn’t come to our Vampire Cheerleaders DVD release party/Black Unicorn Killer Dance Fantasy Friday the 13th celebration at Dragonfly in LA, then you didn’t have as much fun as me!!

Before we headed out to the party, The Stockroom was kind enough to outfit us BurningAngel girls in their own special black and red Stockroom latex cheerleader uniforms! I must admit, the stirrup latex knee socks were ridiculously hot, and everyone looked amazing!

Here’s some photos –


Veronica Layke and myself in our latex cheerleader uniforms…

And here I am with the gorgeous Scarlet LaVey, and if you can make it past Scarlet’s awesome boobage, I’m actually flashing my matching latex “spankies” haha! (that’s what cheerleaders call them, right?!)


Veronica Layke and Asphyxia Noir being pretty sexy like they do!


“Let the celebration commence! Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!”


The Boulet Brothers hosted the party, Eva O and myself, and their outfits were so great! The Boulet Bros wore black cat hats on their heads, and it was perfect for the occasion.


Fabulous. Meow!


I demonstrated how to use my Fleshlight before awarding it to the winner of the hot body contest! There may or may not have been partially nude people and fake blood with glitter in it used during our contests. Guess you’ll just have to show up and see for yourself next time!

And here’s the Friday the 13th latex cheerleader squad being awesome – Veronica Layke, Annie Cruz, Veruca James, and Lynn Pops, and of course, led by my friend Johnny White



And this is why you should try really hard to come to our parties if you’re nearby. We have a good time, and it’s so nice to see everyone enjoy watching my porno movies on a big-ass screen! There was even a large tent and a faux-picnic set up for viewing. It was like, Porno Occupy Dragonfly or something.


Can’t wait till the next one!

Joanna Angel

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BBQ Titmasters!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 6, 2014


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Helllooooo. Happy Friday, world. Is it really Friday? Did another week of my life just go by?

So crazy. Shit happens so fast. I’m gonna be 80 years old before I know it. AND YOU WILL ALL STILL LOVE ME!!! RIGHT?


In any case, you may have seen glimpses of this on my instagram/twitter – but last week I directed a parody of BBQ Titmasters – a parody of “BBQ Pittmasters.”


I have to be honest with you: I have become completely addicted to reality TV shows on the food network. I love them. When I am cooking dinner on those nights where I only have like 4 very random things in my fridge, I like to pretend I am on an episode of “Chopped” and it’s a challenge of mine to make it all work in a short amount of time. It’s a game I play with myself. You should really try it sometime.

In any case, It was only a matter of time before I parodied one of these shows. I did the parody in my own way – I didn’t have anyone act like any of the characters from the show, I made my own version of the show. So when I decided to do BBQ Titmasters – I appropriately chose Kleio Valentien to be the star of this movie being that she is actually awesome at using a BBQ and also has awesome tits.




This is the first movie we have made that really brought the Texan out of Kleio. Not sure if you knew this but she actually did grow up on a farm, in Texas – and I always found her upbringing so intriguing. In any case, I had her dig deep and bring back her old Texas accent for this movie and it’s fucking cute.

The co-stars are Sheena Rose, who did an amazing fake Memphis accent in the movie.



And then we have Necro Nicki, who played a girl from Orange County that knew nothing about BBQ, but desperately wanted the fame that came along with being on reality TV. The whole movie poked fun at reality TV stereotypes.


Then the judges were Tommy Pistol, John Strong and Will Powers. They judged the BBQ and the tits!


Here’s Tommy and Small Hands being Tommy and Small Hands on my set –


The movie was hilarious. And the sex scenes were hot. But I have to say – the best scene we shot in the movie – and quite possibly the best scene we have ever shot in the history of BurningAngel was an orgy with Kleio, Sheena, Necro, and Tommy Pistol.



They kept their hillbilly accents in full effect throughout the entire scene, and it was hilarious and sexy all at the same time. I had an emotional moment while we shot that scene thinking, man… the reason I direct porn is to shoot awesome stuff like this and share it with the world.

I get real emotional over my porn sometimes. OK?!

Well I hope I got you all worked up thinking about boning three hot girls at once. So you should settle this horny feeling by purchasing my Fleshlight and jerking off into it. Woohoo… umm, I mean.. Yeehaw!! =P


Have yourselves a good weekend!

Joanna Angel

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