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posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 9, 2015


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Happy Hump Day, everyone! There’s a cute 30 minute interview I did with on everything from how my business started, alternative women, my own past dating life, and how to keep your love life exciting, open, and maybe spicing things up a bit!

Thanks for having me on! This was really fun for me, and I hope my experiences resonate with you guys and girls out there trying to keep your relationships happy, healthy, and a little bit kinky =)

OH! By the way! Since it’s hump day, there’s another live sex webcam show free for BurningAngel members today, featuring Kleio Valentien and Nikki Hearts together – and I’ll be back on cam next week!


The lesbian sex will be strong with these two knockouts! Don’t miss out, it’s gonna be awesome. If you don’t have a membership, this cam show will also be broadcast simultaneously on Streamate at, with the first 15-20 minutes totally free! Enjoy!!


Joanna Angel

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Pointless Podcast with Kevin Pereira!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 4, 2014


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I really do miss G4TV! I always had fun going on there.

Kevin Perierra was one of the hosts for Attack of the Show. We actually hosted that show together once! If you scour the corners of the internet you can probably find it somewhere.

In any case, me and Kevin got together and talked about anything and everything from facial hair to zombies…. and uh, he drank out of my ass with a straw.

All in all I would say it was a pretty successful hour!

Check out his Pointless Podcast here!


Joanna Angel

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Coffee, Jessie Lee and a Daily Loaf Interview

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 24, 2012


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Happy Friday Everyone!

I am very happy today ! You see, Jessie Lee just came home from a very long trip! She was gone for like 6 weeks, and now she is home! Hooray!

Speaking of Jessie, I actually did this really funny interview for the “Daily Loaf ” where I spoke about Jessie a lot. I was pretty hard on the interviewer  and our dynamic wound up being pretty humorous.

Here is a little bit of the interview!

Do you have any new tattoos?

There’s one on my back I got a couple months ago. It’s a coffee cup. It actually all ties together because I just made this movie, Baristas. Get it?

You didn’t do the tattoo for the movie did you?

I did. I got it with Jessie Lee, who is one of my closest friends. We wanted to get a matching tattoo together for a long time. Something cute. We got a coffee mug because we were both in Baristas and we both drink a lot of coffee. Every time we hang out there is always coffee cups scattered around with lipstick on them.

Why not do a cappuccino cup that is smaller?

No, no, no. We wanted coffee mugs. I don’t wake up every morning and make myself a fucking cappuccino.

Have you ever shot a sex scene with someone who has coffee breath?

I’m probably the one with the coffee breath.

Has anyone ever told you during a scene, “Hey, you need to brush your teeth”?

No. They can’t really tell me that because I am paying them.

If you want to read the whole thing, read it here
Joanna Angel
Have a good weekend!


Joanna Angel

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