Devil You Know Music Vid!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 2, 2015


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Every day is a new adventure in my life. Sometimes I’m at conventions, sometimes I’m on the radio, or on a porn set – and last week I was in a music video for Devil You Know. The band is fronted by Howard Jones, who used to be the singer of one of my favorite newer metal bands – Killswitch Engage (ps: I consider all metal that came out in the past decade or so “new metal”).

Jessie Lee, Annie Cruz, Kaylani Lei and Lily Lane were part of the music video as well – we all played strippers. Lets just say it all came pretty naturally to us! Speaking of stripping, Jessie and I will be in San Francisco later this month dancing at Crazy Horse!

The music video was shot between the hours of 2am and 11am at a strip club which had to be closed while we did so – just how it had to be! I definitely felt like some kind of stripper zombie, but we all got through it and had fun in the process.






Killswitch Engage is one of the bands I always dance to when I am featuring, so putting my ass in Howard’s face while he sang really just made things come full circle for me. Haha!



It was a ton of fun, thanks for having me!

Joanna Angel

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The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody on @midnight!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 12, 2015


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Wow, what a day! I got a terrific surprise by finding out that last night’s special Walking Dead themed episode of Comedy Central’s @midnight used The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody as part of one of the games – Zom-B-Movies – where the contestants Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Josh McDermitt (Eugene), and Robert Kirkman (writer/creator of The Walking Dead) had to answer what the next line would be! The movies they used were described as the Battlefield Earth of the zombie genre, hahah.

Man, am I really glad I decided we should put our movies on YouTube.

Watch the clip – (our part begins around 3:06)

Ahhh! That’s so awesome!!! So I wonder – what WOULD Tommy Pistol and I have to do to get on Talking Head with Chris Hard-dick? Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick would be pretty sweet, too. Just throwing it out there!

What an honor to be on my favorite late night TV show!! Amazing. Thank you!



Joanna Angel


PS – Come see me in North Carolina this weekend, I’ll be your valentine!

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posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 1, 2014


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Helloooooo world.

So the non-porno I was in is now available streaming pretty much everywhere on the web, and on DVD! It’s called Scrapper – I’ve mentioned it to you before! It stars Michael Beach (Sons of Anarchy), Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones), Jennifer Lanier (Grimm), Basil Harris (Safety Not Guaranteed), and introducing Anna Giles in the role of Swan (Scrapper is her first movie and she’s fantastic!).

I only have a few lines in the movie but… they were… meaningful lines! I played a live-in caretaker for Jennifer Lanier, who was Michael Beach’s sick mom in the movie. I was snarky and sarcastic and pretty horrible at my job. The description of my role was “hipster aid” in the script.

Here is the trailer!!

The movie really is amazing, and I loved being part of it. Go get your copy today on iTunes or Amazon or the Google (see your options at – and you can finally watch a movie I star in with your family and friends!

Joanna Angel

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ALL The Events!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 9, 2013


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Holy crap, I’m so so SO busy lately! Between shooting and appearances and events and waiting on Ramona hand and foot (my pup is such a brat, I love her), I feel like I’m doing it all! Here’s just a small taste of what’s coming down the line next week, where I’ll be having several appearances and events on the east coast:

Tuesday May 14th, I will be appearing at Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club in NYC on The Naughty Show with Sam Tripoli (Showtime), Ari Shaffir (HBO), Jim Florentine (VH1 Classic), and Taylor Ketchum (Comedy Central).

Wednesday May 15th I’ll be at SHAG in Brooklyn where we’ll be screening my movie Baristas, and you can ask me ANY burning questions you might have!

Alternatively, if you’re on the WEST coast on May 15th, you can attend UNICORE, hosted by Jessie Lee at The Viper Room in Hollywood! I wish I could be there, but I’m sending Small Hands, so if he doesn’t do a good job pretending to be me, let me know!

Thursday and Friday, May 16th & 17th I’ll be feature dancing at Bourbon Street in Sayreville, NJ (you know, hometown of Bon Jovi & Skid Row)!

Then, Saturday May 18th, I’ll be dancing at Centerfolds Gentlemen’s Club in Neptune, NJ. Just a heads up that Centerfolds is a *bikini bar*!!

Whew! That’s a LOT for a week in appearances!!

But wait, there’s more! Did you know I’m in a movie (that isn’t a porno) with that Littlefinger guy from Game of Thrones?

It’s called Scrapper and is premiering in Seattle at the Seattle International Fim Festival May 21st, which I will also be in attendance for (and the afterparty too!!)!  I’ll post more about it soon, but you can buy tickets for the premiere here!

See you all soon! I’m everywhere!!


Joanna Angel

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Sushi Girl Premiere!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 28, 2012


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Last night, a friend of mine who does movie reviews for a bunch of important magazines invited me to go to the premiere of Sushi Girl. I watched the trailer and saw a really hot naked girl (Cortney Palm) and a whole bunch of stabbing and fighting, so I gladly agreed to the invite!

Sushi Girl

The premiere was at the infamous Chinese Theater. I had never been to a premiere there before and I wasn’t sure what to wear. I decided to go casual because I wasn’t IN the movie and I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard or something. After all – I was just going to see a movie, right?

Sushi Girl Premiere

But man…. The fashion show that existed at that movie was pretty insane! People who were merely guests of guests wore designer ball gowns and heels, and most men were in suits and tuxes. I felt kind of awkward and under-dressed and strange, and I kind of felt like everyone was pointing and laughing at the fact that my jacket and jeans were both from Forever 21. Stupid Hollywood!!!

Sushi Girl Premiere

Aside from all that, the movie was pretty good. It was extremely violent! I flinched a bunch of times and could barely watch the screen. At times the dialogue dragged on a bit, but it’s still worth watching. Oh yeah, and Mark Hamill stars in it! Yeah: LUKE FUCKING SKYWALKER!! The crowd screamed and cheered as soon as he was on screen and it was pretty cool. I tried to get a photo with him after the premiere, but he was swamped with a hoard of nerds of all different ages throwing all sorts of Star Wars paraphernalia at him to sign. He’s definitely a celebrity that even other celebrities get nervous around! Quite frankly, I thought he was the best part of the movie… His role is quirky and he played it well. Him and the hot naked girl made my awkward evening all worth while!

Oh, and you should totally watch the trailer!


Joanna Angel

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