Hardcore for Life!!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 7, 2011


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Last night, I went to a hardcore show!!!! It’s been awhile since I went to one of these. Kinda weird –  it was in a very big venue, the Palladium in Hollywood.  It was actually the same venue that the XBiz Awards were in…kinda weird…right? I guess it’s not that weird. Haha.

The bands that played were Pierce the Veil, A Day to Remember, Bring me the Horizon and We Came as Romans. They are all kinda newer hardcore/metal bands. I will be honest; I don’t really listen to any of them, but I’ve heard of them all and heard them randomly on Sirius radio while I’m driving and stuff. There aren’t THAT many newer hardcore bands I listen to.

I spent my entire life going to shows. Some of the friends I met along the way are still my closest friends today. Back in my day (oy – that made me sound old!),  Dillinger Escape Plan was a smaller band… and bands like endeavor, Good Clean Fun, His Hero’s Gone, and Converge were on almost every bill. Those were not the only bands obviously, but those are the first ones that came to my head. In those days, shows I went to were at squats, and smaller VFW halls and small clubs that usually got shut down every 6 months.

A few years later, hardcore got a little bigger – this was around the time BurningAngel started and I went to some bigger shows where I saw like, Every Time I Die, Killswitch Engage, Poison the Well, Bleeding Through. I went to a lot of festivals and stuff…they were big, but they weren’t sponsored by huge promotional companies like GoldenVoice or Live Nation or anything like that.

This show last night…well it was HUGE. It was a big venue that was completely sold out. When the headlining band came on (A Day to Remember), they had one of those big nets of balloons explode all over the kids, and confetti, and big smoke stacks appear though the stage where the band members stood in and looked like some resurrection of Motley Crue. It was kinda nuts!

I feel like a person my age is supposed to think this stuff is lame, or a big sell-out, or a terrible transgression of what music used to be. But you know what? I didn’t feel that way at all. This place was “sold out” but I will admit, the same energy that I felt when I was younger, being at hardcore shows, was still there. Everyone was going crazy, piling on top of each other, singing all the words to every song, crowd surfing and moshing and stuff. I looked at everyone from the balcony like some kind of old lady, and it made me happy. Granted, this music was a little cheesy, but whatever…

Anyways – here I am on the balcony at the show!

And here is me and Jessie Lee and her friend Danielle hanging out at the show.

Good times!




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My Music Review of Kings of Leon

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 1, 2010


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I just started doing record reviews for ZZinsider @ZZinsider

Here is my first on for @kingsofleonband Kings of Leon

I hope you find it entertaining.

Now please pardon me while I go and vomit again.


Joanna Angel

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