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posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 20, 2012


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Yesterday was an incredibly depressing day. Today, is still pretty shitty. It sucks.

However, watching my friend Chantal Claret play her first show with her new band last night, definitely cheered me up…and was a great way to continue my day of Girl Power. Chantal used to be in a band called Morningwood, and now she has a new project. Her band is a lot of fun – you can actually see their first music video her:

It will make you wanna dance!

She was the opening act, and really – I think she should have headlined the show. She had the whole crowd dancing and she has such great moves on stage. Everyone in the band was so well-dressed, and had amazing chemistry. I loved it!

Next, the indie pop band A Silent Film played. I actually hear their songs all the time on Sirius radio. They were also a lot of fun. They kinda look like a hipster boy band. They are all pretty handsome and dance a lot on stage… but they play instruments obviously. As I said on Twitter, they were kinda like if NSYNC and The Rapture (or maybe The Bravery?) had like 5 babies. But their songs are catchy, and their show was really tight.

The head-lining band of the evening was Delta Rae and to be honest, I thought they were pretty boring. They had one song I liked; the rest of them basically sounded the same and they had this incredibly wholesome country-ish family feel to them that made me really uncomfortable. But apparently lots of people love them, because they drew the biggest crowd and were the headlining act. I was in the VIP area and it seemed like lots of executives from record labels and stuff were there specifically to watch them. So, I am sure they are doing fine, and my distaste for them is not going to hurt heir career in any kind of way – so I don’t really feel so bad about voicing my negative opinion on them. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

And that was my night! It was good to see some live music. It has been a while!


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